News…in and around this mind!

10 Jan

What’s come with the dawn of this New year? Nothing seems to be working the right way around here…nothing wrong so far on the personal front (oh there’s one! ya ya…ek hey)…but the over-all situation is so messy!

All of you must be knowing about the Satyam fiasco…as they say its common knowledge now!
I am in awe of that Raju dude…How could he cover up such a thingy for such a long time?? Man!! I can’t hide a thing, thanks to my blabbering mind and open mouth (or is it the other way round? :P)!!
Waise, on the serious note I would like Satyam to fight back from the dust. I even bought some shares off the sensex!! Anyways this long term investor in me is nowhere near the ‘Go Green’ campaign as far as Sensex is concerned. So as of now, loss added to loss is profit! 😉


Infosys was one company I adored for their values, ethics and other things like the backgrounds of thier management team,  for providing employment to almost a lakh of people, et al…but they disappointed me yesterday when they issued a statement stating that they wouldn’t like to hire any of the Satyam Staffers…
Wonder why the employees in the lower pyramid bear the brunt for what the people in power at the top did? I bet Infosys wouldn’t mind taking the deals (from clients) which Satyam had served so far…
You see the drift and all that?

Though Indo-Pak have cut all sporting ties for the time being, the blame game seems to still rule the roost! I think we need to place a converter (Electronic pundits know what I mean) between these 2 countries whenever dialogues and bhashans are delivered against between them…only then will they get to hear what they wanna hear! 😀

Now for that “ek hey” personal one…
I have a new roommate…he shares the rent unlike Jerry, but thats exactly where all the likeness ends. We had been searching for a roomy since 2-3 months and finally this guy called in. He was about 7-9 years our senior and works in the same organization as I do. No, he being senior doesnt matter to us, else we wouldn’t have let him in…in the first place. What irks us is his trying to be young, cool and all that. “An ambassador no matter you install a ferrari engine, is still an ambassdor to us“. Now this ambassador of ours shakes his head to whatever we hear as music…thats fine…but he expects us to shake our head when he watches Ramayan and Mahabharat on TV (I hate that NDTV good times channel for showing Mythologies whenever he wants them)!! The worst thing is that…he smiles everytime you look at him and you are expected to return the compliments. Sigh…my face muscles are no more flexible without sensing pain!! I can write a book on him, but I bet you got the gist!
Pray for me! Else you would get to see Mythological posts here!! 😉

There was some good news to cheer up for the filmi folks…Ghajini garnered 200 crores profit in 2 weeks…man! Even the original (Momento) and the Indian Original (in Tamil) didn’t get to do that much moolah I guess…Hats of the star value of Aamir Khan and the Marketting team!! 🙂
If you ask me, the Tamil version was better and Momento was even better…after-all the essence lies in the original. But who will ask me? The money talks after all…so be it! Sigh!!

We as humans have so many unsolved problems ourselves…but we do like to take up other inhumane challenges too! Why else would we worry about if or not the comic character TinTin is Gay or at bay?? He was first pulled into the racist controversy but let off cause they just couldnt get hold of him for detention! And now into this….but the thing is, he feels no pain! Thats the best part of being a comic character I guess!! 😛
So to all the animated morons out there, back off and LET HIM BE WHATEVER HE WANTS TO BE! Hmmph!!

There are some more things on the mind which I wanna share here…but I feel that a lengthy post is after-all not so healthy dost!! 😉


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12 responses to “News…in and around this mind!

  1. chriz

    January 10, 2009 at 4:05 pm

    satyam.. the name means truth

    and aamir is great.. but i could always relate to surya with that role…

    glad to have a roomie who shares the rent

  2. amrita

    January 10, 2009 at 5:33 pm

    an ambassador will look better if it behaves like a vintage.

    so this guy expects u guys to believe that he’s cool , when he’s watching ramayana / mahabharta ? atleast tell him to watch jai sree krishna [:p]

    oh god !! now tin tin is gay???? I mean just because the poor kid didn’t have time for any female philandering because what was he doing ?? oh yaaaa. catching crooks & entertaining us .

    ps – u write lenghty posts & i”ll write lengthy comments [:D]

  3. iselldreams

    January 11, 2009 at 12:15 am

    ahem ahem y dnt u put the emphasis on SRK instead of Amir for a change!!

    lol ok ok i m just kidding, i appreciate the good works by Amir uncle as well…but today i had great admiration for Dev Patel…man i dnt know how to thank you for ur advice….Slumdog Millionaire is a great movie…i watched even without blinking my eyes for a second….
    Thank you!!!

  4. Sree

    January 11, 2009 at 12:24 am

    @ Chriz,

    Indeed…only cos he shares!! 😀
    Thanks buddy! 😀

    @ Amrita,

    Haha…no way…we are tired of the 2 mythologies..not a third one! 😛
    Indeed…his adventurous life would have had more pain involved if it involved a female character!! 😉
    And about your ps…main kya bolu….so sweet of you or you have a large appetite for my nonsense? 😛

    Thanks a lot buddy! 😀

  5. Sree

    January 11, 2009 at 12:26 am

    @ Isd,

    Whoa…so soon you saw it?? 😛 Great to know you liked the movie…the way its shot, is amazing! 🙂
    SRK surprisingly is keeping low key…will write even if he sneezes…bade bade deshon mein aise choti (not u :P) choti baatein hoti hey!! 😉

    Thanks buddy! 😀

  6. Pavithra

    January 12, 2009 at 3:06 am

    Good post!!! your views about satyam fiasco is also so true! jus b’cos the company fell, its considered as an untouchable and so it employees! their market value has also gone down! did the employees put the company down? did they make it tainted? then why should they bear the brunt? [:(]

  7. Deepali

    January 12, 2009 at 9:43 am

    @I am sure Satyam will rise from its ashes… Keep the shares safe with you.
    @I loved Momento. Infact, wen i heard Gajini was a remake of Momento, i wondered if Indian audience will even understand the movie. But I am awed by Amirs’ skill to mold the movie such that, to fit the Indian Cinema
    @I would never have a room mate who is 7-9 yrs elder to me at the first place.

  8. Annapoorani

    January 12, 2009 at 4:58 pm

    Sree your opinion on sathyam fiasco is absolutely true…There is no meaning in blaming the employees of the concern,itz about the top official who became the whole reason for the fiasco…

  9. Sree

    January 12, 2009 at 11:27 pm

    @ Pavi,

    Thanks for agreeing to my take on the fiasco…Today if you see Narayan Murthy has tried to patch up that statement of yesterday’s by saying they consider Satyam employees as “professionals”…but that doesnt solve the problem…does it?

    @ Anna,

    Righto buddy…and once words are said, its tough to justify!
    Thanks buddy! 😀

  10. Sree

    January 12, 2009 at 11:31 pm

    @ Deepali,

    Welcome to my virtual abode! 🙂

    I will surely listen to you…Satyam Shares are in safe hands! And aaj it went 11 bucks up! Yay! 😉
    Haan Momento even I felt wasnt meant for the Indian Audience…but I liked the Tamil version better than the Hindi version though I understood the story well on seeing the hindi version! 😀
    About the roomie, we had no choice in this recession ka zamaana…but to me he’s pure entertainment…cos I have no problems with him….I dont see TV soaps at all to watch mythology with him! 😉 I watch only Ads which appear more during those times though! 😀
    THanks buddy! 😀

  11. Niveditha

    January 16, 2009 at 9:29 am

    u know. i really cant believe infosys is refusing to take in ppl from satyam..
    the employees are getting all the punishment for the frauds the boss did.. not fair! 😡

  12. Sree

    January 16, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    @ Nive,

    They now say that they have a reason behind that statement…they dont wanna employ them cos they feel that would stop the instability that could happen if employees quit Satyam just to join Infosys or other companies! They could have said that earlier too, which would have stopped me from writing that in the post! 😉

    Thanks buddy! 😀


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