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[V-Day Carnival]~Oooo…Aaaa….Ouch!! ;)

Tomorrow is the day for all those who are in love…to talk love, share love, make love….and also for the Mutaliks in the world, to go against it by doing all kind of tactics they did last year till they were forced to wear pink chaddis instead of orange bandanas…

This year there seems to be no news (so far – touch Shakira – wherever, whenever, whoever, so on) from the fanatics who would do anything to get some good publicity. Shiv sena is sitting quiet too…maybe tiger Bala read my unposted letter which I didnt send it to him, out of love ofcourse. 😀

I really wonder if the sena’s think like how the medieval kings of England used to think…I mean, do these modern political honchos expect people (of a democratic country) to ask permission before they emote love and do stuff ? 🙄 Cut to flashback, and it is said that people in UK (I didn’t find the link…try wiki) had to ask permission from their kings to extend their families (Fornification Under Consent of King) and that is how the famous, most commonly used, considered-vulgar-by-most, 4-letter word came into existence.

By the way I got my new Indi Ranking…its gone down by 5 places…but then dunno if its a co-incidence or a valentine gift…am now ranked at position 69!! Love is in the making! 😉

On the Internal blogs, with a bunch of other folks I’m hosting the V-Day Carnival. Its already into its 6th day today and we have received 100+ entries from about 60 unique bloggers. Its on till the end of this month. Meghana is one prolific participant over there and no wonder, she is hosting the same V-Day Carnival out here externally. So what are you doing here? Go there and participate!! 😉

PS: In the pic is my favorite, Jenny Love Howwzit…people all around the world, though know her as Jennifer Love Hewwit. 🙂


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