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Of that Choice You Should Make! :)

It was just another Friday and I was so relieved to get back home at the end of the day. Riding my two wheeler, I had just crossed the Pallikarnai marshes that I saw a man wave a white flag thereby indicating the vehicles to move over to the newly laid road from the road we were currently on. I remember riding at the 30-40km/hr speed when I moved over to the new road and then things blanked out….The time was around 6:30pm.
Of what I remember over the next one hour is this:
I was being repeatedly asked to get on the pillion seat of a stranger’s bike, by another stranger.
I finally did that, all by myself, exactly what the stranger was requesting and sat pillion on a bike – not knowing, not asking, not bothering where I was heading to.
I remember getting down from the bike, before I blanked out again.

When I re-gained my senses next, I was on the hospital bed with the nurse asking me my name to fill out a form, mandatory for receiving further treatment. Not being able to recollect, I requested her to give me some time and she agreed.
Meanwhile, First Aid treatment was being administered by a junior doctor by the bedside. The stranger (kudos to him, for doing all that he did!) was standing beside me looking at me blankly, maybe just reflecting my expression. There were stitches being sewn on the little finger of my right hand and the other cuts on the same hand were being wrapped with antiseptics and bandages by two doctors simultaneously.
The stranger offered his cell phone so that I could call up my family and inform. I called up my mom & wife (she was out of Chennai) and though I could get to hear their phone ring, strangely none picked up my calls. After he paid my bills, I was dropped by him (again pillion ride) to my home by 8:00pm.

Only after reaching home did I come to my actual senses. I got myself introduced to the stranger as well as asked about him (and his bank details to transfer all the moolah he had spent on my treatment and medications!).
Since my cell phone was damaged during the fall, I moved the sim card to the spare cell phone at home. And then again, I tried calling up my mom/wife to inform about the incident. This time both picked the call and were at their advising best! 😀 They hadn’t received the previous call from the hospital – and I believe I had earlier dialed wrong numbers (of the two numbers, I remember)!! I left for Bangalore that night, for 3 weeks of bed rest for the X-rays revealed hairline fractures in 4 of my ribs!

Looking back, as to how I managed to not hurt myself elsewhere I decided to go take a look at my HELMET. There was a huge crack at the jaw line and skull area.
So in short, I wouldn’t have been writing this post and the posts I published since March this year, if not for the HELMET I CHOSE TO WEAR! #truestory

Life is short, just 100 odd years….Life span is shorter, just about 60-80 years….how much you want to live, is your choice.
Life always gives you two options, for every situation. The result of it, depends on what you choose!
So when you drive: Choose to wear a HELMET (with the buckle on) when you ride a two-wheeler and Choose to wear that BELT (buckled again…not hand held) when you drive a four-wheeler. Not the other option!

Drive safe and choose to live on,  for one another ride/drive! 🙂

PS: I’m much better now, though I’ve not yet started riding that two-wheeler again!! Soon… 🙂


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[Relationship Management]~You & I…

You and I, in this beautiful world…
Green grass, blue skies…
In this beautiful world…
You and I, winding lanes as streams go by…
You and I, in this beautiful world.

Do you remember this theme song of a telecom major and as to what did it depict?
The relation between the little boy and the dog (a pug) metaphorically meant to convey that if you chose their network, it followed you wherever you went. It showcased how they were always there for their customer, no matter where she/he was. And boy, did they manage to hold our attention by maintaining this pug-love relationship with a lot many of us? This could be termed as a cute form of customer relationship management.
Of course, you are expected to pay the bill that’s generated! 😉

Well, I’m going to touch base on the topic – Relationship Management – in the simplest manner possible, for I’m not the one who likes to date Ms. Jargons! 😉
When we say ‘Relationship Management’ in general, it could mean a relation that is managed/maintained between any two parties, be it one-on-one or one-to-many or many-to-many! However, if we take a keen look into our day to day lives, we’ll be surprised by how we tend to spend quality time over managing relationships…yes all of us, You and I.

On a typical (week) day, you tend to deal with various forms of relationship management.
The day begins with how our vendor relationship is, say with your paperboy & milkman! The going is good till you get them delivered daily and in turn they’d get paid on time.
We reach our office and personally, the whole day is all about how your boss likes you and how you like your job – and vice versa. Professional relationship is the toughest for it’s of multi-dimensional nature. You have one boss, but you are not the only one reporting to your boss. Your affection is one way while your boss’s affection is routed/divided among his several of his subordinates. Expectations/Egos/Peer-competition can prove to be the most persistent of challenges/hurdles.
How you maintain the relationship with your client/customer, on behalf of your company, tells you about how good you are at managing customer relationship! And most importantly, since it involves a team effort to maintain a customer relationship, there needs to be some vested interest in maintaining status quo among the team members.
Personal relationship management is kind of round-the-clock management. Be it with your parents, spouse, kids, friends or relatives – it is a continuous & non-stop process, yes 24/7.

If we consider friendship, it is more of a time-based cycle. Not every friendship is an ever-lasting affair unless sincere efforts are put into maintaining them. Equal efforts are needed from both individuals involved to maintain it long and healthy. Off-late, social networks help you in kind of sealing the deal. They bring together long-lost friends who are separated not just by boundaries but also by their ever-evolving thought-process and like-mindedness.
Maintaining relationships on a social platform is not everyone’s cup of tea and it requires genuine efforts to be put along the lines (and ‘likes’! 😉 ).
While existing friendships get stronger when you maintain a parallel friendship track through your online connect, it has become much easier to form and maintain newer (or even long lost) bonds as well. More the links to a connection, the better, i.e., more the common friends, stronger will be the bonding (provided it’s interactive).

Apart from social networks such as Facebook, Google+, or the erstwhile Orkut, there are other platforms such as our own blog world which provide opportunities to create and maintain relationships among the like-minded individuals.
Take for instance, the case of 2 bloggers on this platform. By reading, commenting, ‘like’ing and linking each other’s posts, there is an unsaid social kind of relationship that tends to form and over a period of time, a strong bond is maintained among the two. This is a case of one-on-one relationship. When a blogger happens to hold on to her/his readers by getting them to follow her/his blog, it creates a case of one-to-many relationship. This is similar to repeat-customers in a business relationship, where at the end of a contract period, the customer prefers to renew the contract with the same vendor rather than open up a fresh bidding process.
These social relationships can help you grow as an individual, as a person and possibly even in terms of work/career growth. If not for a direct solution, at least you’d get options in hand! 😀

It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear,
Well, it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year.
But, I’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour.
I’ll be there for you, like I’ve been there before.
I’ll be there for you, cause you’re there for me too.
– Rembrandts theme, for the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S 😀


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