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[MEME]~ABCs of my LIFE!! :)

Meme’s have always been a creative way to get things out of people which otherwise would never be shared! And that’s just what happened with this one. I wouldn’t have shared some of these but for this meme. You don’t feel like uttering lies in such tags, for meme’s are like genes…so wouldn’t want the bluffs to get genetic you see!! 😉

Megs tagged me on this meme called the ABCs of Life – HERE – and I’m keeping my end of the tag! 🙂

Here I go:

A – Age: is on my side!
B – Books: just done with ‘Mafia Queens of Mumbai’!
C – Current crush: was, is and will always be Madhuri Dixit!!!
D – Dance form: fav is Shakira’s belly wobbling! 😉
E – Essential start your day item: 3 glasses of water (room temp)!
F – Favorite color: black, red, orange, pink – in that order!
G – Gold or Silver: Gold
H – Height: 5’11”
I – I am: what I can be!
J – Job: A coder, but mostly bugs!
K – Kids: I’m no Michael! but yes, love them!
L – Latest Addiction: Weeds – its a television series! 😉
M – Memorable Moment: The first promotion in mid 2008, as it came in at the right time. The market went into recession after that for 2 long years. The recent memorable moment would be my marriage!
N – Nicknames: Shimmu, Sree, S3, Duffer!
O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Nah!
P – Pet Peeve: People who remember you only when they need to get their chores done!
Q – Quote from a movie: “Hum ek paiyr past aur doosra future mein rakh-ke present pe mooth-te hain” – from Rang De Basanti
R – Right or left handed: Right!
T – Time you wake up: 6.25am
U – Ugliness meter: No one is perfect!
V – Vegetable you dislike: None!
W – Ways you run late: when someone has to tag along, flat tyres!
X – X-rays you’ve had: Latest one is of the right lower molar tooth – had to go for a root canal treatment, finally!
Y – Yummy food you make: I try out anything/everything – wife rates it ok, good and yummy – mostly yummy, so far!!
Z – Zzzzz times – between 11pm and 1am!

Passing on the baton, I would like to tag – Tiku, Anu and Sound – Yeah, it feels like am running a 4*100 relay! 😉


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[Dreams]~The Indefinite Fall!!! ;)

Dreams! Love it or not, we all tend to get them when in deep sleep. But then some of us do get those weird, scary and recurring dreams with a realistic 3D feel. Don’t we? Are you one among them? I have/had one such recurring dream.

As a child, I remember getting scary dreams and waking up yelling out loud. The dream pattern was almost the same. It always started with me riding a male elephant. I loved elephants then and had (still have) a pair of wooden elephants to play with. As the dream proceeded, the elephant got agitated for no reason and began to run wild as I struggled to hold on to its ears and balance my little parking space on its back. It used to run fast and without any sense of direction before finally falling down a slope. Where do I end up after the fall – is something I was never able to know as I would get up screaming at the best possible decibel! 😉
But then, reminiscing the dream I now understand why the elephant would have got that wild! I was too young then to get the difference between agitation and arousal! 😉

As the child turned into a teenager, the dreams remained the same with only the medium/platform changing. I happened to ride the bicycle (and towards the end of teen-age, a motorcycle) at an amazing immortal speed – sometimes cycling away from the angry Physical Trainer (PT master) or towards a beautiful dame – only to realize there were no brakes on the damn machine.  And it so happened that I always ended up cycling on a hill top or a cliff to fall off again – not sure where.
Thinking back – maybe if I wasn’t scared and had explored the fall, I would have been writing something like “Alice in wonderland” and not this sad image damaging tale! 😀

When I was whiling time doing engineering, I slept a lot and used to get these dreams almost every other day. Running away with a friend’s Suzuki 1K cc race bike or the professor’s Mercedes (they actually owned a Yamaha 100 and a Fiat respectively, in actual…but they could be anything in the dreams) at top notch speeds – for gawd knows what reasons – only to drive into a slippery slope, losing control before a fall that was never to be.

Over the last few years, I find myself on top of our office buildings (usually TCO SDB2 terrace – its the tallest here with 6 floors) having landed there on a flying machine (I hear a news on its radio saying “The PMO has lodged a military complain over its stolen helicopter” :mrgreen: ) only to run crazy on the terrace walls and jump off – and I presume, land safely too! 😉

The married me, has so far not gone through a “married” version of the dream…over a month now without the indefinite fall – making me wonder – “Have I reached the Rock Bottom?”! 😉


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The Last Bachelor Post! ;)

In less than a fortnight from now, it will all be over – the golden era of bachelorhood, that is. It just struck me that I will then be speaking about these days in the past tense. In the last two months or so, I’ve been getting a lot of material in the form of mail forwards and messages on topics like “How to, be a good husband!”, “How to, keep your wife happy!”, “How, saying YES is always advantageous!” 😛 , “Why, NOT arguing is safer than self defense!” and so on. Not that I’m miffed, but every read of such a material reminds me of an approaching end.

We become what we eventually turn out to be, and friends play a very important role in that. Though I’ve had my share of crushes all through school life, it was in the summer of ’96 that I was told by a friend – “Don’t let the gals make a bro out of you…you never know what all they will make u do! Instead, do what we guys do!” – and thus began my tryst with flirting…so much of it, that I had no other go but to resort to un-flirting in order to unwind myself! 😉

Gals who saw their bro in me, were avoided or asked to stay away…and those who showed an inclination to make something out of our ‘fraandships’ were advised and convinced into believing “Being just friends is so much fun!”…But then too much of anything sucks the life out of us. Same did happen with this un-flirting portfolio. There then began that urge to find that one perfect partner whom you could spend the rest of your life with. This ‘feeling of loneliness’ was self-confessed to mom in late ’08 which surprisingly was very well received, of course after a few exchanges of dialogues.
Mom: “You are still very young…why so early?”
Me: “Well I thought it takes time to search a gal, in an arranged marriage. So, I….well…how about love marriage, then?”
Mom: “No no…I’ll search a gal for you. If you find a gal who can speak Konkani, then introduce her to me!”
Me (didn’t say): **So that means I need to ask the gal – do you speak Konkani – before falling in love with her…?”
Me: “Oh! That is tough…it’s simpler for you to find me one…” (I get to see the “I WIN” grin on her face).

Well…the search that began early ’09 took well over a year…15 months to be exact…got my share of unmatched horoscopes all along…till this one with Su matched early July’10, the first one to do so. And
And oh! Arranged marriage is quite a procedure, and this is how I think it went in my case:
1) The gal’s side received my horoscope (horror-scope?) through someone who knew both the parties (Note: There’s always such someone!)
2) Horoscopes did match on the gal’s side…so they contacted my mom, who asked them to send across the gal’s horoscope.
3) Mom received the gal’s horoscope…asked me to confirm if I was indeed ready…a clear YES, she gets to hear…so it was posted to the astrologer.
4) A week later, astrologer called up to confirm that the horoscopes matched from our end too.
5) Gal’s parents were informed, requesting them to send the gal’s photo…and asking them to check the guy’s pic on his Facebook profile (“He’s everywhere there!” 🙄 )!
6) I was later given her email ID asking me to get in touch.
Then you know how it all would have gone! 😀

Marriage shopping…phew…its one hell of a fun ride…never seems to get over, but eventually has to stop when the bank balance drains out! 😉

I came home with a tie in hand, showed it to granny…she asked me “how much did you pay for that?”
I replied “It cost me 1399 bucks, too much I now feel…” and she got all nostalgic…
“You know, my entire marriage shopping was done with 500 rupees…including the jewelery!”
“Wow…500…we don’t get 3 pairs of socks these days! Btw, what was the price of gold then?”
“32 per gram…very costly then!”
she said rolling her eyes.
“Sigh! Wish I had a time machine now…”

As I look forward to this new phase in life, there’s this feeling of separation from that phase of life where I’d embraced irresponsibility, insanity, carelessness, aloofness, solitude, late nights, late mornings and laziness. And even though I know that I can still hold on to a few of these traits, I’ll miss the ones which I’ll need to let go of.
And well, some things don’t change…like reporting to someone at home…only the boss changes, or if it goes worst – 2 bosses!! 😉

Spidey’s uncle had once said “With great power, comes great responsibility” …and I add, “…and so it does with marriage!” 😉

This is my last post…as a bachelor! 😛 Co-incidentally, this happens to be post #420 @ ~Mind^Blogging~…so no more being a 420! 😉

Bachelor’s last words: If you are an electronics freak, buy all that you want to – before marriage – cos once you are hitched, you are done in. (unless she too happens to be one!) 🙂

Note: Thanks Shanthi, for suggesting to write on this front! 🙂


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Se7eN – Saath Sach!! :)

“Even if you feel like crying, swearing, throwing punches… do all of them, but you are also to DO the tag” she said in the kindest way possible. I now think that was her way of requesting. Well, she gave a deadline of “10 days and 12 hours” to complete this tag. Guria couldn’t have been more kind (aur haan, I don’t deserve more too…woh bhi hey 😛 ) than this! :mrgreen:
Thanks G, for tagging. 😉

Disclaimer: Main Guria pe haath rakh ke kasam khaata hoon, jo bhi kahunga sach kahunga aur sach ke siva kuch nahi kahunga. 😀

1. I believe I’ve two personalities living inside of me. One – is this introvert who likes to keep to himself, is silent, a thinker, a ploy-master…and two – is an extrovert who is carefree, bindaas, thinks not much, is crazy and doesn’t bother much about anything or anyone. Two fears one for his predictable nature while One uses two for his own selfish escapisms. Point is – I’m as a whole confused.

2. I don’t like talking on the phone…friends often complain that I don’t call. I often ask them to call or to give me a miss-call or leave a text if they want me to call ‘just to talk’. And when I call or get a call ‘just to talk’, it goes on and on!! 😛

3. I talk a lot about God and philosophy…but I’m least religious person in my family. I rarely visit temples or any other religious places (In-fact I go over there to check out the architecture and carvings). Philosophy is my pet subject and I think it comes naturally to me. All I need is a pair of attentive ears to start music!! 😉 Nah…I’ve tried but I seriously can’t write about it…

4. I try to make light of whatever situation am in…or others are in. Most of the times (with others), it backfires but then me being just who I am, don’t stand to learn from it (to me its not a mistake, to learn…huh!).

5. I’ve a short term memory loss…not as severe as Ghajini had, but I have it at my own level. This makes me a poor reader…I can’t read novels…as by the time I come to the 7th page, I forget about the character. When I read Godfather, I made a note of all the character names on a sheet of paper for reference everytime I wondered – for instance –  who Santiano was.

6. I dunno if I’m good or bad at writing, but I’ve been on the editorial board of magazines and newsletters all through my academics as well as now. Be it in school, pre-college, engineering college (department level) as well as currently at office for the quarterly SAP newsletter. Its more fun editing than writing. And yes, I can’t edit my own post. I hate cutting off my own lines! 😉

7. I love being amidst women…of all ages…for I believe they are the best when it comes to listening (Oh! I forgot to say – I talk a lot!) as well as in gathering news (keeps me up to date). And yes, God has been kind to me on this front. Touch wood.  On the other hand, this has quite often than not lead me to face the wrath of jealous men/boys. But let me tell you this also…that those men/boys who have not been jealous have enjoyed the same “touch of God”! 😉


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Sitcoms & so ons – 2! :)

Note: SitComs stand for Situational Comedies only…the rest come under ‘so ons’! 😉

Chriz, sorry about the TV shows, I dont (yet) see them…but sadly Leno’s last show tonight!! 😦

Here are the rest of the ones which I am watching these days….



The way this series has been handled is bloody brilliant…each of the character in this series, have special powers…each one is a hero in their own right…but then as his uncle had told Peter Parker, “With power comes responsibility”, there was no one to tell that to these guys…
Each character is selfish in its own way…some for the good, some for the bad.
From a Presidential Candidate who can fly, his brother who can copy others powers, a school cheerleader who can self-heal deadliest of blows, a cop who can read minds, a Japanese bloke who can teleport (I love this chubby character – yakaawwww) to the little kid who can talk to and make electronic machines work – its simply mind blowing! 😀

For those who love graphics, illusion, magic, imaginations, fantasy and creativity, this is the series to watch!! 😀

How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)


HIMYM is a narrative flashback kind of sitcom…Here a dad shares his story of how he got to meet his wife with his teenage kids. The dad, Ted narrates about life in his early thirties, his being still single and his waking up every morning with a hope of finding that one woman who would eventually be his wife and their mother. His life revolves around 4 others characters…his friends…a couple in Marshall and Lily, an “awesome” womanizer in Barney (played by Neil Patrick Harris of the “Dr Doogie Howser, M.D.” fame) and the cute Canadian in Robin! 😉
Ted’s an architect who had/has a thing on for Robin, a TV news reader but she’s not the eventual woman (thankfully :P). Barney’s role is a classic…one with total dudeism oozing out of every breath that cannot be put down here…it has to be watched to be believed that there can be such a character in life!! 😀

This situational comedy is a great one to pass time. Best to catch for its one-liners (and tricks :P)! 😀

The Big Bang Theory


Would you watch a series revolving around 4 geeks? Thinking? Well you definitely would, if a hot chick was thrown in as a bait…
This sitcom is very geeky. Mind it. 😀
It’s about 4 guys and a blonde-n-beautiful gal dealing with their lives….the guys are physics geeks who talk, eat and breathe the laws of physics…especially Sheldon, the theoretical physicist. Leonard is an experimental physicist who is nuts about Penny, the blonde waitress who aspires to be in showbiz. Howard and Rajesh are the other 2 geeks who form the quartet!

Not to be missed, you love physics or not!!! :mrgreen:

The ones on my watch-list next…
Lost, The 70s show, Scrubs, 8 simple rules, Doogie Howser, M.D. (again) among a few others!! 😀


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Nothing serious about it – 1

I have no particular topic to write on…I didn’t even find a photograph to cook a story on…hence this rant…no other reason…so bear with me! 😀

Oflate I have been writing poems as and when I felt like writing something inspite of having no topics at my disposal. Either I created a sad moody ambience in the vacuum space underneath my scalp wrote on the real sad situation that prevails in the island country at the south of India. Some of you guys have felt sad at my sadness while some understood the fact that I was just trying to make something out of nothing. Thanks to both the kinds of readers…your respective perspective keeps me thinking, and motivates me to pile on spam over here! 😀

Kaley Cuoco

Kids…this word makes me smile! I love them!
Times have changed, with the DNA’s having mutated big time…kids seem to grow up faster than they should, at least much faster than I did (did I? :P)…
When I was a kid, the moment the “Nirodh” Advertisement came on Doordarshan my dad/mom/whoever used to remind me to go inside and study even though I was enjoying my summer holidays! Poor guys didn’t have an option to change the channels.
As I came into my teens, it was payback time. I changed channels when different flavors of “Moods” were telecast while I was watching the idiot-box with my dad. He too had his own ways to deal with the situation…he picked up the newspaper, no matter it was today’s or even a decade old.
Kids I know, just one third of a dozen old in age…shout in hindi “Ab koi pareshani nahi” (Now there’s nothing to worry)…as the “Ipill” ad ends. Dunno where they get that from, cos there’s no such slogan in that advertisement. We all laugh at their innocence(??) but then, the times have actually changed! 🙂 Kids are kids no more! 😦

Its been a long time (7 months now) since I have written my favorite we-she-me poetry…Its normally during my train rides between Chennai and Bangalore do I pen down those, thanks to some inspiration in the nearby berths. I thought of writing one this past weekend when I was on the way back to Chennai. To my dismay, there were only men around in my coach…someone rightly said “serves you right” last night! Sigh! 😀

BTW, Chennai is getting hot and hotter day by day…being perennially hot, can Chennai be considered to be a “She”? 😛

PS: This post is labelled part-1 just to make you plead and comment ”pls don’t write such rubbish ever again”! 😀

PPS: In the above pic, its Ms.Kaley Cuoco – my lovely ‘Penny’ in the latest Sitcom, the geeky “Big Bang Theory”! 😀


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[Emosional Athyachaar]: Pink Panther! ;)

“Sree, why you always amidst gals?”
“Sree, how the hell do you manage to get ladies to read the crap you write?”
“Man…you are such a perfect example for magnetism! A Pink Panther!” 😛
“What is there in this post that gals liked? Tell me how to get women to read my posts, you A$$oul…!!!!”


These are some of the questions that I am asked by most of the people whom I interact with on a day to day basis, be it online or offline! 🙂 Even I am astonished, to the level that I do not have a pakka answer to these kind of queries…
To be frank, as you know I am no pervert who goes on to do stuff or write things, just to get to know gals/women or to get their attention. 😛 Once I get to know them, I flirt…thats a different story…! :mrgreen:

It is true that I have more of gal friends than guys if I sit and get my mathematics right! In my office too, its the same story. How? Why? I have no idea. 
In my internal corporate blog, I did an analysis. I took an average of the last 5 posts that I had posted. Out of the 45 different ppl who commented, 37 were ladies. Out of the 8 guys who commented, only 6 were regulars and 2 asked me one of the above mentioned questions.
I talk mostly to women in my household…be it my granny, mom, sister (include her friends too…) or aunts…where there’s no end to the talks!! I call my mom, its a minimum 10 mins call…if I call my aunt, min 30 mins….if I call a gal friend, its either too short or too long (depending on her mood! :D)…if any of these call me, its a missed call!! 😉
It’s not that I don’t talk to my dad or uncles, but our conversations are limited to sports/politics/business/money/cars! Our answers are like synonyms in a thesaurus…one word and to the point.

The office guys/gals who follow this blog also wonder as to how I managed to get more lady commenters than males. I seriously dunno. I did do nothing special! 😉 Most of my lady commenters here I presume didn’t visit this blog cos I visited their blogs first, but I bet its the other way round. But in case of most male bloggers who visit and comment here, I visited most of them first or they are my colleagues/friends offline.

So how do I answer those questions?
And who will answer if I ask those same questions to myself?

Some answers are best unanswered! 😉


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The Quarter of my life!! ;)

I am currently suffering from a disease which is preventing me from frequently updating this space!
Its called writer’s block….No cure has been found yet…so I trying to complete some age old deliverables! 🙂
Long back, Amrita had tagged me with this meme…so here I am! 😀

The rules –
Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged!


Here I go….

1. I have since long had this plan of going to jog early in the morning but I am told 8 am isn’t early enough.

2. I am a cleanliness freak…Wore one pair of jeans every single day, the whole of 3 semesters without washing. Yes, I freak out when it comes to cleanliness.

3. The tuffrey at the backgate of my college was the very place we visited atleast once the previous night before a board paper…for a chai…I don’t smoke…I guess, thats the very reason why we cleared all papers at first go.

4. Instrumentation & Electronics (I&E) was the stream I chose ignoring the Comp Sci seat available…When it came to campus placement, the I&E companies never came and I landed in the Software industry…was that fate?

5. The first gal I had a crush on was only 6 yrs old. So was I.

6. Had a major crush on my science teacher. Didn’t see her after school. A friend said she looks all wrinkled now…so am thinking if I should go see her or let her be like she is in my mind? What say?

7. I love speed…and I have no control over it when I drive…I have touched the 100km/hr mark on my Activa’s odometer…but dunno why am not able to break it!! Is 100 the limit??

8. And ya…I do not sing songs when I drive….I have this habit of closing my eyes as I sing…hmmmm…

9. Strumming the guitar seemed easy and that made me join the classes…As of now, am mere noise and less music!

10. This women’s day, I wrote a small poem and sent it as an online card to 50 women across the world…some known and some unknown….and I got 50 thank you notes! You can check that card HERE! 🙂

11. I love beaches…Almost every alternate weekend I go there…Love the feel of sand on my bare feet!

12. All my friends (almost) have touched foreign soil atleast once so far in life…be it for studies or for work. Though I am attached to India, I dont want my passport to die a Virgin! Let her also see the world! 😉

13. The numbers 1 and 3 are my lucky ones…The number 13 is not a lucky number for me either mainly cos I think it constitutes of 1 and 3. Friday the 13th – is even better…I have had the best of them this February and March!!

14. Speaking again of numbers, I am Konkani speaking guy and 7 is considered lucky for us…why? I have no clue…but my luck doesn’t extend beyond 3!

15. My birthday is fast approaching….and I hate that am getting older on paper….I booked a ticket yesterday to Bangalore for 30th April, with my current age…a feel good factor for that day! yay!! 🙂

16. I wanted to be a doctor and fight illness…As a S/w engg I am debugging codes…are they the same in a different way?

17. I get along very well with women…especially if they are committed/engaged/married/old/dead! The rest come and go or belong to the categories I get along with! Aila…

18.  Tension or not, I bite my nails…I dont eat them as I dont like dead fossil.

19. I love dark coffee and chocolates…the bitter taste rekindles my mind.

20. I get up before the alarm rings…I wonder if the alarm clock is there to wake me up or if I am there to put it to sleep???!!!

21. I love Keira Knightley and Cobie Smulders…they have something in their eyes, which pricks me!!

22. Books is something is which I miss reading these days…I sleep off the moment I am done with 2-3 pages…however interesting the book is, and thats dangerous!! I need to stop reading those 2-3 pages till that time!

23. I was a sentimental person for a major part of my small tennure in life….Now no more senti…just mental!

24. It’s been years since I have played volleyball and football…and about 3 yrs since I played cricket…its only Table tennis these days!! With age, the balls do shrink!

25. I complete a year in blogging externally, this month…its been so kind of all you guys to keep me going on! You commenters and readers are the real motivators! Its been nice knowing you all so far!! You are THE best!! 😀

I dont know 25 ppl to tag…so I will tag a few and leave the rest open….

1) ISD (You are my saviour each time when it comes to tags! :P)
2) Dishit (Dude…here we go…. :D)
3) Nayna (I dont remember you doing any tags…so here I pass one on to you! 🙂


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Emotional Cocktails – 2!! ;)

This post is all about some of the recent emotional cocktails in my mortal presence on Earth. 😉
You can read the previous one HERE!! 😀



Episode #11: Floater Funda

This is kind of a sequel to the episode #7 in the early part. This time it wasn’t me at the receiving end! 😛
Last weekend when I was on my way to Bangalore – On the train, I took my floaters, lifted them of the ground, put them inside a polythene cover, placed it at the corner of my allocated upper berth and then climbed up like a monkey. All this while, a lady (in her late 30s) was giving me disgusting looks. I cannot blame her as she didn’t get to read episode #7! 
I turned around and slept.
In the morning, as I got down from my berth and wore my floaters, I saw all the 5 other ppl including the lady in the coupe searching for their respective footwear. It so happened that someone flicked them all, wholesale! I gave a “concerned” look at that very lady (still in her late 30s :P) while thinking about how much the floater flicker would have abused/sweared at me for not keeping the floaters where it was meant to be.

Episode #12: F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Three months ago, a friend called up to inform me that she’s getting married this February.
Two months ago, another friend called up to let me know that he’s agreed to his mom’s “Can I search your life-partner?” request!
Three weeks ago, one more bugger calls up and says that his parents are already searching for him.

And before they end the call, they all tell me – “I haven’t told anyone else about this yet. And you big mouth, don’t tell others!” 😈
I go 🙄 as I ask them “Then why tell me first?”! 😉

Episode #13: Appraisal reprisal

We have this yearly appraisals in IT sector where performance is “rated”!
This is not about my appraisal. I am satisfied this time with what I got. So am happy.
This is about those few appraisals which now and then prove to be unfair/unjust. Appraisal is all about evaluating a person’s overall ability to meet/exceed the expectations at the given task over a considerable period of review time (a year in our case)!
Now, Appraisal is not the tool to settle scores with your subordinates. Its happened with a handful of my friends, about which am not happy.

Episode #14: Name Shame

I had nothing to do with what happened in the pubs of Mangalore nor do I have anything to do with the Sri Ram Sena!
I got 3 messages from my “lovely caring friends” which read:
1) “While reading the Mangalore news, it reminded me of you…so how are you?”
2) “What’s your take on the Mangalore thingy? You are FOR or AGAINST pub-culture?”
3) “Where are you? take care ok?!” 😈

Now what can I do? Laugh, cry or just sigh! :mrgreen:


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College Days – Last Bench Masterpieces! :)

Remembered the college days…the friends, the campus, the bunked classes, the thrown@lecturer chalk pieces, the yucky canteen food, the last bench, the yummy tapri sandwiches, the on-desk scribbles, the multiple crushes, the cranky lecturers, the same jeans for 2 semesters straight, the lanky loony GAS, the early morning classes that others used to attend, the noon naps, the midnight tea, the pre-exam sleepless nights, the ladies hostels, the shared xerox-es, the election threats-n-campaigns, the campus placement, the booze, the celebrations, the painful-groin-injury-prone-birthday bums,….the nostalgic list goes on and on…

Best part of the last bench….one could doze, study (??), read magazines, play – mobile games; book cricket; word-games, …basically anything…all while keeping an eye on everything visible from there…

I sometimes used to draw…Here are two of my last bench masterpieces!! 😉

4She always sat on first bench…will update when I remember her name (there were so many to remember all you see!)! 😛

1Shahrukh and Kareena starrer “Asoka” had released around that time I guess…I seemed to have drawn this out of a newspaper supplement, cut-out-of-hostel-reading-room!! 😀


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