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Promotion…Loads of happiness with a cloud of gloom!! Hmmm…

Tuesday noon, as I was busy in my cubicle with my head rested on my folded arms…my ever alert ancient OS wala PC beeped the arrival of a new mail. The PC when compared to the high tech configurations of today, is loaded with ancient Operating System (Windows Server 2000) and age old softwares which not only meets my client requirements/satisfaction but also puts me to sleep!! 😦
Anyways…the mail alert (which is at full throttle, as that is what keep me in pace with checking and reading forwards) made me slowly lift my head a little to peep at the right corner of my monitor.

“Congrats” said the visible display on the alert before it faded mysteriously!! Now the curious nerve in me made me…lift my head, unfold my arms, sit up straight on my chair, make the hands grab the mouse, open the Outlook window from the task bar and click on the “Congrats” mail…all in one damn unnoticed instant. The mail was from my senior manager and since his sending me congratulatory mails rarely happens, I was astonished. I quickly double clicked on the mail and reading the first line left me shivering and cold…with happiness and joy. Such emotions I rarely remember because “unexpected good things” rarely happen to me. The first liner said, “Hearty congratulations on your promotion” and I remember having checked the sender and receiver address twice too to confirm if it was indeed directed to me or had come into my inbox for someone else! 😉 I just sat back and poked (I was shocked to even utter a word out) my fingers on my teammate’s back and only when he shook hands and congratulated me, did I get back to senses! 😀

I then pinged my sweet buddy DJ “Can you meet me now?” on the office communicator. She was in a different world altogether and replied something which now I don’t remember.
“Can you meet me now?” I pinged again.
“Yeah sure, where?” she replied, now synchronous to my request!
“Pantry, 2nd floor?” I said.
“Okies.” she said as I watched her status change to yellow.

I locked my system with the mail just open. I had not yet read beyond the first line. I needed to run away from the now AC cold cubicle and from the shivering cold chair of mine. I just wanted to get out of there. All out of happiness, which I didn’t know just how to enjoy or celebrate.
By the time I reached the second floor pantry from my first floor cubicle, DJ was already there waiting with her ever-green smile on the face; asking me “WHAT??”
“Wish me” I said as I grabbed her hands.
“What? Kya hua re?”, she said with a bigger smile and in an excited motherly tone. 😛
“Wish me, I got promoted” I said, with I don’t know what kind of over-excited weird expression on my face.
“Hey congrats” was all that I allowed her to speak before I interrupted with my non-stop flow of emotions. I don’t even remember what all I spoke. But I remembered telling her that I had to call my parents, grandma, sister and a few of my friends (who came to mind instantly) and let them know.

So first I called up mom and when she picked she was busy at her office, but when I told her she was happy and said congrats before starting on with “I told you na ki your shani kaalam is coming to an end in September…it’s showing its good effects now at the end.” The 7 and half year Shani kaalam gets credit for my promotion here. Well I didn’t seek credit in the first place either! 😉 And is the Shani Kaalam something like the hindi movies, where the ending is always good! 😛 And before keeping down the phone with a “thanks for your wishes”, I asked her to tell dad to call me up now (his cell had conked, so I had no other choice!)!

I waited for exactly 81 seconds before dad called up and even before a hello, he asked “What happened? Is everything ok?”. Now parents are just like this. Whenever kids (or anyone for that matter…but more reaction if its the kids) call at off timings, it is definitely considered to be some bad news awaiting for them to hear. “Nothing like that. Everything is good. I got promoted dad.” I said and then he went non-stop with his wishes and being the good son that I am, listened to all his how-to-be-even-more-good-at-work advice with a smile! 🙂

Next it was my sister’s turn. I thought she would be sleeping in her hostel (exam holidays now…meant for taking rest, I understand cos I did just that!) at this hour. 2:15 pm was the time I called her and as expected she was woken up from her sleep by my call.
“What is it re?” she asked me in Konkani, my mother tongue and when that is asked that way, it sounds like a rude/irritated question.
“You were sleeping?” I asked, yes an unnecessary stupid question when I had sensed that she was woken up by my call.
“What do you think?” she asked, just in a way that I deserved for that stupid question I asked.
“Err…ok…Hey I got promoted, did you hear that?” I asked, skeptically.
“Hey wow…Congos…how?” she asked. 🙄
I think she meant to meant ‘how much’ regarding the revision in package and not ‘how’ as in how come of all people I got promoted. Hmmph!
College students use SMS lingo even when they speak so I guess just as ‘Congos’ is for ‘Congratulations’ so is ‘how’ for ‘how much’ and nothing else. 😛

Next I called another dear friend of mine, Moto. She screamed at the top of her voice, when I informed the news. I didn’t know how to react so I waited for her to get back to normal. She said “Wow, Congrats man” about 3-4 times before getting down to the usual ritual among friends asking the dreaded question (for the one who’s at the receiving end), “So when are you treating me?”.
“Sometime soon…we’ll decide” is all that I was able to quickly think and reply. Not that I mind giving treats, but don’t ask me to plan treats! I dread at that thought! 😀

Another call was made to a “filmi” friend of mine. We love to share hindi movie dialogues and shayaris on mail, communicator, msgs, everywhere that I have no doubts that she became my friend on a friday! 😛 I had never called her on the cell and since my cell was not connecting, I called her from DJ ka cell.
“Hello” said the sweet voice from a distant office, the building of which was clearly visible from the pantry window where me and DJ were now standing looking out.
“Hey Sreeram here. Guess what, I got promoted” I excitedly said.
“Hey hi Sree…wow! Thats wonderful news!” she said before the ritual, “So when are you treat……” beeeeeeeeep….the call got cut.
My phone rang and it was she calling me now. “The call got cut as there’s not much network here…So when are you treating me?” she asked without forgetting inspite of the network problem. Man!! 😀
“Sometime soon…we’ll decide” I said again just like copy-pasting the contents out of a template that I use to send mails to the client fellas and ending the phone calls after a series of PJs! 😛

It had been a long time since I had come out of the bay, so we decided to get back to our cubicles! On reaching there, I got to know that all guys from my passing year had made it to the next level. Great Relief! 😀 If one had missed, it would be like drinking hot water when thirsty. All were busy planning which hotel to go for the 11 treats. 11 of us had got promoted and they didn’t want combined treats. “Do you share you salary to share the hotel bill?” was asked the moment I asked “Treat? me and who will be…?”!! Phew…said and done.

I logged in to my system to now read that mail completely. I was relieved to see that it was directed to me and me only! 😛

“Time for some KT” said a voice from behind. My manager was standing and by his look it seemed like he and the entire team had been waiting for me to get back from my extended-break!.
“Sir, I got promoted” I said and suprisingly his expression changed.
“You too? what man, if everyone gets promoted….” he stopped it right at that…not that we worked otherwise, but it is understood that ppl work less as they move up the ladder and who better than the manager to ask us that!! 😀

Then I was in for KT for the next 75 minutes. Apart from understanding (trying to rather..) what was being said and done, I was making a mental note of whom all I should let know about my climb. Once out, I msgd all those whom I was in constant touch with over msgs. Replies started pouring in from my roommates, college-mates and colleagues from different locations. I called a few of them in return, the one’s with whom I am normally myself. And then the usual requests of treats and bums followed. Never ending isn’t it? I thought to myself.

In the evening after I packed my bags…err….I mean after I logged out of my PC and the cubicle I went to the parking lot to make a few more calls. These were people who were close to me since the time I came into this world…ok ok…landed on this earth!! 😛
First in line was my aunt (one of my mom’s twin sisters) in Mumbai…I big-time practice flirting with her as she did till she got married. When I told her about this, “Ah congrats…what a news you have given?”
“Thanks” I replied.
“So now you are eligible…can I search?” she tickled.
“Ah common…don’t spoil my day by asking that…ofcourse search!” I tickled back! 😛
“Shameless fellow…wait I’ll tell you mom…don’t even know what and how to talk to elders” she poked lovingly.
“When you call mom, tell her my choices…you know na?” I tickled a little more.
“Shut up and concentrate on your work…” she laughed.
“Ya okies…will call some other time…bye” I signed off.

Next was the turn of the other twin who just shifted to Gurgaon.
“Hello…good news” I kick started.
“Ya don’t tell me that my leaving Bangalore is so good a news for you” this serious twin said to me in a serious note.
“Ah nah….Good news is that I got promoted today” I consoled.
“Wow…Congrats…so party when you come to Gurgaon” she smiled. I think.
“Sure…why not!! But sad thing is that it had to happen after you moved out of Bangalore” I pinched.
“Hmmm…ya…now don’t spoil my just rejuvanated mood, enjoy your day!” she said and disconnected the call to get back to continue unpacking. I think.

Next in line was my dad’s sister. I had stayed with her when my parents travelled like nomads to keep up with their transferrable bank jobs.
“Hello…its me Sreeram…I have a good news to share” I told her…this was a call after last December so I was skeptical…and I had missed wishing her on the wedding anniversary 6 days ago, so was scared too.
“Tell me…good news is welcome any day!” she said with a light laugh.
“I got promoted today” I said relieved at her being so light-hearted.
“Wow…great congrats…talk to Bhavaji” she said and handed over the phone to Bhavaji. Bhavaji is a Konkani word for one’s dad’s sister’s husband. In English, even he is called an Uncle.
“Hello Bhavaji, I got promoted” I repeated again.
“Congrats…may god bless you. So was this test based or performance based?” asked the retired Deputy General Manager (DGM) of Canara Bank.
“Its performance based. We don’t have test based as in banks” I said being happy at answering a technical question correctly. 😀
“Great…that took you 3 years? or how is it?” the ex-DGM was now getting serious and I had to pump myself up for the one-on-one telephonic interview. And I was unprepared for it too! Phew!!
“30 months this month end and I am the fastest compared to the rest who got along with me. The rest are like 34 months and plus.” I said trying to uplift his spirits.
But the old young man didn’t give up. He went on with a few more googlies and bouncers which at the end I felt that I tackled them well. Pretty well rather. Hmmmph!!

One more call to be made, said the tired-from-questions mind. This was my uncle (mom’s elder brother) who resides in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I called him up and spoke to him for a good 20 mins first informing him of my promotion, which later on moved on to various topics like family and friends as it always happens when I talk to him. Sometimes when I call him up and when he calls me up (which is most the case) we forget to talk about the reason-to-call, but straightly head to talk philosophy! 😛 So this time, before we kick started anything other topic, I told him the reason I called for. And then went on to talk about the other thing in life…LIFE itself!! 😀

I was tired of walking in the parking lot…so decided to go home and see who all I should call or message.

Then on reaching home, I called up 3 of my very good college friends. I talked to her for 20 mins. Him for 6 minutes and another him for 5 mins. Its surprising how I end up talking to HER for that long just when I have to say “I got promotion” and exchange pleasantries! Phew…mystery unsolvable! 😉

Then when I was about to hit the bed on my THE day, I thought of checking orkut. And there was a scrap from my Mumbai aunt. The scrap read “When I was telling about your promotion to my husband, Prerna overheard it and asked – Now is he earning in crores? – uske mooh mein shakkar daalo…hehe”. Prerna was the 11 yr old younger daughter of my Mumbai aunt and ya my cute little cousin! 🙂
I laughed within myself to the core. The innocence with which Prerna asked that question could bankrupt my company! 😉

Overall it was a good day for me in personal…but the atmosphere was a little cloudy at home and within my friends circle too. My roommates who had joined with me were disappointed as they didn’t make it this time round (of course due to politics within their huge team) and were sulking all time. UNDERSTANDABLE when they had EXPECTED. Also a few of my friends who didn’t make it, now seem to be busy…busy floating their resumes through different job websites and as well as through referrers.

Praying for their good times to come. Hmmm…


P.S: I realize that this was one hell of a long post. Apologies. But it was one heaven of a day!! 😀


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