A lonely private peep at Sarkar Raj!!

08 Jun

I went to watch the movie Sarkar Raj today. Alone. Yes all alone. Things never tend to go the way we want them to happen, isn’t it? It didn’t go very well this time either!

Wednesday 4th June:

I was in my cubicle when I got a call last wednesday noon from my roommate Nan and our conversation went somewhat like this:
Nan: Hello…
Me: Hey tell me…
Nan: I’m online now and will be booking for Sarkar Raj this weekend. Are u interested?
Me: Sure Man…Make it Sunday as Sunil has night shift on Saturday too. If he’s awake ask him if he’s interested.
Nan: Ya, he’s moving…wait i’ll ask…only the 11:45am show tickets are available.
Me: I am fine with it. Ask Sunil.
Some murmers I hear in the background.
Nan: He said he’ll be able to get up and come. So I’ll book 3 tickets.
Me: Sure dude. bye.
Nan: Bye man.

Saturday 7th June:

Me: So you’ll be able to come for the movie tomorrow na?
Sunil: Which movie? What time?
Me: Sarkar Raj at 11:45am…you didn’t know which movie??
Sunil: Hehe…No. Ok I’ll come.
Me: Ok I’ll wake you up at 10:30am. We have to leave atleast by 11am.
Sunil: No, wake me up at 10am instead.
Me: Ok done.

Nan: Hey da, I won’t be be able to come to the movie tomorrow as I have a dentist appointment.
Me: Great. Didn’t you know that before booking the tickets?
Nan: No man, I didn’t remember!
Me: Hmmm…

Today morning:

Me: Sunil, its 10am…get up…
Sunil: Hmmm…

I then went to take bath. And when I came back,

Me: Sunil, its 10:30am…get up ready!
Sunil: Hmmm…

Me: Hey its 10:45am, won’t you come to the movie?
Sunil: Hmmm…aaa…haann…
Me: Ok so I’ll have to go alone then.

</End of Flashback>

And so I called a few of my friends. Some didn’t pick, some were already out busy with their plans. One, before asking I got to know that she was on the way to office (on a sunday :roll:)!! I messaged a few, for which some refused (after getting to know the movie name) and some replied late! Hmmm…
So there I was all alone sitting in the corner seat of the theatre at 11:30am with a medium sized bag of popcorn with extra-butter and a medium large glass of fountain coke! Yet, alone amidst so many families and friends unknown to me.
Trailers of the forthcoming movies like Dashaavataaram and Dhaam-Dhoom were projected before the movie began exactly at 11:45am. And the moment the movie began, the feeling of being alone among the huge crowd faded. And when Abhishek came on screen with a dialogue like “Phir tumhaare jeene se kya fayda?” (Whats the use of you being alive then?) I totally forgot I had come alone.

The movie went smooth with some mind blowing dialogues… like:

Abhishek says with authority, “Soch kabhi marti nahi..” (The thought never dies)

Abhishek says to his side-kick, “Humaare yahaan galti aakri baar hoti hey” (At our place, a mistake happens only for the last time)

Abhishek again with, “Apne sharton pe chalne walon ko keemat chukani padti hey” (One who lives life on his own terms, will have to face his own fate one day)

Abhishek to Amitabh, “Door ke fayde ke liye nasdiki nuksaan bhoolna padta hey” (For long term benefits, we need to forget short term losses)

The side-kick utters, “Apne desh mein security rakhne se kya hota hey?” (In our country, whats the use of having security?)

Abhishek again to Amitabh, “Baba, sab kuch nijee hey” (Dad, everything is personal)

Abhishek to Aishwarya, “Faisle haalaathon se liye jaate hey” (Decisions are taken based on situations/circumstances)

Amitabh utters with disgust before his side-kick is shot, “Jo samajh nahi sakta, usse samjhaane se kya fayda?” (One who doesn’t understand, whats the use of trying to make him understand?)

Amitabh to Abhishek during one of their private conversations, “Jaan lena jurm hey, lekin sahi samay pe jaan lena Rajneethi” (Taking one’s life is a sin, but taking one’s life at the right time is politics)
And some dialogues being funny… like:

The villian is conscious about his surname being correctly pronounced with “Oora…nahi…Oora…” makes one laugh.

One villian says “Chota skirt nahi pehena chahiye…machchar ghuss jaata hey” (Should not wear short shirts, as mosquitoes might enter) and the other replies wittily “Nahi toh bhi ghuss jaata hey” (otherwise also it gets in)!!

And one real shocker of a moment when a bomb planted in the car blows up when Tanisha (Abhishek’s wife in the movie) says “AC on kijeeye please”…Bhoooom!!

Amitabh Bachchan is made to cry in this movie for quite a few considerably long shots. His image of “An angry young man” could take a beating.

It looses one point for its relatively weak set of negative characters (villians) compared to the first part (SARKAR)!
The second point cos at some points the camera usage is so disturbingly handled. For instance, the camera is still when a bomb blast occurs while it keeps hovering around unnecessarily for no reasons in some of the scenes!
So over-all I would rate this movie at 3 out of 5. 😀

Finally at 2pm when Aishwarya blurted out “Ek glass chai please” (One cup of tea please) to signal its time to go home and have tea, I came out with a smile on my face…I remembered quite a few dialogues myself and had typed the ones I had liked but hard-to-remember-ones on my cell editor for future remembrance! 😉

SARKAR RAJ in case you have already watched SARKAR is a must watch! 😀


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4 responses to “A lonely private peep at Sarkar Raj!!

  1. Niveditha

    June 8, 2008 at 8:55 pm

    //And one real shocker of a moment when a bomb planted in the car blows up when Tanisha (Abhishek’s wife in the movie) says “AC on kijeeye please”…Bhoooom!!

    oh god..i wud hate to watch such scenes.. that is the reason y i stayed away from sarkar too…

    and u were sitting in a corner seat??? alone?? i really pity u..wat a punishment! 😉

  2. GoodEarth

    June 9, 2008 at 12:45 pm

    You watched a Ram Gopal Varma movie?!!! And came out with a smile?? And are now tormenting readers with those crappy dialogues??? Well… well…. i wonder whether you were the only person other than Abhishek, Amitabh, Aish & Ram…. to have spent ur dear time watching Sarkar Raj!!!!

    it’s high time ur manager dumps loads & loads of work in ur table…. making u visit office on weekends!! he heee 🙂

  3. Sree

    June 9, 2008 at 11:07 pm

    @ Nive,

    Thats just one scene…and that one scene should not keep you away from such a good movie…agreed its a dark movie, but so is life! 🙂
    Yeah it indeed was a punishment…I certainly agree! 😦
    Thanks buddy! 😀

  4. Sree

    June 9, 2008 at 11:33 pm

    @ Sow,

    Lolz…yeah I came out surviving a Ramu movie this time…with a smile…Aag had burnt me, but I took a ‘risk’ this time as I had loved Sarkar!! 😀
    Dialogues were Crappy??? 🙄 Patient, u ok?? 😛 I loved those madam! 😀
    First of all I need to get work to utilize my 8 hours on a weekday…then let ppl think about weekend work for me…wat say ‘patient personified’? 😛
    Thanks a lot buddy! 😀


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