[Year 2010]~For an end…to a new beginning! :)

28 Dec

I’m not a good writer. I cannot write farewell notes. How much ever I try to, I fail. Yet I try again, and keep trying. Ever since I’ve known, I love to scribble. To me, pen is actually mightier than the sword – especially the ink-pen. 

Long before blogs provided a steady platform to write down my thoughts on, there were those newspapers, notepads and even currency-notes to encourage the urge that used to take over when armed with a pen in hand.

As years pass by, we are supposedly expected to grow up and even. I happened to grow odd.

As a teen, the fresh early morning newspapers had to be scribbled upon. Dad tried his best to put an end to it all by screaming, yelling and maybe by even performing a homely lathi-charge only to have finally made me understand that the max I could do was scribble my name on it, just once. I did just that- but on every page, and loved the sunday edition that contained the maximum no. of pages.

Currency notes came handy when I was considered grown-up to handle those on my own. I’m still waiting for the notes of Rs.10 denominations with scribblings such as “What will be our worth, when we next meet?” and “003: The name is Ram, SreeRam” to hit back at me! 

With maturity creeping in, neighbors walls (I didn’t risk doing it on our wall) and classmates’ backs were decorated.

Engineering exams were loved for they like now, had no limitations on the additional answer sheets being provided. I wrote answers; the ones I knew and the ones I had no clue about, with the passion that knew no difference. 

At office, I love the whiteboard at my cubicle. But mostly I keep it clean to curtain my insanity. 😉 However, the endless supply of “waste” (printed one side) papers that I get is enough to satiate my scribble-urge.

At home, there’s the online wall on Facebook. The best thing about it is that there are people whom we know as friends, who happen to read the scribbled thought and like/respond as well. They have no option but to ‘like’ it or keep quiet and click on. 

With 3 being my lucky number, 2010 was assumed to be MY YEAR and I guess the thought process worked overtime to make that happen – the very essence of “The Secret” – the year fine-tuned itself beautifully in my favor. However I didn’t ask for anything more than what I thought I deserved and I cribbled considerably less too. When it came to scribbling around, the year was no different but I feel that my writings channelized around ONE thing in the last two quarters.  Direction-less imaginations gave way to factual happenings, the result of which the journey down the poetic lane was taken less than the usual.

As for my scribbles over here, I’ve to thank my commenters & readers –  Yes, each and every one of you – for sticking by me encouraging throughout, we know one another or not. THANK YOU.  Any feedback/suggestion – say it loud in the comment section!! 🙂

2011 is round the corner and I’d assume 4 to be my lucky number this time around. It’s the thought that matters.
Do give ‘the secret’ within you a WILD CHANCE and be surprised. The least you can do is think of 4 as your lucky number, and thereby make 2011 all yours. So CHEERS, to a new beginning. 🙂

As for me – I’m not a good writer, for I cannot write farewell notes. Hmm…


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4 responses to “[Year 2010]~For an end…to a new beginning! :)

  1. Neo

    December 31, 2010 at 11:35 pm

    Wish you a very happy new year

    Keep writing….

  2. Choti Writer

    January 3, 2011 at 5:14 pm

    Good way to say “bye” to the old year and welcome the new one!
    And it is my pleasure to stick around your blog 😀

  3. sahana

    January 9, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    cheers..i hav decided to smile more this year and so u better get busy…love ur photo blogs coz u r the only one i know who says it better than the pics..wishing us more clicks and flicks …and ‘ Thank you’.

  4. Sree

    January 15, 2011 at 1:52 pm

    Thanks Neo 🙂

    Thanks Eddie 🙂

    Thanks Shanti 🙂 yeah…very soon, got to get into the groove 🙂


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