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[Poetry]~I’ve got this curly mop of hair…

I’ve got this curly mop of hair
to maintain how, I was unaware…
It made me feel like a grizzly bear
crushing all dreams of my being debonair!

I would be devastated, to find my hair
fallen on the floor, here and there…
And then I’d see more of it on the bed
instead of just sitting tight on my head!

Friends said, ‘Even Sachin has a curly mop of hair’
but I know maintaining it like him was a costly affair,
for he’s super rich & got that god-gifted talent
while all I can do is envy him and simply lament!

I wish there was an andriod app
which would cover my head in every pic with a cap!
There is a FB app to check out the futuristic look
I came all bald in that, so had to logout of Facebook!
I wonder if there is any such software…
That would treat me all fair and square!

Well, then I googled, “Hair, how to repair?”
and the search engine was kind enough to share,
the secrets that would get me out of despair,
with promises to nourish it with utmost care!

For weeks, I followed the instructions at every wash…
Enhanced with Vita-Oils, it seemed to glow all posh…
The curly mop was now smooth and easy to manage…
The birdy shampoo as promised, made it resilient to damage!

So what now?
Yes, I’ve still got this curly mop of hair
to maintain how, I am all aware!
It makes me feel soft like a teddy bear,
Smooth and handsome, with dreams of being debonair!!! 😀


I’ve been using Dove products, for close to six years now and when I saw this contest on Indiblogger, I just jumped in to participate!! So this is my entry to Indiblogger’s “Love is a two way street: Love your hair and it loves you back!” contest!! 🙂


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[55 Fiction]~ The Run…

He had lived all his life on the run, a fair part of it being spent underground.
Every moment he envisioned like he was living on a parallel track, for life wasn’t laid straight as he had assumed it to be.
Having waited for long, he was now desperate to try his luck out HERE.

Also published @ Authspot (link: HERE)


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Namma Metro: Bangalore’s own!!! :)

A third city in India gets the Metro Railway for city travel.
After Kolkata and New Delhi, Bangalore became the first city in South India to have its own Metro railway all set and run.

The first phase of metro chirstened as “Namma Metro” (our metro) will be officially inaugrated and available for public run from 3pm IST today (20th Oct 2011). This is the first stretch among others of the 42KM connectivity planned for the city of Bangalore. This stretch provides a link between MG Road (Mahatma Gandhi Road) and Byapanahalli!!

For a terrible conjested (traffic wise) city, this is expected to be a welcome relief. The metro wil currently run between 6am and 11pm IST with trains scheduled every 10 mins in the peak hours.

With all of the 42km stretch to be ready by end of 2013, I do hope for a smooth travel across the city where currently it takes about an hour to cover 10kms on road, in peak timings.
In hope, for a better tomorrow…

Also published @ Socyberty – HERE!! 🙂


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[MEME]~ABCs of my LIFE!! :)

Meme’s have always been a creative way to get things out of people which otherwise would never be shared! And that’s just what happened with this one. I wouldn’t have shared some of these but for this meme. You don’t feel like uttering lies in such tags, for meme’s are like genes…so wouldn’t want the bluffs to get genetic you see!! 😉

Megs tagged me on this meme called the ABCs of Life – HERE – and I’m keeping my end of the tag! 🙂

Here I go:

A – Age: is on my side!
B – Books: just done with ‘Mafia Queens of Mumbai’!
C – Current crush: was, is and will always be Madhuri Dixit!!!
D – Dance form: fav is Shakira’s belly wobbling! 😉
E – Essential start your day item: 3 glasses of water (room temp)!
F – Favorite color: black, red, orange, pink – in that order!
G – Gold or Silver: Gold
H – Height: 5’11”
I – I am: what I can be!
J – Job: A coder, but mostly bugs!
K – Kids: I’m no Michael! but yes, love them!
L – Latest Addiction: Weeds – its a television series! 😉
M – Memorable Moment: The first promotion in mid 2008, as it came in at the right time. The market went into recession after that for 2 long years. The recent memorable moment would be my marriage!
N – Nicknames: Shimmu, Sree, S3, Duffer!
O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Nah!
P – Pet Peeve: People who remember you only when they need to get their chores done!
Q – Quote from a movie: “Hum ek paiyr past aur doosra future mein rakh-ke present pe mooth-te hain” – from Rang De Basanti
R – Right or left handed: Right!
T – Time you wake up: 6.25am
U – Ugliness meter: No one is perfect!
V – Vegetable you dislike: None!
W – Ways you run late: when someone has to tag along, flat tyres!
X – X-rays you’ve had: Latest one is of the right lower molar tooth – had to go for a root canal treatment, finally!
Y – Yummy food you make: I try out anything/everything – wife rates it ok, good and yummy – mostly yummy, so far!!
Z – Zzzzz times – between 11pm and 1am!

Passing on the baton, I would like to tag – Tiku, Anu and Sound – Yeah, it feels like am running a 4*100 relay! 😉


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We…She and Me~The FUN never ENDS! ;)

I did WAKE UP that morning, like always, late to the rising sun…
She was lying down next to me, head covered, like a nun…
“Will you get up?” I asked half hungry, half awake…
I got no reply but before any damage could happen I realized my mistake!

As I prepared the breakfast, I logged into Facebook…
Felt good, as I updated my status about what did I cook…
The married men did ‘like’ it, while singletons thought it to be a joke…
I heard her call my name, so I logged off but not before repaying her poke!

Out of blue she asked “Who is more beautiful – me or the moon?”
I didn’t know what to say, for the sun was burning that afternoon…
And I said “Can I tell you later dear, after comparing with the moon?”
She stared at me hard, as if I was some freaky performing baboon!

I thought, ‘The month began with a weekend, how bad it could be’
For SEPTEMBER had ended and October was all about festivity!
“What’s special for dinner?” I asked her, making small talk…
“Ask the moon that” she said smiling…ah, the pleasures of wedlock!

‘The fun never ENDS’, I sighed smiling back at her…
These things are inevitable with opposites living together!
With potatoes set to boil, I logged into Facebook…
She had commented on my status saying “Tonight he will cook <3”! 😉


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