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[Scene-2]~ Of IT, recession, exploitation, BPO and threat!

This had to happen…
The protests in Kolkata supported by people (affected by it or not) all over India, has shown results.
The company which had asked freshers to join their BPO wing as the only option, backtracked its stance before its reputation was dug deep and buried. For an MNC, nothing matters more than its name and reputation in the market. And this is something that other MNCs should not imitate, unless they want to dig their own grave!

This very company mailed back all those freshers who had received the previous mailer, with this one sometime in the last 48 hours.

Greetings from XYZ,

This is an addendum to our earlier communication dated November 25, 2008.

You have the choice of exercising the immediate option to join our BPO division in a technical support role.

o This option provides you with an early date of joining XYZ

o The total annual compensation package given in offer letter of IT services remains unchanged

o Your experience in our BPO division will be considered relevant and treated as continuous service for your movement to the IT services division

o You will be considered for movement to IT services division based on actual demand – however this will be not later than 18 months.

Should you choose not to exercise the BPO option, our original offer for the IT services division holds good and remains unchanged. We will communicate appropriate joining date to you based on the business scenario and actual demand.

We request you to exercise this option before December 5, 2008 6.00PM. Instructions for this are given below. On your acceptance to join, you will be contacted by our representative through landline or mobile for a brief discussion for certain verifications. We request you to be prepared to attend this call without fail. In case if there is a change in your landline or mobile numbers please update/intimate the same in the website at new landline phone no. and mobile no…..


Well…this is much better a choice than the previous one for the recruited freshers.
Game played now, but not well…The ball still is in XYZ’s court!! Cos if one reads the mailer carefully, there’s still a catch.
The fresher who accepts this offer and joins the BPO wing gets top priority to join the Technologies compared to the one who rejects…but as they say it would take a maximum of 18 months…
1) Doesn’t this mean that the ones who will reject this option, would now have to wait for 18 months or more to join??
2) Won’t the guys who joined the BPO wing create a hulla if the others get to join the Technology before they do??
3) Also won’t the current BPO employees – who have say 1+ year experience – demand for more pay when these freshers get what they have been offered???

Time will tell…but as of now, Kudos to those guys who stood for their brethren in Kolkata. 😀


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