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[Kiddo-Bloggers]~ Shreya and Om!! :)

“What can kids do?”…Ask this, and see how many people will point all their fingers at you and laugh on your face…
The question to ask now-a-days is “What can’t kids do?”…And you will have to search for answers! May be the only thing they can’t do is legally vote…but then how many of us “matured” ones do?
Anyways, this post of mine is dedicated to those kids who are on their way to shake the blogging world, and what a start they have got…a start so young. Mind Blowing! 😀
Hats off to their parents too…to expose them to this virtual world, guide through their initial days and then watch them grow, all proud! 😀

I am gonna introduce two budding kiddo-bloggers, the kids of my colleagues. They are actually very young, but their blog contents could put us in a dilemma regarding their ages. These are stars in their own cute ways! 😀

“Big things, come in small packages” – and err…”as the packages grow, things get bigger” 😉 Here I go…

Ladies first…

Shreya Sanjay

She’s an 8 year old (who celebrated her 8th birthday on the 8th day of the 8th month of the 8th year of this century…phew) millenium baby who started blogging @ “Shreya’s journal” about 4 months ago and there has been no looking back since then. Her posts cover up topics ranging from social issues (Water, Fights in the world) to belief’s in God and one-self…and I believe with time for her, there are many more grounds to be covered and in the process, more hearts to be won! 😀
Motivated by her parents (they just moderate the comments that she receives), she carries the “Youngest Blogger” tag in the most responsible and mature manner possible.
Recently she even featured in one of the leading business newspaper – ‘The Hindu Business Line’ – articles where she reveals as to how and why she took up blogging, her inspirations and motivations. Kudos little lady, kudos!! 😀
Shreya, its been wonderful reading your thoughts in the form of your write-ups…Continue to ‘follow your dreams’ dear! 😀

Naughty next…

Om Shreshti


He’s a 4 year old (celebrated his birthday just 2 days back on 2nd Oct…Happy Birthday buddy! :)) kiddo who loves to shoot, with a camera ofcourse. And so, his Nana (dad) decided to showcase his talent to the virtual world through his personal photo-blog “Om’s window to the world“!! 😀
In his Nana’s own words, “He takes a picture & then immediately has to see if it was what he wanted to capture. I get a feeling that this is how he wants to cross check the way he sees his world & freeze it.”
As of now it is his parents who fill in for him when it comes to drafting and posting his photos, but that day is not far when this little master will take the lead…all he needs is that motivation (which his parents are unconditionally providing) and that push (which we as readers/visitors are known to give :P) to carry on with his passion of showing us the world, his way!
Om, its been a pleasure to see the freezed moments you shot…Continue to ‘click, capture and convey’ buddy!! 😀

UPDATE: Also check out 8 year old Sai Krishna’s blogging over HERE…these kids just amaze me with the content they post…Kudos Krishna, you are doing very well!! 😀


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