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[Storytime]~Unparalyzed love! :)


I saw her reflection in the mirror as I played around, waiting for her to respond with a smile. She seemed to be someone who was all on her own, with the confidence speaking through her eyes and the passion resonating through her voice. It was the first time I had ever met her. What came to my mind as I looked at her that day? Well…just…Beautiful.

30 years it has been since we ‘first’ got married, and it seems like all this had happened just yesterday.


I remember the day when our eyes had first met…Violins, Guitars and even Tablas played around us…it was that magical a moment. Yes, we both were inside this music-learning academy near her place and it happened right in-between a song she was singing and well me, stringing.  We were rehearsing a song for a charity show and at one point of time, it just clicked. I don’t know how and why, but I believe we hit the right notes! It was love at first song. 😉


I used to frequent that academy during weekends to learn the nuances of the Guitar strings, in my attempt to break away from the otherwise freaky-geeky life. Smriti worked as a full time wedding planner while at the academy she was in to pursue her other passion, singing.


Subsequently, we began to see each other and during these pre-marital days we got to know the most about one another like the common interests we indulged in, the dreams we dreamt, the passions we possessed and in the process, we fell in love each time all over again…and again. We got married, of course with the consent of our parents (how? that’s a long story altogether) and sailed about in our journey together as husband and wife, but more of as a friend and guide to each other.


In-spite of our busy work schedules and out of hometown assignments, we made sure we were just one call away. At the end of every busy day, we had our own tales to share as we took into each-others arms for our daily share of warm hugs…Well, I mostly cribbed but Smriti listened to me, as if I’d said something new from the previous night. But I guess she was fascinated with the artificial world of bugs, flow-charts, conference meetings and crappy office politics. Whereas on the other hand, I simply loved to listen to her work experiences…of the weddings she managed, of the interesting men and women she got to meet, of the ever tasty wedding cake, of basically everything humanely happy and happening.

In the fifth year of our marriage, we had our only kid…a daughter. Knowing my taste and me in names, Smriti was quick in christening her as Diya – the light in our lives. Diya was a cute and lively kid, right from her birth and she brought in us a feeling of responsibility that we had not sensed in all the years we had been together. Diya made us come together all over again in love, as parents.


Times’ moved on, and moved on real fast…That day was our 25th wedding anniversary and we were all pepped up…and how were we then? Well…The growth on my scalp had all withered off, leaving it all plain and smooth…The digital weighing scale projected that I was now over-weight compared to then…such a liar…Smriti did have that motherly look on her face…she had now graduated to wearing sarees from her otherwise formal two-piece attires, a sign of old age am sure! Diya had grown into being a lovely lady, and I could see that she was just like how her mom used to be at her age. Beautiful. And ya for all it takes, Diya had a boy friend too…Ankit…and I must confess that like every other dad of yester-years, I was very much skeptical about this guy too. Blame it all on the genes.


Diya wanted to see her parents get married again (to each other of course) since she felt like she had missed the first time round. Can’t blame her, can I? So taking help from her wedding-planner of a mom, Diya arranged a second wedding for her parents on their 25th wedding anniversary. In-spite of us being so ripe, as we held hands’ that day we felt like we were 25 years younger. A nostalgic feeling took over both me and Smriti…we had tears in our eyes…and as we hugged, it did seem like a long one with all the 25 years being projected before us like as in the flashbacks shown in movies. That day it felt like there was no other happiness in this world that we could have imagined than the one we were experiencing right then. The devilish part of my mind seemed to interpret the same, but in its own crude way…it made me feel like I would never have to face a low all my life.


Life doesn’t go all that smooth…and with time, everything balances out…

And as I narrate on this day, I do not work anymore for the corporate world…I did put down my papers last year after 34 years of service to concentrate on other important priorities in life, the most important one being my wife…Last year, Smriti had this massive heart attack which she bravely saw it through but it left her paralyzed completely on one side. And as the man who took a vow…not once but twice…to take care and love his wife forever, no matter what…I’m now all the while, besides my love.


As for the updates, Smriti’s much better now and being a woman with a strong will that she is, she’s responding pretty well to medications and muscle exercises. Amen. Diya stays close by and she’s made sure that she’s just a call away. She visits us quite often with her husband Ankit and our one-year-old granddaughter, Simi. Beautiful.


And every day…As I get Smriti ready for her daily routine of a morning walk…

I see her reflection in the mirror as I play around with her long silky white hair, waiting for her to respond with a smile. She seems to look the same as she did back then when I had first met her. Beautiful. It’s been over a year since I have seen her smile or heard her passionate voice… All that is keeping me on is the confidence speaking to me, through her eyes.



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