The Psychotic Wagon: Sharing the Flaws! ;)

19 Aug

This was a post I wrote my internal blogospherre where it is currently running as a MEME where we are supposed to talk about the OCDs we all carry around with us (naturally) ever since we landed to scare the hell out of this land of sanity! 😀

Ok, so to start with – What is an OCD? (*let me go…copy paste the definition from Raji’s post* 😛 )

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder in which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations (obsessions), or behaviors that make them feel driven to do something (compulsions) – (wiki)

Sounds scary? Then you would be afraid of me and yourself too! 😛
Yes, we all got some crazy genes which act weird all the while. Let’s see what I’ve got:

1. Dusted Anger: I’m not a cleanliness freak/fanatic. But then, while at home I get all fired up if I get to see dust/mud/strands-of-hair/paper/et-al lying around on the floor that I start losing my sense and blabber. This blabbering has increased post marriage but then I get a deaf-ear most of the times (Su is equally or actually more tolerant to dust/mud/et-al 😛 )…so now you can find me blabbering on my way to find a broom/duster/wipe-cloth. I’m back to normal (???) once the place is devoid of all the supposed grime.

2. Ghost Editor: Any book I happen to read, I start to search for typos and grammatical errors. I may not be the best person eligible to do that job, but then nevertheless I happen to do that. Strangely it doesn’t happen when I read articles online (blogs, news websites, et al)! And if I happen to find typos or errors, I get this urge to mail those book authors about the careless typos or the stupid grammatical errors they have left behind for normal (???) readers like me to digest. But then, so far I’ve managed to suppress that urge! 😛
Btw, I’ve found 2 grammatical errors in “Immortals of Meluha” by Amish and lots of them in the current ‘Indian Author’ crap – How I got my girl back?! by Arshat Chaudary – that I’m reading!

3. Take a bite: When I drink a fruit juice, I need to replace the straws at regular intervals. This is mainly due to the fact that I happen to bite more on n suck less from them! If I sit for 10 mins with a fruit juice, the straw tends to lose its sole purpose of existence thanks to my biting. Anyway, I’ve found a normal (???) solution to it…two actually…one, I either finish off the juice in real quick time or two, I don’t use a straw at all.

Let me not embarrass myself more by sharing all of my “flaws” 😛 but then I was thinking, how it would have been if say for instance I had the below OCDs:

1. Every time I see a beautiful lady – I go to her, take her right hand in mine, look into her eyes and say “You know that you are beautiful, don’t you?”. I wouldn’t mind getting a beat or a blush, cos I’m not willingly doing it. I have OCD! 😛
2. Every time I go to my boss’s chamber and tell him/her to check the latest mail I have sent him/her. The mail would be tagged with ‘High Importance’ and the subject line would read “Your Assignment for Today”! The expression on boss’s face would be priceless, but I wouldn’t be happy or thrilled cos I’m not willingly doing it. I have OCD! 😛

Let me not embarrass myself by sharing all of my “flawed fantasies”!! 😛


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6 responses to “The Psychotic Wagon: Sharing the Flaws! ;)

  1. Srini

    August 20, 2011 at 12:36 pm

    You already started scaring me.Now if I look at things I have done… you are OCDs are completely normal .
    I imagine to myself…what would have been if Mrs.SS posses OCD of practicing karate with utensils when you get a deaf ear. 🙂
    I remember somebody else having this habit of finding spelling and grammatical mistakes while reading and I have habit writing those. 🙂

    It was fun reading your OCDs and fantasies .Well,if you ever get into trouble with your flawed fantasy.. call us, we will tell them… Sree doesn’t flirt..he only has OCD of doing it. 😛

    According to some psychologists…people who are madly in love have a chemical profile in their brains similar to that of people with obsessive-compulsive disorder and these profiles reside at same place in brain and it is hard to tell apart. 😀
    so love is one OCD that we all have in common.

    Obviously , you never embrace yourself to write anything …. do you?

    Thanks Sree

  2. Himanshu

    August 22, 2011 at 9:45 pm

    LOL! I certainly share a couple of those OCD’s. But, my friends/room mates would be more than willing to elaborate on them. I would neither feel happy nor sad to hear them scrape through every single bit of Disorder that I have – Obsessive/Compulsive/Obtrusive/Invasive/Pervasive/etc.. I have OCD! 😛

    This indeed looks like a meme to watch out for! 🙂

    //When I drink a fruit juice//– Duh! You’ve still not graduated eh? 😉

    Look at your display picture on the blog Sree and you still say that you are bothered about embarrassing yourself ‘further’?

  3. Sree

    August 23, 2011 at 4:59 pm

    @Srini, haha…you would love to see Mrs. SS do some karate on me dont you? 😛 Thanks buddy! 😀

    @Himanshu, lol…dude…I shall not graduate now that I’m hitched! 😛 Haha..I’ve hit the limits posting that profile pic of mine…so embarrassment is like amrit to me now! 😛 Thanks buddy! 😀

  4. Arshat Chaudhary

    August 29, 2011 at 6:25 pm

    Come on! ‘Indian Author’ crap? I agree with the spelling mistakes, but honestly, I sent the publisher the corrected copy (after a friend had painstakingly corrected my lazy mistakes) but my editor was perennially confused and sent out to print the first draft i had sent her which was full of mistakes . But the story is awesome mate, even u have to agree to that… 🙂
    If you are up to it, my second novel (yes, my first novel flew off the shelf, hence the second) needs some proof reading 🙂

  5. Neha

    August 29, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    LMAO! Loved all your OCDs 😛

    Erm, Arshat, if your friend had edited your book, then why did you send the editor two copies – edited and unedited? Just curious to know 😛

  6. Sree

    September 3, 2011 at 11:53 am

    @Arshat, as said – I’m game! 🙂 Thanks 🙂

    @Nnnn…woh bhi sahi…! Thanks re 🙂


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