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Sitcoms & so ons – 2! :)

Note: SitComs stand for Situational Comedies only…the rest come under ‘so ons’! 😉

Chriz, sorry about the TV shows, I dont (yet) see them…but sadly Leno’s last show tonight!! 😦

Here are the rest of the ones which I am watching these days….



The way this series has been handled is bloody brilliant…each of the character in this series, have special powers…each one is a hero in their own right…but then as his uncle had told Peter Parker, “With power comes responsibility”, there was no one to tell that to these guys…
Each character is selfish in its own way…some for the good, some for the bad.
From a Presidential Candidate who can fly, his brother who can copy others powers, a school cheerleader who can self-heal deadliest of blows, a cop who can read minds, a Japanese bloke who can teleport (I love this chubby character – yakaawwww) to the little kid who can talk to and make electronic machines work – its simply mind blowing! 😀

For those who love graphics, illusion, magic, imaginations, fantasy and creativity, this is the series to watch!! 😀

How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)


HIMYM is a narrative flashback kind of sitcom…Here a dad shares his story of how he got to meet his wife with his teenage kids. The dad, Ted narrates about life in his early thirties, his being still single and his waking up every morning with a hope of finding that one woman who would eventually be his wife and their mother. His life revolves around 4 others characters…his friends…a couple in Marshall and Lily, an “awesome” womanizer in Barney (played by Neil Patrick Harris of the “Dr Doogie Howser, M.D.” fame) and the cute Canadian in Robin! 😉
Ted’s an architect who had/has a thing on for Robin, a TV news reader but she’s not the eventual woman (thankfully :P). Barney’s role is a classic…one with total dudeism oozing out of every breath that cannot be put down here…it has to be watched to be believed that there can be such a character in life!! 😀

This situational comedy is a great one to pass time. Best to catch for its one-liners (and tricks :P)! 😀

The Big Bang Theory


Would you watch a series revolving around 4 geeks? Thinking? Well you definitely would, if a hot chick was thrown in as a bait…
This sitcom is very geeky. Mind it. 😀
It’s about 4 guys and a blonde-n-beautiful gal dealing with their lives….the guys are physics geeks who talk, eat and breathe the laws of physics…especially Sheldon, the theoretical physicist. Leonard is an experimental physicist who is nuts about Penny, the blonde waitress who aspires to be in showbiz. Howard and Rajesh are the other 2 geeks who form the quartet!

Not to be missed, you love physics or not!!! :mrgreen:

The ones on my watch-list next…
Lost, The 70s show, Scrubs, 8 simple rules, Doogie Howser, M.D. (again) among a few others!! 😀


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