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Little less beard, little less gay! :)

When you want something, you don’t get everything.

There will be compromises, disappointments, more of downs than ups, more of that than this…you tend to cry by every passing minute, you tend to die by every little pain…

And if you are born with a second-hand silver spoon, no matter what crap is thrown at you – you have to smile.

Smile through the happy moments, smile through the sad moments, smile through the broken hearts, smile through the innumerable farts cos you are always being clicked….you are the darling to the eyes of the media…the papparazi…they click your every flick…you do it alone or with a chick, they just click.

No matter what you are going through…you gotta smile, keep a brave face.

They celebrate your marriage, they brand you gay…they celebrate you, with your life and privacy you pay.

He was born…to a man…a man so tall compared to his wife…a man with a commanding voice…
He looked upon his dad…he wanted to be like his dad…to be as tall as he was, to be (standing) straight as his dad…
He wanted to walk, talk, somewhat dance, spread his arms, fight, romance, deliver dialogues…like his dad.

But life is like a punctured cycle…No matter you cant drive home, you still tend to push it home. Score!

He was not the only one with needs…his dad doted upon him…
His dad wanted to be young…romantic…with a taller world pageant winning woman by his side…
His dad wanted to be like his son…with a little less beard…a little less gay…



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