A-Zee~An Ode to Women!! :)

09 Mar

It is tough to miss contributing in a meme but it’s irresistable when the meme is about a “miss” (in this case, even the “missus” – the women as a whole! 😛 ).
So I picked up the meme left open by Megs in our internal blogs…and boy was I glad to see a lot many people…both women, and those who follow women (on blogs 😛 ) write on this topic – As far as this meme goes – Happy Women’s Week, let me say! 😛

Thanks to Megs, for kick starting this awesome meme A-Zee ~Womanhood…an ode to women

My take: It’s got some Hindi and Turkish (I think Yelek is one) words too, but the English that follows explains them neat! 😀

A – Affectionate…she loves you more than you ever can love yourself.
B – Bindaas…she lives her life care-free.
C – Charismatic…she carries herself beautifully.
D – Demanding…she can get tough on life, and by default on men! 😉
E – Elegant…elegance happens to be her birthright!
F – Fighter…she gets what she wants…you oppose, you bite the dust! 😀
G – Gossips…she likes to talk into the ears…
H – Hatke…she’s different…no two are of the same type.
I – Intelligent…she’s smart and talented…she shows it off or not.
J – Jovial…she’s fun loving and laughs at your jokes, however sad they are.
K – Kalon…beauty that is more than skin deep…beauty is in her eyes.
L – Lajawaab…she is super…in all that she does.
M – Moody…she has her own seasons…hot, warm, cold and biting!
N – Nagging…she likes to trouble you.. 😉
O – Outgoing…she likes her freedom…
P – Pink…she wears it on…also “goes pink” sometimes… 😛
Q – Questionnaire…she’s tough to answer, when in cold/biting mood…
R – Rapchik…she’s like you…equal.
S – Sensual…she’s sexy, saucy, hot and what not…
T – Tears…she cries…openly…likes to vent out…
U – Understanding…she gives in her best, to get to know and love/hate you.
V – Vocal…she is very expressive…can sweet-talk you as well as banish you…
W – Winner…she’s a go-getter, loves to beat the crap out of her opponent (read: men)
X – X-treme…she can go to any extremity to see to it that she and her loved ones are doing good.
Y – Yelek…she’s crazy about clothes, jewellery and other accessories…
Z – Zinda…she is very lively and full of life, a livewire…in short, she’s a WOMAN! 🙂

Rules to the Meme:

– List A-Z qualities of Women in your blog
– NO QUALITIES should be repeated
– Tag the Meme with Womens-Day-2010
– You could tag people for the meme or leave it open

I’m keeping the meme open here till next sunday if anyone wants to pick up…As for guys, I feel this is as tough as picking up a woman! 😉


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2 responses to “A-Zee~An Ode to Women!! :)

  1. megzone

    March 16, 2010 at 11:35 am

    this is ur first post that has no comments 😯
    OMG 😯 sree’s post and no comments 🙄
    i may end up with a heart-attack today..
    chal tereko khush kar deti hoon
    award for you 😀

  2. Sree

    March 17, 2010 at 12:51 am

    Hehe…maybe no women liked it!! 😉
    And I didn’t write about men, for them to like it! 😛
    Or maybe I just don’t write well…but but but, I do get awards 😆
    Thanks for the award buddy! 😀


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