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[Travelogue]~The DNIT – 2 (Jaipur)! :)

Thanks a lot for the large number of hits to the first post of this travelogue. In case you missed Agra, you can catch it HERE.

Agra was successfully covered…but did miss on Fatehpur Sikri due to shortage of time. The train to Jaipur was scheduled at 7:45pm but we got to know that there was a delay only on reaching the railway station. Since we had not got 3AC tickets for this journey of 4 hours, we went ahead with booking the sleeper class. The 4 hours which we thought would pass by in no time turned out to be the most suffered and longest hours of the whole trip with the cold air taking toll of us.

Left Agra: 29th Dec’09 Evening 7:45 pm: Late by 2 hours, left around 9:45 pm.
Reached Jaipur: 21st Dec’09 early Morning 12:45 am: Late by 45 mins.
Weather: Cold….approximately in the 4-8 degree range.

We had booked accomodation at a guest house by name Janpath. I must say, this was THE best accomodation during the whole tour. The hospitality and warmth provided by the owner Mr. Kapil Dev Tyagi cannot be described in words. And it turned out to be very much inexpensive. Our bill was Rs. 3100/- for 2 days of stay, food and pick-up from the station. Moreover, he arranged cabs for us to roam around the city at affordable prices (1000 bucks for 8 hrs – Innova on Day1 and Tavera on Day2). If you are going to the PINK CITY and want an affordable place to stay, CHECK THIS OUT.

Chalo, moving on to the pics!! 😛

We started off with the Birla Mandir…

We saw the Hawa Mahal exterior on our way to the city palace. This architecture is showcased whenever Jaipur is talked about on the touring map!! 🙂

The city palace is a beautiful structure…the present head of state (non-ruling) Brig. Bhawani Singhji still resides in one part of the palace. We can see how he stays too but its charged too high. 2500 bucks per head.
PS: We did get to see him for free though, as he made his way into the City palace.

The Amber fort is a lovely not-to-be-missed site…the fort is built on high ground and its walls are awesomely spread…seems like we have our own “great wall” as in China!! 🙂

Sheesh Mahal (Glass palace) is within the Najargarh fort and is a lovely structure fully covered with designs made up of plain and colored glasses as well as mirrors…!!

The Jaigarh fort which is about 5 kms from the Najargarh fort is a small fort famous for two things. One, it houses the largest ever man-made Canon which is as in the pic above and two, for the largest water filteration system.

In the evening we went to check out the Jal Mahal…from a distance as no tourist is allowed inside it. Jal Mahal is supposed to be the “entertainment” place for the rulers of historical times.

For those interested in science, Jantar Mantar is one place to visit for they house the astronomical wonders of that time. Seen in the pic is the “scaling” of the structure which tells the time based on shadow of the sun…it was dead accurate.

When we went to visit the art museum on day1 (Monday) it was closed on its weekly off. So we thought of visiting the Jaipur zoo which is right opposite the art museum too, on the next day.  On Tuesday (day2), it was a weekly off for the zoo…sigh!! So we just got to see the art museum…

Various swords and rifles of those times are on display…best part was that there was no ban on photography inside the museum which even had a “mummy”. Above seen is the handle of a sword, in gold!!

The security guards dressed in typical Rajasthani attire were pleased to click with yours truly (Raji, here I make my debut in this series…you asked for it, you get it!! 😉 ). When we said thanks on taking the pic, they showed that they had coins of foreign countries in their hands. We showed them that we are Indians!! 😛

There u go, the other 4 of the Pandavas who went on the tour try their best to pose, as you-know-who clicks!! 😉 We loved this corridor a lot, as it gave the perfect ambience for a cinematic picture. 😀

Apart from these, we loved the food at Jaipur…the Aaloo Parathas at the guest house, the Rajasthani Thali at a restaurant as well as the chaat items at a sweet shop near the guest house. Huge sized Rasgullas @ 5 bucks a piece melted in no time and in huge quantities in our (big) mouths!! 😉

The next destination was to be Haridwar, the religious place of the Hindus…but no, we were not on a religious trip!! 🙂
More on that, in the next post!! 😀


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