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Mind…all piled up! :)

I seriously don’t know what you guys will end up reading here…this mind is a complex kachra and its in total pileup! Lots of things in the name of sense and nonsense in this mind, but no idea how to vent each of those things out of there! No, the mind does puke/burp…thank you!


I dont know if I should blame someone or the New year for that matter. Its been 13 good eventful days already in this year…and people have taken all steps that they can to blame the New year, left right and center!
For instance…my friend lost a chance to go onsite (his first one) and he sweared “F*** man…this new year!”…

If you ask me 2009 which adds to 2 may also turn unlucky for me!! Ask me why…
Well I have a mathematical reason for that….To me, the numbers 1 and 3 are lucky…since 2 lies in between them and is not lucky, it is unlucky! Simple! 🙂
2008 had been a great year…and I presume 2010 will be so! 😀 But nevertheless I will try to make 2009 work out! Let’s see whats in store! 🙂

I have my own reasons to blame this year so far….
1) I lost an unforgettable good friend in an accident…She loved to eat Tiger biscuit so much that I had named her Tigeress! Now I eat the whole packet of Tiger biscuits on her behalf.
2) I got a new roomie…I told you about him already na…he’s still the same…
3) We (thankfully my roomie was with me that fateful night) had another disastrous session of man-to-men talks with our house owner….saala…He came in at 9 15pm and stayed on till 11pm…Our talks are like the Indo-Pak bilateral talks….never conclusive…but decisively a failure. He had 2 things to “suggest”…Rise in Rent & Rise in Caution Deposit! We had a Rise in Blood Pressure. And when it came to our “suggestions”, he had one template as an answer – “Nice Nice, but NO”! Aaaasoul!
At the end of 100 odd marathon mins…he went back without any successful negotiation…and we were left behind with a bad mouth and a hungry stomach!
4) My teammate was released yesterday from the project….and the pending work from his side has fallen on me…thats ok, it happens…but the onsite guy seems to be in an urgent over something which I don’t know yet…so am in a dead-lock as far as work is concerned. Tough times ahead it seems…till all pending ones are cleared!
5) Tomorrow is the first holiday due to a festival this year…and it happens to fall on a Wednesday…Why not a Monday or a Friday?? 😦

For the last few days am totally confused…and as usual forgettful… I am now reading two books…and have asked my friend to lend me a third. In the last week of 2008, I had started Sudha Murty’s “Wise & Otherwise”…While still at it, I started to read a humor book named “Dilli toh Pagal Hai”…and oh am still at it…and today, I asked my friend to lend me her copy of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”….In this situation, I am now not sure if I’m wise or otherwise…what with Dilli being Shrugged…and what to do…kya kare…Atlas toh Pagal Hai! 🙂


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