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A dry day, in May!

Lights are flashing, mind’s disturbing…
Not my fault, her love’s lost…
Tides repeating, times are changing…
Not her fault, it pained me a lot…

Met her down the street…
Sometime late, of last September…
We had fun, mood being upbeat…
And a walk to remember…

Hand in hand, singing a song…
Caring for none, loud and drunk…
Going no where, just heading along…
Beneath the vast sky, lay our bunk…

Talking of birds, and to stars…
Lost in time, and into each other…
Window-shopping, strolls to bazaars…
Bonds got stronger, we didn’t bother…

And then…

One fine morning, it all went wrong…
Sometime mid, of this May…
There was no music, thus ended the song…
There was no her, no liquor, just a dry day…

PS: This is a rejected piece of work for an internal corporate blog-a-zine…rejected cos the theme was “Be happy” and this one though started happy, went sour 😉


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[Funtakshari]~This is how we met…

This is how we met…
…though I haven’t told you guys the story yet!

And well…the story is yet to be scripted by the power up above. But anyways, let me picture how it could turn out to be. Common, a little bit of futuristic thinking won’t hurt… 😛

“Son, you will have an arranged marriage when you grow up…just like how daddy to marry me” – I was told, when on my 4th birthday I insisted (read: COL-ed = Cried Out Loud) on making the cute double pony tailed Aisha sit next to me.

That was not the only time. I had to hear that time and again, almost every time I took a gal’s name out of my big mouth, where secrets seldom settled.

In 7th standard – “What kinda punishment is this? Making you sit next to a gal? Son, you remember na? When u grow up, you will have an arranged marriage like your daddy!”

After my 10th standard convocation photo was clicked, I was quickly reminded that the gal who stood next to me was not the one for me – “Son, you are too young to choose the right one!”

My 11th and 12th went by in silence – literally – as I was admitted into an all boys pre-university college.

During the engineering, as I practically experimented (in the labs) with my female partner, my consciousness projected on my mental screen a projection of mom advising me – “Son, either you do the experiment or watch her do it. Do not hold the same wire together, there would surely be a short-circuit…remember, we have the responsibility of arranging your marriage!”

“Mom, I got selected at campus…and the lady who selected told me I was very good”…
“Son, remember…you will have an arranged marriage when you get some experience…by the way, congrats and all the best”

“Mom, the batch owner told me I would make a good batch representative…she also said…”
“Son, remember…you will have an arranged marriage…batch representative eh? nice…is she a senior?”

“Mom, I got allocated into my first project…the lady manager was…”
“Son, remember…you will have an arranged marriage whenever you are ready…manager too eh??”

“Son, you are now experienced enough at work to get settled in your life. The time has now come for me to arrange you a bride…”

“Ok son…so here are two pics…choose one”
“But mom, why do I have to choose? I thought you will arrange one!” :O

“Son, your horoscope has matched with Neeta’s. Do call her up tomorrow and see if she would like to meet you. Our responsibility of arranging, ends here…rest is up to you both!”
“What? Call her and say what? That mom asked me to call you? And then what?”
“Common son, you know and talk to a lot of gals don’t you?? what is the problem now?”

So there I am now…with a girl’s phone number in hand…not sure what to talk about, on calling.
“Call son, call…we are there for you…all the best…we are here only…gives us the good news!”

“Hello, is that Neeta?”
“Ya speaking…”
“This is Sreeram here”
“Hey hi dude…”
“How are you doing?”
“Chillin out man…how about you?”
“Err…eh….yes me too, yes yes…”
“So…well…by the way…you know…actually…anyways…”
“You wanna meet me?”
“Yes…my mom wanted us to meet”
“You didn’t?”
“Hmm…yes yes me to…yes yes”
“Ok how about tomorrow, 7pm at Baristas?”
“Ok done…bye”

As I turned back, there were 2 sets of full fledged smiling faces…
“Arranged no?? Arranged no??”

So there I was next day at Baristas…exactly at 6pm…practising a few lines I had scribbled on my cell editor….
This was not just another gal that I would be meeting, for the first time…but if we get along, chances are that we might have to get along all through the rest of our lives. It was simply scary…not her, but the thought and the situation.
I had three cups of strong black coffee in the next one hour or so, while memorizing those scribbled lines…

And quarter past 7, she walked in….

This is how we first met…
…though I haven’t told you guys THE STORY yet!  😉

Disclaimer: The story in this post, is part imaginary and part – that of my cousin…especially the phone call and the barista meet. And yeah as usual, the imaginary part is in excess! 😉

PS: This is my installment write up to the on-going Funtakshari…at my internal corporate blog…For the unknown, Funtakshari is the written form of Antakshari which we guys are innovating on…Where in the last line of the previous post, is the first line of the current post.


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[A watcher’s take]~Inception!! :)

Update<19th July’10>: I watched this movie too this evening…amazing…now will have dreams like never before! 😉 A must watch! 🙂

Inception means two things according to the English dictionary:
1. Taking in or Reception
2. A first part or stage of subsequent events

Inception, the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb uses both these meanings to present a visual treat which challenges the viewer to differentiate between dreams and the real world. It explores the concept of sharing a dream, wherein you allow another person to access your subconscious mind. But, what if, another person accesses your subconscious without your knowledge or permission, wreaking havoc in your mind and life? That is exactly Dom’s job – to extract sensitive information from unsuspecting people such as the combination of their safe, their secrets etc.

Only problem being Dom himself is in trouble, being chased by various agencies who are out to get him for a failed mission and his own personal demons where his subconscious is filled with his projection of his dead wife Mal (played by Marion Cotillard) and the guilt of having to stay away from his 2 young children.

The only way he can get out of his troubles and return to his children is by completing one last mission. The heir to a top multinational conglomerate must be persuaded to break down the empire built by his dying father and if successful, all charges against Dom will be dropped. Dom accepts the task and assembles a team of 6 to perform an inception on the heir. The result is a tumultous rollercoaster of dreams, dreams within those dreams and frequent alteration of the subconscious minds of all those involved such that all are stuck in worlds that they forget to distinguish reality from.

A must watch, do not miss – Inception. 🙂

This is a review, written by my sister – Srilakshmi.


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[Love Call][Photo-blog]~ Caw Caw :)

Standing on the balcony, as I was sipping on my early good morning coffee around 1pm last Sunday…I saw this crow perched on the window slab of the opposite building, calling out “caw caw” loudly.

I didn’t realize it to be the “love call”…and in no time, did another crow (presumably male, by its behavior towards me) come to join its partner (presumably female, cos the other one I reasoned out to be a male 😛 ).

The male was looking at me as if I would run away with his muse…huh…while the female (I was as much tired of its caw-caw, as it must have been “caw-caw-ing”) was whispering something to it.

And suddenly, not bothering about who was watching – THEY DID THIS!! I clicked, and ran inside to instead watch some decent Rakhi Sawant show on TV!! hmm…

NOTE: No Crows nor their sentiments were hurt in the process.


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Se7eN – Saath Sach!! :)

“Even if you feel like crying, swearing, throwing punches… do all of them, but you are also to DO the tag” she said in the kindest way possible. I now think that was her way of requesting. Well, she gave a deadline of “10 days and 12 hours” to complete this tag. Guria couldn’t have been more kind (aur haan, I don’t deserve more too…woh bhi hey 😛 ) than this! :mrgreen:
Thanks G, for tagging. 😉

Disclaimer: Main Guria pe haath rakh ke kasam khaata hoon, jo bhi kahunga sach kahunga aur sach ke siva kuch nahi kahunga. 😀

1. I believe I’ve two personalities living inside of me. One – is this introvert who likes to keep to himself, is silent, a thinker, a ploy-master…and two – is an extrovert who is carefree, bindaas, thinks not much, is crazy and doesn’t bother much about anything or anyone. Two fears one for his predictable nature while One uses two for his own selfish escapisms. Point is – I’m as a whole confused.

2. I don’t like talking on the phone…friends often complain that I don’t call. I often ask them to call or to give me a miss-call or leave a text if they want me to call ‘just to talk’. And when I call or get a call ‘just to talk’, it goes on and on!! 😛

3. I talk a lot about God and philosophy…but I’m least religious person in my family. I rarely visit temples or any other religious places (In-fact I go over there to check out the architecture and carvings). Philosophy is my pet subject and I think it comes naturally to me. All I need is a pair of attentive ears to start music!! 😉 Nah…I’ve tried but I seriously can’t write about it…

4. I try to make light of whatever situation am in…or others are in. Most of the times (with others), it backfires but then me being just who I am, don’t stand to learn from it (to me its not a mistake, to learn…huh!).

5. I’ve a short term memory loss…not as severe as Ghajini had, but I have it at my own level. This makes me a poor reader…I can’t read novels…as by the time I come to the 7th page, I forget about the character. When I read Godfather, I made a note of all the character names on a sheet of paper for reference everytime I wondered – for instance –  who Santiano was.

6. I dunno if I’m good or bad at writing, but I’ve been on the editorial board of magazines and newsletters all through my academics as well as now. Be it in school, pre-college, engineering college (department level) as well as currently at office for the quarterly SAP newsletter. Its more fun editing than writing. And yes, I can’t edit my own post. I hate cutting off my own lines! 😉

7. I love being amidst women…of all ages…for I believe they are the best when it comes to listening (Oh! I forgot to say – I talk a lot!) as well as in gathering news (keeps me up to date). And yes, God has been kind to me on this front. Touch wood.  On the other hand, this has quite often than not lead me to face the wrath of jealous men/boys. But let me tell you this also…that those men/boys who have not been jealous have enjoyed the same “touch of God”! 😉


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