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Hey Dud, Kick that Bud…! :)

Today is World No Tobacco Day, the 31st of May!! 🙂 So smokers out there, pls try to quit, cos its not good for your own self!!

And moreover, I’ll lose a reader! 😉 Quit, cos quitting this isnt shameful!! 🙂

No Tobacco day_31st_May


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Sitcoms & so ons – 2! :)

Note: SitComs stand for Situational Comedies only…the rest come under ‘so ons’! 😉

Chriz, sorry about the TV shows, I dont (yet) see them…but sadly Leno’s last show tonight!! 😦

Here are the rest of the ones which I am watching these days….



The way this series has been handled is bloody brilliant…each of the character in this series, have special powers…each one is a hero in their own right…but then as his uncle had told Peter Parker, “With power comes responsibility”, there was no one to tell that to these guys…
Each character is selfish in its own way…some for the good, some for the bad.
From a Presidential Candidate who can fly, his brother who can copy others powers, a school cheerleader who can self-heal deadliest of blows, a cop who can read minds, a Japanese bloke who can teleport (I love this chubby character – yakaawwww) to the little kid who can talk to and make electronic machines work – its simply mind blowing! 😀

For those who love graphics, illusion, magic, imaginations, fantasy and creativity, this is the series to watch!! 😀

How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)


HIMYM is a narrative flashback kind of sitcom…Here a dad shares his story of how he got to meet his wife with his teenage kids. The dad, Ted narrates about life in his early thirties, his being still single and his waking up every morning with a hope of finding that one woman who would eventually be his wife and their mother. His life revolves around 4 others characters…his friends…a couple in Marshall and Lily, an “awesome” womanizer in Barney (played by Neil Patrick Harris of the “Dr Doogie Howser, M.D.” fame) and the cute Canadian in Robin! 😉
Ted’s an architect who had/has a thing on for Robin, a TV news reader but she’s not the eventual woman (thankfully :P). Barney’s role is a classic…one with total dudeism oozing out of every breath that cannot be put down here…it has to be watched to be believed that there can be such a character in life!! 😀

This situational comedy is a great one to pass time. Best to catch for its one-liners (and tricks :P)! 😀

The Big Bang Theory


Would you watch a series revolving around 4 geeks? Thinking? Well you definitely would, if a hot chick was thrown in as a bait…
This sitcom is very geeky. Mind it. 😀
It’s about 4 guys and a blonde-n-beautiful gal dealing with their lives….the guys are physics geeks who talk, eat and breathe the laws of physics…especially Sheldon, the theoretical physicist. Leonard is an experimental physicist who is nuts about Penny, the blonde waitress who aspires to be in showbiz. Howard and Rajesh are the other 2 geeks who form the quartet!

Not to be missed, you love physics or not!!! :mrgreen:

The ones on my watch-list next…
Lost, The 70s show, Scrubs, 8 simple rules, Doogie Howser, M.D. (again) among a few others!! 😀


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Sitcoms & so ons – 1 :)

I rarely watch television except for the cricket matches and the innumerous advertisements that seem to crave for my attention.
Of late, that is from a year or so I have been stuck with watching a lot of sitcoms and I must admit that I have been addicted to the variety that is available out there! Amazing…
So here am I introducing to you guys the sitcoms which I have watched, am watching and shall continue to…
I shall do it in 2 parts…cos its gone a little longer than I expected it go…echoos me! 🙂
Those who watch it…High Five….those who didn’t know about these, please don’t miss those…and those who didn’t/don’t like any of these, think again! 😀



“I’ll be there for you, like I’ve been there before…”
As the name suggests, it’s about friends…how they live, eat, stay, behave, fight, love, hate and relate to each other…all done in a tasteful manner!
To the unknown, this series ran successfully for 10 seasons (years) and is still being repeat telecast on star world.
To me, as I grew up in my teens these 6 friends were like my own…I ate, cried and laughed with them…
Ross was like a geeky elder bro, who loved dinosaurs and was a perfect example of how to successfully deal life post 3 failed marriages!
Monica – Being the excellent chef that she is, I dreamt of her cooking a meal for me – especially an invite for dinner on Christmas eve!
Chandler was…well…he didn’t know himself, for me to know him! But I was glad that Monica loved him for what he was!
Phoebe – I loved her for her happy-go-lucky nature, for her guitar, for the songs she sang especially the “Smelly Cat”!
Joey – An actor who loved to eat and sleep (not alone, mind you!)…his one-liners in tandem with Chandler were the best!
Rachael – I went green about her…simply put, she was “She”!

Watch this if you haven’t…else you are missing something awesome!
These are F.R.I.E.N.D.S forever. 😀

Prison Break


This one tells about a man who purposefully went to Prison to help his imprisoned brother escape from there. The first season shows how Michael gets his brother Lincoln out of the high security prison along with a few other prisoners who tagged along for different unavoidable reasons. He falls in love with Sara, the prison doctor who forms a part of his troupe in the later seasons. The following seasons, sees them escape from another prison and then in a mission to deliver a highly sensitive device called Sila – all this with the sole intention to lead a normal life.

The interesting thing in this series, is the manner in which Michael thinks and comes up with solutions to the most complex problems that he gets to face. A must watch. 🙂

Grey’s Anatomy


If you dreamt of being a doctor or if you love the medical profession and if you are not afraid/scary/pukish of blood and accidents, then this one is an awesome watch!
Dr Meredith Grey, the main character is a surgical intern in the very hospital which her mom built…and the whole medical drama talks about the personal and professional lives of the doctors and the interns…!!

There is a very thin line between life and death when it comes to Emergencies…! It teaches you to deal with the success of that one complex surgery saving a life in a million as well as with its failure the rest of the times. You laugh, you cry, you lease life, you see them die…you are all that they have, you are all that they depend on….Medical/Surgical Life is not a joke…This series, though a drama seems to get very realistic as you catch on with it…it’s so full of life, and otherwise. 😀


Concluding part…Coming soon… 😀


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Nothing serious about it – 1

I have no particular topic to write on…I didn’t even find a photograph to cook a story on…hence this rant…no other reason…so bear with me! 😀

Oflate I have been writing poems as and when I felt like writing something inspite of having no topics at my disposal. Either I created a sad moody ambience in the vacuum space underneath my scalp wrote on the real sad situation that prevails in the island country at the south of India. Some of you guys have felt sad at my sadness while some understood the fact that I was just trying to make something out of nothing. Thanks to both the kinds of readers…your respective perspective keeps me thinking, and motivates me to pile on spam over here! 😀

Kaley Cuoco

Kids…this word makes me smile! I love them!
Times have changed, with the DNA’s having mutated big time…kids seem to grow up faster than they should, at least much faster than I did (did I? :P)…
When I was a kid, the moment the “Nirodh” Advertisement came on Doordarshan my dad/mom/whoever used to remind me to go inside and study even though I was enjoying my summer holidays! Poor guys didn’t have an option to change the channels.
As I came into my teens, it was payback time. I changed channels when different flavors of “Moods” were telecast while I was watching the idiot-box with my dad. He too had his own ways to deal with the situation…he picked up the newspaper, no matter it was today’s or even a decade old.
Kids I know, just one third of a dozen old in age…shout in hindi “Ab koi pareshani nahi” (Now there’s nothing to worry)…as the “Ipill” ad ends. Dunno where they get that from, cos there’s no such slogan in that advertisement. We all laugh at their innocence(??) but then, the times have actually changed! 🙂 Kids are kids no more! 😦

Its been a long time (7 months now) since I have written my favorite we-she-me poetry…Its normally during my train rides between Chennai and Bangalore do I pen down those, thanks to some inspiration in the nearby berths. I thought of writing one this past weekend when I was on the way back to Chennai. To my dismay, there were only men around in my coach…someone rightly said “serves you right” last night! Sigh! 😀

BTW, Chennai is getting hot and hotter day by day…being perennially hot, can Chennai be considered to be a “She”? 😛

PS: This post is labelled part-1 just to make you plead and comment ”pls don’t write such rubbish ever again”! 😀

PPS: In the above pic, its Ms.Kaley Cuoco – my lovely ‘Penny’ in the latest Sitcom, the geeky “Big Bang Theory”! 😀


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…Sans Life…


Dedicated to the millions of innocent lives lost in the Island of Srilanka…may the peace prevail!! Hmmm…


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Of Plans, Phone-Calls, Painful Rains and Photos! ;)

The plan was on…
…till it rained!

She had called me up last Tuesday…saying she’ll be here on Friday evening…to spend sometime with me, cos she missed me (She didnt tell me that, cos they never tell that)!!
I tried telling her that its ok if she was busy…but she insisted on coming down to Chennai! I giggled to myself “How hotter can Chennai bear to be?”!!! :mrgreen:

When she called me up, we had a small chat cos she didn’t let me talk…at all.

She: Helloz…
Me: Hey…I was expecting you to mail me!
She: Mail? Huh…Listen…
Me: Temme…
She: I am coming down to India this weekend.
Me: Wow…
She: Listen…and I have booked my trip to Mumbai via Chennai.
Me: Hmmm…
She: You are not excited? why hmmm?
Me: I was listening as..
She: Whatever…you guys…I can never get to understand…
Me: Err…and so…
She: Listen no stupid…I’ll land on friday late evening there and then lets go on a long drive…
Me: Till Mumbai? I have to ask my manager for le…
She: Isshhhh…you and your whatever…when will you learn to live on your own terms?
Me: Err…
She: I’ve an evening flight on Saturday for Mumbai to catch…so engage me till then will you?
Me: That would be the shortest “engagement” ever…
She: You and your stupid PJs…get over it, will you?
Me: You don’t like me the way I am?
She: Now don’t play that emotional card ok? Come to the airport on friday evening…and you know, I hate to wait. Bye for now…catch ya…

With the Friday fast and furiously approaching my productivity at work was at its lowest best. Pls don’t tell my manager…he’ll get to know anyways…am just preventing you from doing sin!! 😛

Friday noon…my phone rings…its her again!! 😛

Me: Hey…
She: Helloz…I heard its gonna rain there tonight…so I am thinking if I should come to Chennai…
Me: Eh! Don’t tell me you watched the Doordarshan weather report!
She: No…my astrologer cum numerologist…he suggested that for my career to shine, I should avoid rains…and he’s sure that its gonna rain in Chennai tonight….
Me: Err…It’s boiling hot here…it wouldn’t rain tonight even if you pay your fortune to the dude up there!
She: But I cannot go against my astro-numerologist…what if it rains tonight there?
Me: I’d go and steal raw mangoes from some garden if that happens!
She: Don’t forget to send me the photos and pls smile in them! You know how much I like your smile!
Me: Eh…Smile?
She: I’ll miss your stupid PJs.
Me: Err…PJs?
She: Ok chalo…take care…bye…

The plan was gone…
…and it did rain!

I called up my younger cousin…who’s very mischeivous…yes, so unlike me!! Thank you! 🙂

Me: Hey…
Cuz: Hello dude…How come you called me? In trouble?
Me: Err…just to say a Hi!
Cuz: I don’t think so…spill it out…
Me: Hmm…err…do you know of any garden where I can steal raw mangoes?
Cuz: Oh yes…when do we go?
Me: “We”?
Cuz: Ofcourse…I love to steal raw mangoes, and especially the look on the garden owners face.
Me: Eww…you got weird taste man…
Cuz: I know…one more thing!
Me: Err…whats that?
Cuz: My mom will join us too…
Me: Err…anyone else?
Cuz: Dad is out of town…so no.
Me: Thank god…I didn’t know this was genetic!
Cuz: Pick us up…sharp 11:45pm…best time is at the stroke of midnight!
Me: Do you have an astro-numerologist too?
Cuz: Err…what?
Me: Ok nothing…see you later! bye!

And this is the picture that I emailed her:

Stealing mangoes


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Ek Khwaab Mera…One of my dreams…


Ek khwaab hey mera…
Dil mein churalu jaise bhi tera! 🙂
Tum hi ho jo mere khwaabon mein aaye…
Mera needon mein aake chupke se muskuraaye!

Tum hi ho woh…
Khwaabon mein jo…
Aaake saataati hey…
Baatein batlaati hey…
Mujhse gaane gawaati hey…
Naach nachaati hey…
Tum hi toh ho…
Mann behlaati hey jo!

Raat saali na kate tere bina…
Bin tere, zindagi soona soona!
Neend bhi poori na hove…
Khwaabon mein agar tu na aave! 🙂

English Translation

I have a dream…
To steal your heart, somehow! 🙂
You are the one who comes in my dreams…
In my sleep, you do silently smile!

You are the one…
In my dreams who…
Plays around with me…
Talks with me…
Makes me sing…
Makes me dance…
You are the one….
The one who scintilates my mind!

Without you, the night doesn’t pass…
Life without you, is all empty and undone!
The sleep too is incomplete…
Without you coming in my dreams! 🙂


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