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All in the mind…

It had not been an easy last few days for them. Yes, both for her and him. She offlate had been complaining of fatigue and tiredness. She even kinda looked like she’d lost some quality weight to him. Her diet though was a normal one…the usual heavy breakfast – half boiled egg and 4 slices of bread followed by half a glass of milk-sans-water – Coffee on reaching office – Then lunch around 1pm consisting of whatever crap their office cafeteria offered plus a glass of juice, mostly milkshakes – Tea around 4pm – and then on reaching her home, something light for dinner. This had been her usual…and hence there was no reason for her to loose even an ounce of weight…

Yes, she had started taking the staircase to her first floor cubicle as well as to her first floor apartment. Those were hardly 30 steps which she took on twice a day each…which made it no valid a reason to scale down in the rapid manner as she seemed to do. They consulted all kinds of specialists…General, food specialists and dieticians!
But none of this diagonised whatever the hell was happening with her…She was getting tensed as days passed, which in turn resulted in more calls at odd hours to his cell phone. Half the time, he didn’t understand why she was tensed during those calls. Ofcourse, he used to sleep like a log. But as they say, only the ones who suffer know the pain.

One dietician during that time insisted on the technique of reverse mechanism. He suggested that she should eat those very stuff which she thought would help her put on some extra weight. So began her routine with extra cheese and butter spread over her morning bread slices, cream in her milk-coffee-tea, no more juice at lunch but ‘thick milkshakes’ thereon and at dinner, it was mainly eggs and butter chicken with rice. But this new diet didn’t last long…soon the reverse mechanism reversed on its own merit by gifting her with motions and puking sensations. Moreover it didn’t make her put on even an ounce of additional weight. She was then back to her earlier routine.


I wanted to be a doctor, somewhere deep down in my mind…and way back in time…
Now for reasons unknown, I was destined to become a consultant…and sadly, a technical one at that.
Well…as a technical consultant too, its all about curing the code of bugs by offering solutions – so as to speak.
But that urge to cure people of their problems still seems to be within…without prescribing medications of course.


Let’s consider the above case…


This guy is my friend. I knew that this bugger loved her. She was beautiful with lovely eyes whom I had met quite a few times, mostly by accident. The bugger thought I was a threat to his as-of-now-one-way love-life. I didn’t argue with him over that, as one can never judge “feelings”! 😉

Two weeks ago, he told me about all this “mishappening” in her life. She being on my floor, I had seen her just the previous day and she had looked all the same to me as before. Yet, I kept quiet and listened out to all that he had to share. I knew it then and there, that the problem was not with her but with him!! 😉

I told him to let go of her for 2 weeks time and that she would regain her previous form altogether. He got agitated over what I just told him. He had this bright idea of me having a go at her, for which I needed 2 weeks. Omigosh! That was so not the case. Btw – I needed just a serious one-on-one meeting, a fact which he was unaware of then and even to-date. I convinced him by saying “See dude…She has been running in your mind, non-stop and God knows for how long. Thats the main and only reason for her lose weight.” A bright smile on his face appeared, confirming to me his state of mind. 

I now wondered if she was stable, cos she had listened to all his crap and had met all the doctors on his behest. Was she just as him or was she in love with him, love being diagonised blind after all???!!!

Two weeks later, it all turned out to be fine from his end. He stood by his promise of not seeing her for 2 weeks…she was now back in shape as far as he was concerned. She was happy that he saw the same in her like before. Moreover she could stick to her daily diet routine.

These people didn’t need a dietician, food specialist or the general doctors to begin with…A psychologist and an eye-specialist would have done. 😉


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