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Kaam….Aaaram! (Work….Rest!) :)


Hum khoob karte the!
Kya hey? Ye poocha karte the!

Din ho ya raat…
Kaam ki thi baat!
Tha bus chai ka saath…
Na dost na ghar, jaise anaarth!

Hum liya karte the!
Ka khwaab dekh bhi naa sakte the!

Badal gaya zamaana…
Recession naya bahaana!
Taala laga hua khazaana…
Bandh hua jashan manaana!

Karne ki aadath nahin!
Karte rehna lagta hey sahi!

Nahi hoon pareshan about my bhatakta mann…
But the worry is about the badhta tann!
Bench pe tashreef actually pains… 😉
But kya kare, boss says profitability constraints! 😛

Main kar nahi sakta!
Kiye bina main reh nahi sakta! 😀

English Translation:

We used to do in lots!
Whats that? We used to ask!

Whether day or night…
Talks were about work!
Tea was our only companion…
No friends nor family, just like orphans!

We used to take!
We couldn’t even dream about it!

The situation has changed…
Recession is the latest excuse!
All treasures are locked…
All treats have stopped!

We are not used to it!
Doing it seems to be the right thing!

I’m not bothered about my wandering mind…
But the worry is about putting on weight!
Sitting on bench, it actually pains… 😉
But what to do, boss says ‘profitablity constraints’! :mrgreen:

I cannot do!
Without which I cannot live! 😀


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A journey down God’s Own Country!! :)

Over the weekend (which I customized and stretched from Friday to Monday), I had been to Cochin (Ernakulam) in God’s Own Country, Kerala to attend my friend’s wedding.
Below are a few pics that I took on the way and back!! 😀


The lovely mountain peaks basking in the hot humid and sunny afternoon….love the clouds.


I felt like I was in heaven. “Divine Nagar” was the name of the town!! God bless! 😉


Chuk chuk….Rail gaadi….I love bends and curves (of the train and the track beside…nothing else! ;))!! 😀


Silly-This (On the lines of Dilli-6…I gotta know from family and friends, that the movie is silly)! 😛


It was colorful throughout the journey…what with houses painted in fluorescent colors…green, voilet, pink, purple, orange, yellow!! Above’s an all-pink quarters! 🙂


Yay! I touched down at Ernakulam finally after a 10+ hour day journey from Bangalore! 🙂


This tree outside a temple was enormous! I loved the wide reach of shade in the otherwise humid weather! Stop cutting trees!! 🙂


An evening sun…beautiful than the one in this pic! 🙂


Koknut trees…the asli pehchaaan (the real taste) of Kerala!! 😀


Green Green Green….Go Green…Nothing better than this! 🙂


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Thinking Loud…

In the last few weeks, I have come to understand (read: digest) a few things we come to face in life:


1. It’s very easy to become a national figure in such a way that everyone gets to know you by name. All you have to do is, go to a pub and hit people – especially women – around.

2. It is ok if you consider the biggest corporate scam in recent times, a vehicle for the forthcoming elections. Once you get the votes from the employees, you can stop distributing the notes (read: salary).

3. It needs a western director to take an Indian story to Golden Globe, BAFTA and the Oscars.

4. It’s surprising that the lyricist in Gulzar can pen down lyrics of extreme variety when it comes to filmi songs…ranging from Oscar nominated ones (Jai ho) to the crappy Billu Barber ones.

5. It’s not easy to be an IT guy from native AP and work in the US. You can debugged from the code of life, for no concrete reasons whatsoever.

6. Hold on to what you have instead of going for something you wish to have. For instance, spend quality time and be nice to your friends instead of bootlicking your bosses all the time for a fast track growth.

7. Cost cutting makes one wise when it comes to expenditure. It helps you recognize and differentiate needs from the desires.

8. Variety in life helps. One, you never get bored. Two, you bore none. 😀

9. It’s a buyers market now. So do make wise but affordable investments. Do not prefer to the take the path of credit nor build great debts.


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Just another day…like everyday! ;)

I was jogging…it was a lovely morning…two girls jogging ahead of me and one following…I was now profusely perspiring due to the work-out…
The loud knock on the door woke me up. There was no power to ring the bell.
I opened the door, with one eye open (see how optimistic I am! :P). It was the milkman.
He said, “Saar, no milk today…the cow is sick”!
I replied, “That’s ok…gimme black coffee!”…
The look on the milkman’s face made me realize that he was my milkman and not the vending machine operation in my office pantry.
I was still sleepy. It was a lovely morning. What if it’s hot? I still have the energy left in me to continue jogging.

I pick up the newspaper, close the door and turn around. – This part is programmed in me even in my sleepy state…cos if I get out of my flat door, it’s a ladies PG next door! 😛 And if I don’t pick up the paper, there’ll be nothing to pick later.
Once I turn around, I have 2 options in hand.
1) Take a turn left, and continue jogging.
2) Take a turn right, and get ready to be in office on time – as usual (these are 2 important words…this being a corporate blog)! 😀

Let’s say for now am obsessed to be in office on time. So option 2.

As I enter the bathroom, my optimistic eye would have flipped back to the position of its pessimistic counterpart. I have told my roommates a few million times not to keep their shaving creams next to the toothpaste. You will now know why! 😦
How much ever an effort I make to split wide open (its just about my Naina, I would talk about) my eyes, they blindly refuse! 😛 I don’t prefer a battle early in the morning, so I let them win, as my hands pick up my toothbrush and the toothpaste simultaneously.
Now if my roommates have been careless, its me who will pay. The Colgate toothpaste and their Park Avenue shaving cream feel almost the same. The same size and shape…and even if I slighly open my eyes, they seem the same…white with blue and red hues on them. I am an illiterate early in the morning, if you ask me “Can’t you read the label on the tube?”! 😀 So I have had days with lather in my mouth. If I talk less on some days, you now know why. And oh ya, thankfully the soframycine tubes are smaller and differently shaped else I wouldn’t have been writing this post.
The commode and me have an agreement. The one and only clause is “You are over-weight. 2 mins only”! The geyser doesn’t like me to turn it on. 😉 So it gives me water at a temperature as it is in the main tank above, nothing less nothing more.
I am out of that damn manhoos place (DMP) in max 20 minutes. This doesn’t mean I am all wide-n-awake. 😀

I wake up one of my roommates telling them to take over the DMP as I am done with it. I ask them, “What day it is today?”…Taking their answer on face value, I dress up accordingly for office. Jai ho!
Once am all dressed and ready, I know I will not head again to jog. I am programmed that way! 😀
I switch on the TV – channel 9X music – loud enough to keep me alive and awake. I don’t watch the TV though. Amidst that music, I read the newspaper and eat my daily morning toast. I don’t forget to nod my head in a rhythm as per the music, as I digest both printed news and my toast.
About 10 songs later, am done with the newspaper and with nothing else to do I wear my shoes and decide to be at office in time.

Not everyday is my bad day, but when it comes to driving it is. If I drive the way I love, someone will be stupid enough to come and hit my vehicle from the front. If I drive the way I’m (always) adviced to, someone will be attentive enough to hit on the backside. If you ask me, I don’t prefer being attacked from behind. I now need to learn driving my Activa in the air. Hmm…

Once inside the campus, I have to park my Activa strategically. Under a tree for the shade or under the clear blue sky for a clean Activa sans crow-poop. Though I love my vehicle, I give it no freedom to choose. I prefer to keep it under the blue (hot sunny) sky! But I must add: Not everyday is my Activa’s good day. Flying crows do it sometimes on my baby. I wonder, that’s why its called motion. As someone clearly sighed, “Thankfully, cows don’t fly and perch on trees”! (Not sure if he said the ‘Perch on trees’ part, but I add it anyways)! 😀


Once in office, I am all decent. Not that I am not otherwise. But in office, am decent to my own surprise. I don’t pull my senior manager’s leg for instance. I even wear my spectacles, for a better view err…at the monitors. And most importantly, (you are not supposed to laugh/smile/giggle/taunt/tease/go-awww at this moment of truth!) I work. 😀 I am proud to say that for the things that I do and the way in which I do them, there have been no escalations whatsoever. So I work, smart if not hard. Yay! 😀
These days, I am taking a break from breaks. I have reduced it considerably. There were days when I would be acknowlegded by every pantry guy in the entire TCO campus. These days I restrict myself to just my building – SDB3 – yes, all the four pantries in this block.

Office Communicator (OC) is a very funny tool. I love to play with the status options and messages. I use only 3 out of the 5 status options it provides.
1) Green – whenever I go green (which is rare), ppl ask me “Green? Jobless? No work?” – I wish I could tell them that it’s depicting my ‘available’ status! 😉
2) Red – I am always in red…mainly cos I am inspired to work when in this status. Also, I love the blood(y) color.
3) DND – This one I hate…cos I am on this status only when my onsite guy rides on me. Not literally, but to deliver before time. Sometimes I feel he’ll be happy only if I deliver reports to him in ‘history’.
The two yellows – “BRB” and “Away” – are for dirty fellows (sorry dirty fellows, for calling you that 😛 ). This I don’t use manually, never. I cannot make justice to “BRB” cos I cannot be back on my seat right or left, never.

At the evening break, am clear as to when I would be heading for home. Unless there are last minute onsite calls, my clarity is bang on! 😀
We cook dinner at home. What I cook for the night depends on my mood, which in turn depends on how clean my Activa was when I started back home from office. So it’s the messy crows which decide what my roommates and me eat at dinner. Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye! 😀
One to two hours I sit on my laptop, with the sole intention of troubling you poor folks the next day with some stuff or the other that leaks outta my mind.
I read a book (which I take ages to complete) – currently ‘Wise and Otherwise’ by Sudha Murthy – till I feel sleepy.
And before I go to bed, I pray for a better tomorrow – A good jogging session, toothpaste in my mouth, a safe ride, a clean Activa, dinner of choice! – Amen! 🙂


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[Valentines Day]: I’m gonna write a song! :)


It’s that time again..
I’m walking alone down the lane!
I wish you’d be here this day…
And for ever you’d stay!
But I guess its alright…
Let’s take the dream flight!

I’m gonna write you song…
I wish you were here to sing along!
I’d love to take you on a fun ride…
I wish you were here by my side!

Its that time again…
When being alone seems a pain!
I remember how we fell in love…
Its been long, yet it feels like now!
I’d love to hold on to you just tight…
But I guess its alright!

I’m gonna write you song…
I wish you were here to sing along!
I’d love to swing with you for a dance
I wish we could now get that chance!

Its that time again…
When I miss you like insane!
Up above you seem so near, yet are far…
I look up to you, my twinkle star!
Happy or sad, I remember you dear…
Though I’d prefer you to be down here!

I’m gonna write you song…
I wish you were here to sing along!
I will always remember you, and always miss…
I wish we could have had that one final kiss!


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[V-day build up]: Kya main bataaun…(How shall I explain…) ;)

My quest for ‘she’ seems never to end…so bear with me as, here I go again! 😉

I have written this for Feb 14th…hence 2 lines each para and 14 lines altogether! 😀


Kaisi ye raunak hey, main kis kis se chupaaun
Chaand sa ek chehra, ke kya main bataaun! 😛

Kaano mein woh baaliya, maathe pe reshmi baal
Bataaun toh hai kaise, mann mein jo hoti hartal!

Tim timaati aankhen, karte hey jo ishaare
Hai main kya bataaun, ke hum kaise dil haare! 😀

Daayein se ya baayein se dekhun, hey gaal tamatar jaise laal
Chumne ka mann kare, ke kya main bataaun apna haal! :mrgreen:

Hont bade raseele, muskurahat liye sawaar
Simte hum ke kya bataaun, myaan mein jaise talwaar!

Deewana bangaya hoon, khud se karta hoon sawaal
Ke main kya bataaun, hua toh hua kaise haal ye behaal!

Khushnaseebi toh dekho, najaane kitne karte honge usse pyaar
Koshish na karu toh kya bataaaun, chalo kar leta hoon main izhaar! 😉


English Translation:

What a divinity is this, how can I hide it from all others
A face like that of a moon, how shall I explain! 😛

Those ear-rings on the ear, silk-like hair on the head
How shall I explain, the strikes in the heart!

Those sparkling eyes, that make those signs
How shall I explain, how I lost my soul! 😀

I see from left or from right, those cheeks are red like tomatoes
I feel like kissing those, how shall I explain my situation! :mrgreen:

Those sensual lips, that always carry a smile
How shall I explain, its perfect like a sword fits in its case!

I’ve lost my mind, I ask questions to myself
How shall I explain, as to what brought me into a state that I am!

Look how lucky she is, no idea as to how many more love her
How shall I explain if I don’t try, so I’m off to propose to her! 😉


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[Build up to Valentine]: Rhymes for the heart! ;)

Hello Children,
Welcome to my class on Matured Rhymes! 🙂
Let me introduce you all to a student on detention, Mr.Mutalik. He has to clear this subject with not less than 100%, else there’s gonna be no bailout! 🙂


Beau Beau Beautiful She (Baa Baa Black Sheep):

Beau, beau, beautiful she,
Do you know any fool?
Yes sir, yes sir,
Three times fooled;
Once by my father,
And once by my mom,
And once by the lovely gal
Whom they call their daughter!
Beau, beau, beautiful she,
Do you love that fool?
Yes sir, yes sir,
All my life I will;
I’ve told my father,
And I’ve told my mom,
And I’ve told that handsome boy
To come and take their daughter! 😛

Beautiful Sally (Humpty Dumpty):


Beautiful Sally
Sat on a wall,
Beautiful Sally
Gave me a missed call;
My heart danced to the verses
And all that happened in the mind,
Couldn’t take me away from Sally
I was never the same again!

Twinkle Twinkle:

Twinkle, twinkle, my baby star,
Always I wonder how you are.
Thoughts of you, gives me a high,
Its like am flying aimlessly in the sky;
Twinkle, twinkle, my cutey star,
How can I live with you being this far?
Twinkle, twinkle, my sweet star,
Lets go on a long drive, in my car
Up along the highway so wide,
Like a rocket in the sky;
Twinkle, twinkle, my little star,
All I wonder, is where you are!

She and me (Jack and Jill):


She and me had a dollar bill,
Enough to buy a pail of water;
I fell down and broke my teeth,
And She came giggling after.
Up I got and to home I did race,
As quick as I could and faster;
Went to the dentist to fix me a brace,
And she gave that bill to the doctor. 😀

So children, end of this class. :mrgreen:


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