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[Build up to Valentine]: Friends in deed, Friends in need! ;)


Out of nowhere, he knocked my windows with a ping…
When asked why, he joked “Its cheaper than a ring!” 😈
With nothing specific to say, I asked “Whats up man?”
None of his business, but he asked “Whats your weekend plan?”

“Nothing much…after a long week I would prefer to rest!”
He replied, “Get some life man, don’t be such a pest!”
“Oh! what was that about, what do you want me to do?”
He blurted, “Why not get a gal friend dude, one if not two?”

“Hmm…But why are you after me out of the blue?”
“Err…well…Tell me how dude, cos I got no clue!”
I yelled, “Ah! like that! What do you think of me?”
“Chuck that bro, whatever you like! So it be!”

“Tell me exactly as to what you want from me?”
“Nothing much bro, just help me find a she!”
“Why do I have friends like you, you obnoxious weed?”
“Cos someone known for such deeds is my friend in need!” 😡


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