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[We Can]~Sponsor a Child…

It’s very fortunate that we have had our parents to look after, pamper as well as support us for our daily care and needs.
But not all children are as destined as, say you and me.
Some kids are so ill-fated that they don’t even get to see their adulthood.

So on this festive day as we celebrate, let’s do something good and karmic. Though it might not directly benefit us, I would say that it’s simply worthwhile an effort from our end.

With the dawn of 2010, Paripoorna Bala Suraksha in association with Ekam and Disha, have come up with a project to provide quality health care for all (10,000 for this pilot run) the poor and under-previleged children in Tamil Nadu, India.

The basic idea is to sponsor a poor kid’s health care by taking care of the annual premium of Rs.221/- ($5).

Please do have a look at their presentation HERE to know more….about what and how they plan to do as well as how you can help them in your own small possible way.

I could have done this with slogans like – How about, let me say “Let’s forego this month’s pizza to help a poor child gain a decent living”?? …et al….

But then – How about we do it, cos we can? 🙂

Wish you and all at home a very HappY and ProsperouS PongaL/Makara SankrantI/LohrI !! 😀


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