[I Say]~Of North-East & other less important Breaking News!

18 Aug

As if inflation, recession, corruption and population were not enough of a crisis already, now the latest sport in India is screwing up the constitution. If you are currently in India or following it up in the media, you would be aware of the many things happening out here.

Someone rightly said “I was intelligent till Education spoilt me”! Till recently, we were oblivious of the North Eastern states and then Mary Kom happened. Not only did she go on to win an Olympic medal, but also brought Manipur (and other North Eastern states of India) into the picture. Just like how we had mugged our Geography lessons and conveniently forgot them after puking those details inside the examination hall, we rejoiced her triumph momentarily only to forget that and get into the riots mode.
As if riots in Assam weren’t enough, Mumbai proved to be a disappointment. They seemed to convey something like We don’t need the terrorists to cause harm, we ourselves are enough through their actions. The police were caught busy shooing away the journalists & cameramen instead of controlling the mob.
Currently we are seeing the effects of Rumors, spread via SMSes and Social Networks, at Bangalore-Mysore-Hyderabad-Pune. Over 10K NE-Indians have left the city of Bangalore in last 3-4 days, forced to run away from their own people!

In other news:

Mr. Chetan Bhagat released his new book…a non-fiction this time…I’m yet to recover from what I got to read his last fiction of a book. I’m taking no risk this time.

Ms. Rakhi Sawant was last seen, on top of like 12-15 men, who stood in a pyramid pattern while she broke the Handi (Pot) on Krishna Janmashtami! 😛

Mr. Lal Krishna Advani lived up to his name and made almost everyone in BJP go Red, with his blog posts. Did he CCP (plagiarize) too? 😛

There is nothing left on Ms. Poonam Pandey to strip. She’s now out of fashion, especially after Ms. Sherlyn Chopra bared it all out on the cover page of the bunny magazine – PlayBoy! If you ask me, the only way for Ms. PP to make a comeback is to go all over India and pacify the frustrated junta, in the only way she knows!

Flipkart, the online retail store is getting greedy as much as it is getting popular. Shipping was free to start with, then was increased to a minimum bill amount of 200 and has now gone up to 300 bucks. So I can’t buy a single book of say 250 bucks without paying 30 bucks on shipping. It’s time to visit the Higginbotham store at my office campus where you get a corporate discount, if I need to purchase something that costs below 300 bucks.

At my desk:

Yesterday, a blogger pinged me saying …I read your blogs and you are rocking amidst other things.
I replied with a Thanks sir to which I got a quicker than Usain Bolt reply am a girl! Though unintentional, I profusely apologized to her for messing up with her gender.
Some names are just damn confusing!

Happy weekend! 🙂





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4 responses to “[I Say]~Of North-East & other less important Breaking News!

  1. Amrita

    August 19, 2012 at 10:20 am

    I dont know whats happening to flipkart, our tolerance and something called secularism! !
    I guess flipkart wants us to get back to our bookshops…. but since when did the ‘apna desh’ sentiment get translated into ‘apna state’ ?
    Aur chetan bhagat jaye tel lane!

  2. metherebel

    August 20, 2012 at 6:42 pm

    Mary Kom certainly did bring the north east into picture. But sadly her efforts were soon taken over by the rumors.

    You did read Mr.Bhagat’s last fiction. I didn’t have the heart to finish the book after first few pages. As for his latest I shall wait for the reviews 🙂

    You have mentioned Rakhi, Sherlyn, Poonam. Why leave out Sunny Leone??? How could you?

    Flipkart certainly is becoming greedy by the day. Maybe they weren’t told the Gold Laying Duck’s story in school. Mangalore now has Sapna book house. So that’s ok 🙂

  3. Choti Writer

    August 21, 2012 at 12:33 am

    Thanks for the late night news :))

  4. Sree

    August 31, 2012 at 11:56 pm

    @amrita, haha…thanks 🙂
    @metherebel, Sunny is phoren…me like desi! 😉 Thanks 🙂
    @Eddie, thanks 🙂


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