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Sitcoms & so ons – 1 :)

I rarely watch television except for the cricket matches and the innumerous advertisements that seem to crave for my attention.
Of late, that is from a year or so I have been stuck with watching a lot of sitcoms and I must admit that I have been addicted to the variety that is available out there! Amazing…
So here am I introducing to you guys the sitcoms which I have watched, am watching and shall continue to…
I shall do it in 2 parts…cos its gone a little longer than I expected it go…echoos me! 🙂
Those who watch it…High Five….those who didn’t know about these, please don’t miss those…and those who didn’t/don’t like any of these, think again! 😀



“I’ll be there for you, like I’ve been there before…”
As the name suggests, it’s about friends…how they live, eat, stay, behave, fight, love, hate and relate to each other…all done in a tasteful manner!
To the unknown, this series ran successfully for 10 seasons (years) and is still being repeat telecast on star world.
To me, as I grew up in my teens these 6 friends were like my own…I ate, cried and laughed with them…
Ross was like a geeky elder bro, who loved dinosaurs and was a perfect example of how to successfully deal life post 3 failed marriages!
Monica – Being the excellent chef that she is, I dreamt of her cooking a meal for me – especially an invite for dinner on Christmas eve!
Chandler was…well…he didn’t know himself, for me to know him! But I was glad that Monica loved him for what he was!
Phoebe – I loved her for her happy-go-lucky nature, for her guitar, for the songs she sang especially the “Smelly Cat”!
Joey – An actor who loved to eat and sleep (not alone, mind you!)…his one-liners in tandem with Chandler were the best!
Rachael – I went green about her…simply put, she was “She”!

Watch this if you haven’t…else you are missing something awesome!
These are F.R.I.E.N.D.S forever. 😀

Prison Break


This one tells about a man who purposefully went to Prison to help his imprisoned brother escape from there. The first season shows how Michael gets his brother Lincoln out of the high security prison along with a few other prisoners who tagged along for different unavoidable reasons. He falls in love with Sara, the prison doctor who forms a part of his troupe in the later seasons. The following seasons, sees them escape from another prison and then in a mission to deliver a highly sensitive device called Sila – all this with the sole intention to lead a normal life.

The interesting thing in this series, is the manner in which Michael thinks and comes up with solutions to the most complex problems that he gets to face. A must watch. 🙂

Grey’s Anatomy


If you dreamt of being a doctor or if you love the medical profession and if you are not afraid/scary/pukish of blood and accidents, then this one is an awesome watch!
Dr Meredith Grey, the main character is a surgical intern in the very hospital which her mom built…and the whole medical drama talks about the personal and professional lives of the doctors and the interns…!!

There is a very thin line between life and death when it comes to Emergencies…! It teaches you to deal with the success of that one complex surgery saving a life in a million as well as with its failure the rest of the times. You laugh, you cry, you lease life, you see them die…you are all that they have, you are all that they depend on….Medical/Surgical Life is not a joke…This series, though a drama seems to get very realistic as you catch on with it…it’s so full of life, and otherwise. 😀


Concluding part…Coming soon… 😀


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