[Movie-Review]~Delhi Belly….Shhhh…it happens! :)

04 Jul

Statutory warning: DO NOT eat or drink anything an hour before and during the period of watching this movie. You won’t be able to eat after it ends, anyway!!

Three guys, three gals, one shabby rented house and its owner, one gangster, a few policemen, raunchy double meaning yet catchy songs and a lot of expletives is what this movie is all about.

As the title Delhi Belly throws a hint so evident, the movie is set out of India’s capital – Delhi. The three guys who share the rented house owned by someone with an extra marital libido, live their life by the least cared and unkempt wild highway. A journalist, a press photographer and a cartoonist by profession, these three guys live more by the expletives their mouths utter than the oxygen that they inhale. The journalist, Tashi (Imran Khan) has a stupid girl friend (why stupid…well, she’s rich and hawt…yet she’s behind this loser) who doesn’t have much role in the movie except that she’s a ‘courier’ (in mafia terms), and that too without her knowledge…100% stupid! The cartoonist has (or rather he thinks he has) a girlfriend who dumps him for a dumb geeky NRI. And the press photographer (who happens to eat a “spiced-up” tandoori chicken leg, on the Delhi streets) is always in search of a rest room during the 96 minutes duration of the movie, which explains the “belly” part of the title. Menaka (played by Poorna) is a to-be-divorced colleague-cum-friend of Tashi’s who happens to have a crush on him, gives him a hard as well as they share the only (but lengthy) lip-lock in the movie!

The storyline is all about a ‘packet’ that a Russian national delivers to the stand-in courier (Tashi’s girlfriend) at the airport, which exchanges various hands but doesn’t reach its destined owner – the gangster (Vijay Raaz). To know what reaches his desk instead of the packet, is exactly why you have to watch this movie (but remember the statutory warning written above!). The rest of the movie is all about what happens to the packet, the three guys, the three gals, the gangster as well as what’s in the packet!!!

The fast paced movie is full of expletives, especially in the first half which then loses steam in the second half as the director concentrates on his ultimate goal – the storyline and a meaningful climax (not that, you silly!)!! What makes it so fast paced, is the background score and the equally fast forward lyrics! DK Bose and Jaa Chudel steal the limelight…not just in the music world, but also in the movie hall.

Men (and some women) would love the toilet humor that the entire movie is smeared (eww) with…I would say –Rather than holding it back and feeling the pain, let it go and enjoy till it ends!’ – the urge to watch this movie, I mean! 😉 😛
This movie is certainly not for the weak-tummy-d for it’s tough to digest as well as to completely and voluntarily flush! 😉 On the other hand, you would turn jealous if you were among the constipated lot! 😛 Cos, as the tagline says “Sh!t Happens!” 😀

And oh, there’s Aamir Khan doing an ‘Item number’ at the end of the movie…spoof but nevertheless, hilarious!! 🙂

My rating: 3/5.


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8 responses to “[Movie-Review]~Delhi Belly….Shhhh…it happens! :)

  1. Pooja

    July 4, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    Sree bhai!!!
    I like your review a lot lot lot better than the movie :p
    For me,the movie dint quite live up to the hype…All the dialogues were ‘extravagantly’ spiced with the four lettered word,even when not necessary!
    When I heard the talk about the ‘colorful’ language,I frankly expected more!!! ( ‘m not gonna be a goody good gal and say that I think saying F**K is a taboo!!!)

    All in all – the movie,I felt is just average!

    I hate you ( I love you) ???? WTF!!!

  2. Anurag Sharma

    July 4, 2011 at 11:36 pm

    //they share the only (but lengthy) lip-lock in the movie!//
    it was twice not once!! 😀 😛
    Nice Review!!

  3. Suppi

    July 5, 2011 at 9:28 am

    Lovely review Sree …your reviews are more fun to read than the movie….!! but cant say me and my roomie enjoyed the movie here in the hall 🙂 people who had come in big groups had splitted one side husbands and one side wives just to enjoy the movie wholeheartedly !!!! 🙂

  4. Sree

    July 5, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    Poo, thanks thanks 😀 yeah, colorful but not as much…repeated colors even when not needed! 😛 lol…that bracket thing was so down market..right! 😛

    Anurag, thanks 🙂 no dude…just one liplock…the other one was a kiss or rather a bird-peck on the lips..there’s a huge difference! 😉

    Suppi, thanks 🙂 yes yes…a huge group is needed to look at n laugh…you dont want to be the only one looking stupid na? 😉

  5. Sriram

    July 5, 2011 at 8:15 pm

    Didn’t really like it. Yeah, it was funny in parts but the overuse of swear words just for the heck of it sounded too artificial, esp to someone who doesn’t mind using a few 😛 driving in madras lends to liberal usage of some of the choicest and I wasn’t too pleased with the ones in the movie.

  6. Himanshu

    July 5, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    Oh man! I totally enjoyed the movie. I was anticipating it to be a little overdone when it came to being audacious. But, it was dark, humorous and entertaining to the core.
    And indeed, an awesome review. I guess, I should just cancel my plans for writing a review for this one.
    //Rather than holding it back and feeling the pain, let it go and enjoy till it ends!// – LOL!! 😛

  7. Deepali

    July 10, 2011 at 4:59 pm

    one disadvantage of being in Canada—> Hindi movies dubbed in English… ergo, one can’t enjoy the expletives in Hindi… it’s all sophisticated which kinda took away the essence of the movie 😦
    At times like these we miss India the most 😦

  8. Sree

    July 14, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    Brig, thanks dude 🙂 yeah, the overuse was a killer!

    Himanshu, thanks 🙂 Write write, tum bhi likho apne andaaz mein! 🙂

    Deeps, thanks gal 🙂 yeah, English expletives are one dimensional and limited to 4-lettered words…hindi is colorful and multi-dimensional! 😉 You sure can’t enjoy! 😛


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