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College Days – Last Bench Masterpieces! :)

Remembered the college days…the friends, the campus, the bunked classes, the thrown@lecturer chalk pieces, the yucky canteen food, the last bench, the yummy tapri sandwiches, the on-desk scribbles, the multiple crushes, the cranky lecturers, the same jeans for 2 semesters straight, the lanky loony GAS, the early morning classes that others used to attend, the noon naps, the midnight tea, the pre-exam sleepless nights, the ladies hostels, the shared xerox-es, the election threats-n-campaigns, the campus placement, the booze, the celebrations, the painful-groin-injury-prone-birthday bums,….the nostalgic list goes on and on…

Best part of the last bench….one could doze, study (??), read magazines, play – mobile games; book cricket; word-games, …basically anything…all while keeping an eye on everything visible from there…

I sometimes used to draw…Here are two of my last bench masterpieces!! 😉

4She always sat on first bench…will update when I remember her name (there were so many to remember all you see!)! 😛

1Shahrukh and Kareena starrer “Asoka” had released around that time I guess…I seemed to have drawn this out of a newspaper supplement, cut-out-of-hostel-reading-room!! 😀


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