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Rhythm Divine!!! ;)

I was walking down the beach…
She was now within my reach…
I saw her enlit by the silvery moon…
In love I was, I fell in it so soon…

She stood by the shores…
In a way that my mind adores…
The waves kissed her feet…
She looked lovely, escalating my heartbeat…

The wind blew her hair, so sweet…
My mind skipped a thought, upbeat…
She closed her button like eyes…
Ah! those ones, were just nice…

A smile unknowingly bloomed on her face…
Every cell in me, now joined the race…
I was now near her, just arms apart…
‘Cut’, said the director…action from the start!! 😀


PS: Wrote this in 5 mins flat….time 12:46am…I am too sleepy to think of a title…I am listening to Enrique’s ‘Rhythm Divine’…saala just got lucky, I must add!! 😉 Goodnight!! 😀

PS ka PS: Thankfully am not listening to Osho’s lecture on the most beautiful FoUr letter english word…nor to any bhajans…hic! 😉


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Mad Ads-2!! ;)

Well…This was supposed to be an update for the previous post….but whenever someone (ok, especially gals) kinda requests me so sweetly (I guess my collar in their hands is like the closest best-est-est-est thing to happen…kaash…lol) about something I missed, I cant just let it go…can I?? But as I kept on writing, it turned out to be not less than another post by itself….so here’s part-2 of Mad Ads!! 😛

Now yes, when Preeti (ya I remember your tag, promise to do that soooooooon 🙂 ) asked me in the comment section as to how I could forget those brilliant Ads endorsing water…I was dumbstruck…Right!! How could I??? Don’t I feel the need for that daily? Isn’t it a necessity? Hmmm…reason may be cos I am currently at home…I dont even think about that when here…hehe!! 😉

Anyways…It was Sunny Deol who made me realize the importance of that…how important it was to share stuff with friends…’Jab milbaitenge hum teen yaar….Aap, hum aur Bagpiper’!! Then as I grew up, Vijay Mallya confirmed it once more in his own Oooooooo Laaa Laaa ishstyle…even Saurav Ganguly jumped into the cold water for that matter…I was so impressed that when I went to a pub for the first time, I ordered for a Kingfisher Premium and was surprised to be served with chilled beer…I had asked for water, after-all…Now you know how ppl are shown the wrong door!! 😛

Sunny deol reminds me of those Lux cosy Ads…he used to show his biceps in those Ads…saala, I never got to know why…hehe…Also, I have not even understood that ‘andher ki baat’ thingy too…!! Any one who got that??  😉

Lux soap Ads were another favorites…I used to carefully watch when each of those female movie stars took bath by applying Lux to only their hands, legs and those cute cheeks…It was mom who opened my eyes when she said, “Thats not the way to take bath” when even I took bath by applying soap to my arms, legs and err…cute cheeks…lol…Nevertheless…I used to love them all, whoever took bath using Lux soap in that Ad until one day SRK appeared in the bath tub surrounded by all those whom I had once so devotionaly loved…I was devastated…How could they do that to me? And if I try to recollect, no new actress has agreed to endorse Lux post SRK’s macho bathtub fiasco!! 😛

Complan and Boost had their own effective Ads…I felt nice to say “I’m a complan boy” in school when I would score a goal against my juniors…and again “I’m a complan boy” when I top-scored in English and just cleared Mathematics…My idea then was that drinking complan helped me with my vocabulary and since there was no logic in my thoughts, it obviously didn’t help me in my Mathematical endeavour. 😉
Then came Boost with the champion pair of Kapil and Sachin…with Sachin squeeking “Boost is the secret of my energy” and Kapil comparitively roaring “Our energy”…Times have changed, so have the people (first Sehwag and now Dhoni) who roar….but the squeeky ‘aila’ Sachin still remains a pillar of that Ad to-date. Must really be the secret of the little master’s energy. 😀

The “Bombay Dyeing” and “Only Vimal” Ads made the Indian men feel like they could not only stand on par with their western counterparts, but even beat them in their own backyard. The motivation these suiting Ads gave was like a punch on a sack…there was an impact created!! 😀 The current Reed&Taylor Ad doesn’t bring in the same effect as its predessesors, probably due to 2 reasons as I see…one, as suits are no longer new in India as every TDH (Tom Dick Harry…and not Tall Dark Handsome, they wear nothing 😛 ) wears them and two, a 65+ year old man endorsing it doesn’t seem to be the “IN” thing…however BIG the Bee is!! 😉

The Amul Ads are a class apart….but they never have brought that creativity to the idiot box. May be cos they believe more in bringing an effect with “one liners” on the huge hoardings…and the fact that they come up with a new one almost every week (if not every day), is indeed commendable! Brilliant actually!! 😀

Those “Danth Manjan” (tooth powder) Ads seem so funny these days…when a dentist asks “Which tooth powder do you use?” and then he says “Use Colgate Tooth powder”…Who uses tooth powder these days?? I have been to my dad’s birthplace, which is a rural area…and they too use the latest in toothpastes!! But way back then, it seemed so logical when Vicco and Colgate endorsed their tooth powders through dentists who used fresh white artificial dentures to prove how “white” the tooth powders made them!! I believed it then…sigh…hehe!! 😀

Well…if I think a little more, there will be another long list of Ads that have impacted me till this point in life….some impacts I have not yet directly used though!! 😛

Hope all you guys are having a good Diwali…Look at me, am writing all such posts…and why do I need to burst crackers, when am bursting out like a ‘crack’? Food for thought na??? 😛


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Mad Ads!! :)

Television advertisements which when high on creativity have always been an energy booster in my case. I have loved these kinds of Ads even when they are run and re-run umpteen number of times, day in

and day out. Never have they bored me but have left me asking for more. Creativity has kind of used various platforms…the emotional platform, the crazy/pun platform, the commercial platform, et al.

When I was old enough to follow Ads, I loved the bunny that used to say “Lijjat Pappad”…or the Prestige Cooker Aunty…and even the changes in mood before and after popping Pan Pasand in their mouths. They seemed to be so realistic then….possibly cos even I had eaten Lijjat Pappad, my mom used to cook in her Prestige and I had even popped in Pan Pasand on few occasions (mom considered it as an adult mint, as it had “Pan” in it).

When young I used to get allergy (till my 12th yr) on eating cocoa based chocolates especially the cadbury ones…and hence my parents used to tell me to go and study or go out and play. Those days there was only one channel DoorDarshan (DD) and hence they couldn’t change the channels too. They didn’t bother much about the Nirodh Ad I guess, probably cos they thought I won’t understand the funda behind it…Little did they know that I would grasp it then for future (thorough) analysis!! 😛 So as a matter of fact, I don’t remember the Cadbury Ads of then, but Nirodh ones are crystal clear. Hehe…Watching the “Pyaar hua Ikraar hua” song with a lovely couple walking under an umbrella in heavy downpour seems like just yesterday. I am now able to appreciate that Ad more…espcially the usage of “umbrella when it rains” as a prop!! :mrgreen:

Further, I grew up with the 2-minute Maggi Noodles Ad…being fascinated by a bunch of kids returning home tired after playing and then one of their moms preparing Maggi for all of them…This didn’t strike a chord so well cos whenever we played and went back to one of our homes, forget Maggi – we were not even offered water. 😦

The “Humaara Bajaj” scooter Ad was another memorable one…looking back I feel like there has not been another Ad which would have united the whole of India apart. “Buland Bharat ki Buland Tasveer”…indeed…and my dad owned a blue colored Bajaj….Humaara apna Bajaj!! 😀

All these played on our emotional quotient…we seemed to have owned it all, or used it all….wantedly or unwantedly (Not sure about the umbrella one, cos I wouldn’t have been here writing this now :mrgreen: ).

Then came a point wherein there was a tinge of extra added pun in the name of creativity. The “mint with a hole” came in first followed by “wonder what happened to the holes”…but this crazy creativity in Ads didnt seem to work around much. But if you ask me, selling those useless remaining titbits (after punching holes) for 2 bucks a packet was an idea of a genius nevertheless. Nestle would have multiplied their profits when it came to the sale of its “Polo” brand mints.

In the recent years, its the commercialization that has taken over the creativity but as I always feel, no matter what – creativity stands even amidst the ruins – Movie stars and sportspersons (especially the cricketers) have taken center stage when it comes to the advertising arena. SRK is on every 5th ad that comes on TV…over exposure kills, said someone…and died…but our SRK lives on…Name a brand and he would have endorsed it once at least in his illustrious movie career. Sachin is another SRK when it comes to being a brand ambassador. Aila! 😉

Of late I have been having thoughts as to why and how these commercially oriented people (ya I mean the movie stars and the sport stars) chose and decide to endorse a product. I really can’t understand all this:
1) When Amitabh tries to sell an oil saying its thanda and good for the hair. Thanda is fine…but when he himself carries a woven wig over his scalp, this Ad seems to be far away from reality.
2) Govinda endorsing the same oil as above…in his case, good for hair is fine…but thanda?? This guy keeps slapping people around…anything but thanda (cool headed)!! 😀
3) It wasn’t enough I guess when Kanta-ben caught SRK and Saifu in ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ doing their “Happy” act….now they have moved on 4-5 years later again to do the same act for a currently running Airtel Ad for voice messages. SRK seems to have overcome his urge, but Saifu? Well…Kareena better watch out!!
4) Akshay Kumar risking his life everytime for a “Thumbs up” bottle. Can’t he just buy them from a mart like a normal mortal? 😕

But all is not bad yet…what with those Hutch Ads…where the adorable pug depicting the cellular network, followed its master everywhere. Those Cadbury celebrations Ad enlighten the nostalgic moments to the hilt!! Each of those Fevicol Ads are a class apart…can’t seem to choose any one of those as THE best. The Coca Cola and Pepsi Co Ads were legendary when it came to creative rivalry, but they seem to have lost the plot over time…no matter, they still sell like never before.

All in all, in the advertising arena there’s no bigger platform than the television mode of advertising cos it reaches a wide range of people…but I still kinda miss the nostalgic feeling of these Ads being made for the common junta, yes Us. But its not like everything has changed. Speaking of which, channels are still changed these days on mere hearing the Ads suggesting importance of “using protection” being broadcasted. They don’t even bother to wait and see if its about using a condom or if its regarding a helmet!! 😉

Are we mad about Ads or the Ads mad?? 😛


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I am a fly…so I fly high!! :P

 For more on this, check Preeti’s blog.

I am a fly, I fly high…
High Five!!

There was no rain that season…
My parents needed no reason…
I was conceived in a toddy stall…
Bred in the leftover alcohol…

Today…I am a fly, I fly high…
High Five!!

I liked to swim in my trunk…
All the time, being just drunk…
That was my world, till I was thrown out to die…
And mom said, “Beta, its now time for you to fly”…

And that day…I was a fly, I flew high…
High Five!!

I see that, I am so small…
Just on comparing to all…
Wish I could shooo the huge mortals away…
Whenever they came in my way…

Anyways…I am just a fly, I fly high…
High Five!!

As of now, I live on a tree…
Eat all that I like, ofcourse for free…
Its been tough in this bad world, but I’ve grown…
Got to go now, can’t afford to leave my She-fly alone!! 😉

So till then, bye bye…an remember…I am a fly, I fly high…
High Five!! 😀


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Main Kab Bada Banunga? :P

Najaane main kab banunga bada…
Kab apne pairon pe hoonga khada…

Rota hoon, jab sone ko mummy bulaati hey…
Hasta hoon, jab lori sunaake woh sulaati hey…
Darta hoon main jab Dadaji danda dikhaate hey…
Kho jaata hoon main jab Daadi kahani sunaati hey…
Daddy gusse se pukaarte hey mujhe, akal ka kachcha…
Kya karu? Aakhir mein toh hoon, unhi ka bachcha… 😛

Najaane main kab banunga bada…
Kab apne pairon pe hoonga khada…

Main paanchvi kaksha mein padta hoon…
Apne hindi teacher pe main marta hoon… 😉
Main Shalini ke hi aas-paas kahi bait-tha hoon…
Ghar-Ghar ka khel uske saath hi main khelta hoon… :mrgreen:
Master mujhe bench pe khada karwaata hey…
Yoga class mein jab bhi mera aankh lag-jaata hey… 😦

Najaane main kab banunga bada…
Kab apne pairon pe hoonga khada…

Ladta hoon jhagadta hoon, main doston se…
Pyaar aur maar, dono paata hoon unhi logon se…
Muskurata hoon jab woh besharam mujhe bulaate hey…
B’esha’ram mein bhi mujhe padoswali “Esha” ko jo dikhlaate hey… 😆
Kabhi kabhi likta hoon mein aise bakwaas post…
Kyun na likhu, pasand jo karte hey mere jakhas dost… 😀

Najaane main kab banunga bada…
Kab apne pairon pe hoonga khada… 🙂


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Rants of a Vegetarian Butcher!! ;)

Mind had been blank for the last couple of days and hence I was finding it difficult to write or compose something down just for the mere lack of ideas…thought I will pick some tag that’s lying in many of the blogs that I religiously follow but then life plays this trick on you wherein you like it or not, it ends up giving you something to write about…




1) Of late, thanks to the inflation we guys have started to cook dinner at home…yippee! Homely food so you may think…but no…It’s just food (edible of course) cooked at home…we have managed to learn and decently cook about 5-6 dishes, apart from the variety of rice items that we can make. But still the homely food that any of our mom’s would cook is far far better than our food cooked at home…one thing our food does to us, is controls our weight (we use minimal oil) as well as the disappearance of the few remaining coins in our pockets!! 😉


I basically end up doing all the vegetable chopping…ya am the “vegetarian butcher”…and due to over exposure to the brutality of chopping the vegetables, my eyes have either lost their sensitivity or have become terribly confused. For instance, I was butchering the onions and my eyes act perfectly fine…and after the onions were done with, it was the turn of the potatoes…what do my eyes do now?? They get over sensitive, over burdened, over loaded and cry…yes, the tears of a ‘vegetarian butcher’s joy’!!! phew! 😀


Cooking tip: Look into the eyes of the onion as you chop…it wont make you weep!! You peep, you weep!! 😛


2) Yesterday late night, around 12:30 I was busy watching a movie called “Dirty Deeds” (no…no…no…it’s not that kinda movie…pls :P) with the lights on (see I told you, it’s not that kinda reel) and what do I get to see (not on the screen)…Jerry…yes a mouse, a rodent…running happily on the floor of my bedroom…Now since I was one brave soul, I didn’t yell my guts out…I just ran out of my room to inform roomy #1 who was sitting in the hall, surfing…the hot news made him climb up his chair asking me “Where? Where??…How big? How many??”


His immediate action made me ignore him and knock on the bedroom door of my other 2 roommates…they were thankfully awake and didn’t cry foul…Roomy #2 joined #1 on the chair…but roomy #3 was one brave soul who immediately came with a broom in hand (I still feel like he slept with a broom in hand…if not, where the hell did he get it from?) asking the same “Where? Where?? How big? How many??” as if he was going on a hunt! 😛

#1 and #3 were so alike, yet miles apart…

Commander #3 and myself entered my room with a broom each in hand and ready for the kill…but I guess our Jerry had got enough time to escape from us, the Toms…He lives to see another day…probably more…


PJ time: What will Tom be called if he keeps looking here and there for Jerry?? – A peeping Tom!! :mrgreen:


3) Today evening as I reached home from office past 8pm and closed the door behind me, I heard a knock. I opened to find my high and dry (not drunk, but definitely dry) house owner in front of my eyes…Being terrified, I said something which I should not have said…I said, “Come in, pls have a seat sir”!! OMG!!


He royally comes in and sits…just like an elephant does in a circus, on command from its ring-master. Only difference is that this dude of the 60’s doesn’t have a trunk, and ya a tail. Rest all are the same…big ears, protruding teeth, big bu*t and an indifferently big mouth!!

All his features are don’t matter much…The only and most annoying thing he does is talk with no fullstop, ask questions non-stop and park his base for an indefinite timing.


He tells me that he came cos it was raining outside…I didn’t know where outside, as outside my window it wasn’t raining for nuts! Hmm…my bad day I assumed. Nah! I was sure!! 😦

He starts off with a “Why is the stock market falling, when the tomato prices are rising?”

The best thing about him is that, he needs an answer to his questions…right or wrong, is never a concern. Initially I used to struggle to think of answers…but one day he himself gave me a clue by saying “Say something son”!!

I answered him with a “Tomato prices are rising cos the fuel prices have gone up…and stocks fall when crude oil prices increase”…am not sure even now if I am right…but he was ok with it!! 😀


I am meeting him today for like the 9th time in my 9th month in this house…and today he asked me my name, for the 9th time…then asked me my cell number…ya for the 9th time…the company I work for, yes 9th time again!!

But I have learnt the game…the hard way of course, but learnt nevertheless…

I asked about his daughter (“and sir, u said her name is??”) for the 9th time…I know he hated when I asked that, for the 9th time…I asked him about his son’s bank profile…9th time of course…got to know it’s the 2nd largest bank in the world for the 9th time…but I doubt…again for the 9th time…phew, and the show will continue I guess…hehe


Finally after about 2 hours…of which he brainwashed me for close to 90 minutes…he watched TV for 15 minutes…and also read the newspaper for 15 minutes before asking me “Can I take your leave??”…I was like “What? Now what does he want to take away?”…He understood that I didn’t get it, and so clarifies with a “Shall I leave??” and I smile big time with “Ofcourse, ya ya…pls”…and the mammoth disappears!! 😀


Food for thought: Life makes us experience all that we don’t ask for…yet we crave for something we don’t have…Hmmm…


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Parody[6]: Codes!! ;)

This is a parody of the Boyzone version of ‘Words’. 😀

Try synchronizing with the tune…I bet it will be in sync!! Tried and tested!! 😛


Bug, an everlasting bug
A bug can bring no fear to me
Won’t ever let me find it gone
Cause that would bring no cheer to me
This bay has lost it’s flooring
Let’s scratch a brand new coding
Now my self
You think that I don’t even clean
The source code with which I play…

It’s only codes
And codes are all I have
To make my client to pay

Bugs, in never lasting codes
Are dedicated all, to me
And I will give it all my time
I’m here if you should need me
You think that I don’t even clean
The source code with which I play…

It’s only codes
And codes are all I have
To make my client to pay

Da da da da da da da
Da da da da da da da da
Da da da da da da da da
Da da da da da da da da

This bay has lost it’s flooring
Let’s scratch a brand new coding
Now my self
You think that I don’t even clean
The source code with which I play…

It’s only codes
And codes are all I have
To make my client to pay…


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[Storytime]~Unparalyzed love! :)


I saw her reflection in the mirror as I played around, waiting for her to respond with a smile. She seemed to be someone who was all on her own, with the confidence speaking through her eyes and the passion resonating through her voice. It was the first time I had ever met her. What came to my mind as I looked at her that day? Well…just…Beautiful.

30 years it has been since we ‘first’ got married, and it seems like all this had happened just yesterday.


I remember the day when our eyes had first met…Violins, Guitars and even Tablas played around us…it was that magical a moment. Yes, we both were inside this music-learning academy near her place and it happened right in-between a song she was singing and well me, stringing.  We were rehearsing a song for a charity show and at one point of time, it just clicked. I don’t know how and why, but I believe we hit the right notes! It was love at first song. 😉


I used to frequent that academy during weekends to learn the nuances of the Guitar strings, in my attempt to break away from the otherwise freaky-geeky life. Smriti worked as a full time wedding planner while at the academy she was in to pursue her other passion, singing.


Subsequently, we began to see each other and during these pre-marital days we got to know the most about one another like the common interests we indulged in, the dreams we dreamt, the passions we possessed and in the process, we fell in love each time all over again…and again. We got married, of course with the consent of our parents (how? that’s a long story altogether) and sailed about in our journey together as husband and wife, but more of as a friend and guide to each other.


In-spite of our busy work schedules and out of hometown assignments, we made sure we were just one call away. At the end of every busy day, we had our own tales to share as we took into each-others arms for our daily share of warm hugs…Well, I mostly cribbed but Smriti listened to me, as if I’d said something new from the previous night. But I guess she was fascinated with the artificial world of bugs, flow-charts, conference meetings and crappy office politics. Whereas on the other hand, I simply loved to listen to her work experiences…of the weddings she managed, of the interesting men and women she got to meet, of the ever tasty wedding cake, of basically everything humanely happy and happening.

In the fifth year of our marriage, we had our only kid…a daughter. Knowing my taste and me in names, Smriti was quick in christening her as Diya – the light in our lives. Diya was a cute and lively kid, right from her birth and she brought in us a feeling of responsibility that we had not sensed in all the years we had been together. Diya made us come together all over again in love, as parents.


Times’ moved on, and moved on real fast…That day was our 25th wedding anniversary and we were all pepped up…and how were we then? Well…The growth on my scalp had all withered off, leaving it all plain and smooth…The digital weighing scale projected that I was now over-weight compared to then…such a liar…Smriti did have that motherly look on her face…she had now graduated to wearing sarees from her otherwise formal two-piece attires, a sign of old age am sure! Diya had grown into being a lovely lady, and I could see that she was just like how her mom used to be at her age. Beautiful. And ya for all it takes, Diya had a boy friend too…Ankit…and I must confess that like every other dad of yester-years, I was very much skeptical about this guy too. Blame it all on the genes.


Diya wanted to see her parents get married again (to each other of course) since she felt like she had missed the first time round. Can’t blame her, can I? So taking help from her wedding-planner of a mom, Diya arranged a second wedding for her parents on their 25th wedding anniversary. In-spite of us being so ripe, as we held hands’ that day we felt like we were 25 years younger. A nostalgic feeling took over both me and Smriti…we had tears in our eyes…and as we hugged, it did seem like a long one with all the 25 years being projected before us like as in the flashbacks shown in movies. That day it felt like there was no other happiness in this world that we could have imagined than the one we were experiencing right then. The devilish part of my mind seemed to interpret the same, but in its own crude way…it made me feel like I would never have to face a low all my life.


Life doesn’t go all that smooth…and with time, everything balances out…

And as I narrate on this day, I do not work anymore for the corporate world…I did put down my papers last year after 34 years of service to concentrate on other important priorities in life, the most important one being my wife…Last year, Smriti had this massive heart attack which she bravely saw it through but it left her paralyzed completely on one side. And as the man who took a vow…not once but twice…to take care and love his wife forever, no matter what…I’m now all the while, besides my love.


As for the updates, Smriti’s much better now and being a woman with a strong will that she is, she’s responding pretty well to medications and muscle exercises. Amen. Diya stays close by and she’s made sure that she’s just a call away. She visits us quite often with her husband Ankit and our one-year-old granddaughter, Simi. Beautiful.


And every day…As I get Smriti ready for her daily routine of a morning walk…

I see her reflection in the mirror as I play around with her long silky white hair, waiting for her to respond with a smile. She seems to look the same as she did back then when I had first met her. Beautiful. It’s been over a year since I have seen her smile or heard her passionate voice… All that is keeping me on is the confidence speaking to me, through her eyes.



One of my old stories: That day he cried!!!


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“Hello”…a missed call…

It was a last minute decision on this one. Yes, the movie had not created that much anticipation as the book had done. Last evening, I went out to watch “Hello” with my roommate. And since I had not liked Chetan Bhagat’s “One Night @ Call Centre” as a book that much, I went without any expectations to the theatre. I didn’t know the show timings at this local theatre called Melody (can’t expect to get tickets at multiplexes like Sathyam Cinemas and Inox here in Chennai at the last moment, Mayajaal yes is sometimes a last minute option though) but I had this vague idea that the evening show would start at 6:45pm if not at 6:30pm. And we reached the theatre 5 minutes before the movie actually started playing at 6:45pm. Tickets were easy to get…we didnt get the balcony ones, but managed to get the ‘circle’ ones for 50 bucks…and there were hardly 50 ppl there while there was space for close to 250 ppl there…80% of the theatre was empty. Phew!

Ah! The movie started rolling with the credits to begin with….and, OMG…the credits took a good 10 mins to get over….At the end of the credits, the movie seemed to have been produced by 5 production houses, sponsored by umpteen number of brands and an entire reel completely wasted on this…sheesh…

Unlike in the book, where the story is narrated in a train and the dude is an author…Dude’s a super-star here and the narration takes place in a star-hotel lounge. Before he lands in the lounge, Salman would have repeated for the Nth time, a performance on stage  where he ends up losing his shirt and standing half-Adam!! Yes, 40+ uncles these days are under pressure to build up ABS thanks to 40+ aunties following 40+ movie stars with ripped shirts and six-packers…sigh!

Katrina looks cute I must admit…she starts and ends with punchlines…check out how intelligent she is:
Starts with: “Bore wahi hote hey, jo bore hote hey”!! (Only those who get bored, get bored) 😛
Ends with: “Yakeen unko hota hey, jo yakeen karte hey”!! (Only those believe, who believe in it) 😉

The 6 characters are sketched pretty well…Shyam, Priyanka, Varun (Vroom), Esha, Radhika and Military Uncle…all seem to live upto their characterisation in the book.
The only thing I had disliked in the book, and so also in the movie was its unrealistic touch of ‘GOD’ calling up on Shyam’s cell phone…and talking on the speaker to all 6 characters making them realize about their conscience within…SO UNREAL!!

And seriously speaking…there should be some limitations…I agree the call center guys are paid well compared to a domestic help, but that doesn’t mean that these movie-guys should project the call center employees to live life king size…I mean, the way the houses of these characters are etched in the movie, the way they are dressed, their make-up, et al is very much out of place. The American accent, which is a very essential part of the call center environment hasn’t been much concentrated on. Gul Panag who plays Priyanka, agreed is ex-Miss India or something but to be blunt, she’s got fat all over and with her low neck dresses (yeah…to office…no dress code and only condom machines there) she looked like err…duh! very un-corporate…!! 😀
Suresh Menon plays the systems guy (who in the book, works to solve the ‘static’ problem) is wasted thoroughly…he acts more like a clown…even compares Rajnikanth to GOD for that matter. 😀
Songs were pathetic…none are hummable…one where Salman rips off his shirt, the lyrics go “Bang Bang, Boom Boom”…heights!! 😛 

I am actually more enthusiatic about the movie to come – “3 Idiots” – based on Chetan’s first novel “Five Point Someone”…waiting for it…And it has Aamir Khan as Hari too….yahooooo…waitin….tick tock tick tock… 😀

And ya, for this Hello movie…I would say, a must watch for a Chetan Bhagat fan else treat it as a MISSED CALL 😉 Well…my rating is 2/5. One point lost on the songs, one for the extravagant sets and costumes and one for cashing in on GOD!! 😉


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[Pen-Strokes]~ Shahid ya ‘Shaheed’ Kapur? ;)

Now with a pen in hand, when I didn’t feel like writing and yet felt like I had to do some scribbling, I found Shahid Kapur smiling (actually just staring) at me out of a newspaper supplement…the Chennai Times! 😀

And I ended up with this…he’s come out a little chubby than in the original newspaper print…Can I say like, I fed him with what I cooked?? 😛

Let me know if you are able to recognize him?? If yes, muah!! 😀


Aha…still breathing?? 😛

UPDATE: BTW, this happens to be my 50th post here!! Yippeeeee!! :mrgreen:


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