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[Cricket]~Never loved another man more…

Sunday – 17th Nov’13

I wonder what would have been on HIS mind when HE woke up today morning. When HE had to give up the one thing HE had done all HIS life just because HIS body couldn’t take it any longer, how would HE have convinced HIS mind & heart?

On the other hand, I wonder if HE did get any sleep at all.


Friday – 15th Nov’13

A billion hearts were broken at the very particular moment when a part-time West Indian bowler got the 20th wicket of his Test career, a priceless one indeed, which in fact ensured that he got his name imprinted in Cricketing history.

I got back to my work desk from the cafeteria, heavy hearted and all that jazz, back to the daily heap of mundane tasks that would have to be completed, to meet those unrealistic deadlines as well as to collate enough fodder when I sit down to inscribe the over-the-top self-appraisal documents!

I wonder when I will get out, for that one last time. Dear Manager, do we have any West Indian customers, I could work for?


Saturday – 16th Nov’13

It was an extended work week for me, like most weeks this year. HE would never have cribbed or complained to the BCCI when the matches extended or were scheduled over the weekend.

The devout in me was hoping for a miracle from say a certain Mr. Gayle, a 120-ball double century perhaps, or any such marvel that would make India bat again in the Test.
When Cricinfo updated the fall of the last West Indian wicket, I did the most religious thing an IT professional would do – CTRL+ALT+DEL. Within the next 2 minutes, I was at the cafeteria waiting for HIS final match presentation to begin.

And during the course of the presentation, as HE was speaking, I did something I never would like to confess of having done many times before – I cried.
In all the hurry, I had forgotten to carry something that I thought I would never need – Tissues. Thankfully, the handkerchief I carry came in handy.

I don’t know for sure, if the tears that continuously surged as the little MAN spoke, were the tears of sadness or those of pure joy. I believe I wouldn’t understand those tears for like EVER. One thing for sure was that, this was the end of HIS unforgettable journey, a journey of which I was an integral part of, like most of you mortals out there.

Being a weekend, thankfully the cafeteria crowd was skeletal. I washed my face before I returned to my work desk.


Thursday – 14th Nov’13

It was Children’s Day, my missus’s Birthday, her Wedding Anniversary & yes, my Wedding Anniversary too. It was supposed to be a happy day with so many things up for celebration. The mind & body agreed but not the heart, for it knew that today was the beginning of HIS end.

I was happy when MSD, being the gracious host he is, asked the guests to bat first. I was happy that I would not have to worry about getting to see HIM walk back to the pavilion on such a joyful day. But what can one do when the guests themselves were so eager to see HIM take strike.

As HE walked in towards the 22 yards of HIS life, the loud uncontrollable heartbeats began. Goosebumps, were like suddenly the second layer of every devout’s skin.

Being an epitome of what HE is truly revered for, HE let the day remain happy.


Sunday – 17th Nov’13

‘There are some things in life, you never want to learn from.’

From the context of this post, reading this above liner again, I would say that ‘Those are the very things you’d want to keep doing, over & over again’. I say so, for I succumbed to the urge of watching HIS farewell speech again this morning and I sobbed more than I did yesterday, for today I was well within the confines of my solitude. There was no holding back.


Looking back we were happy, for you were our future…
We looked up to you, as ourselves we did nurture…
We turned out just fine, but is hard to now imagine you in our past…
Looking into the future, we believed this would forever last…

Many have written about the numbers HE has achieved over the last 24 years, but it has never been about those numbers as much as it has been about the man HIMSELF.

Setting aside my dad, I’d say I’ve never loved another man more…



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[Contest]~Marriage: Who Convinced Whom? :)

“As she crossed the road that noon, it was like she had walked right into my life.”

Arranged marriage or Love marriage? Only a few get to experience both, so that they can compare which one turned out to be better for them. In case of the majority, the grass seems to be greener on the other side.
In either of the cases, the condition or situation is the same….only the dialogues differ.
This is how the spouses would go against each other:
Love marriage: ‘Having known you for like 3 years before marriage, I don’t know how I succumbed into getting married to you?’
Arranged marriage: ‘This is why I always felt that it was dangerous to agree for an arranged marriage.’
The only difference I can feel is that in love marriage, you re-experience something which you wouldn’t have liked earlier but had overlooked…while in arrange marriage, the same thing you’d have assumed to happen (and universe brings together its sources, and makes sure it does happen) happens.
With respect to the pain, I believe it is of the same level, though it’d be of different nature.

And then there can be difference in thoughts:
One who had a Love marriage: “Why didn’t I listen to my parents and settle for a gal/guy of their choice? Why was I stubborn to marry this one?”
One who had an Arranged marriage: “I should have proposed to her/him. What if she/he was someone else’s girlfriend/boyfriend? Why did I agree to marry someone my mother chose?”

The Complication lies in the Art of Convincing!
In case of Love marriage: You got to convince your parents, her/his parents, first circle of relatives (believe me!) on both sides, grandparents (if they are still authoritative), in some cases the long term neighbors (who’d have dreamed of getting their kid – if of the suitable gender – married to you) and even their dog!
In case of Arranged marriage: The whole universe around you tries to unite – come together in a miraculous manner – in order to persuade/convince you to agree to their choice! Even the dog, wags its tail.

If you are thinking about what happened in my particular case:
I was brought up in a jovial environment where arranged marriages were considered to be successful and hence, forever trending! And the love marriages that did happen in the family were between two individuals who belonged to the same caste/sub-caste and speaking the same mother tongue. So it was put down (in no writing) that if I was to have a love marriage, I’d have to find a gal who spoke my mother tongue. It made no sense to me and I played the ball into my mom’s court:
Horoscopes were matched, elders gave in their blessings. Only then was I given her email ID and asked to go figure. Though talking to girls was a casual affair, this was new to me and so I struggled. On getting her phone number we spoke for over 3 weeks at an average of 2 calls of 45 mins each per week. And when I went to meet her for the very first time, she crossed the road from the other side as if she walked right into my life.
It was first time for me in terms of arranged marriage 😉 so I wasnt’t aware of the procedure and hence I told her on the spot that I loved (meeting) her and it was a yes from my end. I consider it to be a Arranged-Love marriage from my end, for I had no clue that as per the protocol, I was supposed to convey my yes/no through my parents to her parents/relatives. She took her own sweet time (which was painful for me, in terms of the waiting period and uncertainty) to agree to my proposal and the rest as they say, is history. 😀

This is my entry to the Indiblogger’s contest – Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage!

Also on Facebook – HERE.


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Of that Choice You Should Make! :)

It was just another Friday and I was so relieved to get back home at the end of the day. Riding my two wheeler, I had just crossed the Pallikarnai marshes that I saw a man wave a white flag thereby indicating the vehicles to move over to the newly laid road from the road we were currently on. I remember riding at the 30-40km/hr speed when I moved over to the new road and then things blanked out….The time was around 6:30pm.
Of what I remember over the next one hour is this:
I was being repeatedly asked to get on the pillion seat of a stranger’s bike, by another stranger.
I finally did that, all by myself, exactly what the stranger was requesting and sat pillion on a bike – not knowing, not asking, not bothering where I was heading to.
I remember getting down from the bike, before I blanked out again.

When I re-gained my senses next, I was on the hospital bed with the nurse asking me my name to fill out a form, mandatory for receiving further treatment. Not being able to recollect, I requested her to give me some time and she agreed.
Meanwhile, First Aid treatment was being administered by a junior doctor by the bedside. The stranger (kudos to him, for doing all that he did!) was standing beside me looking at me blankly, maybe just reflecting my expression. There were stitches being sewn on the little finger of my right hand and the other cuts on the same hand were being wrapped with antiseptics and bandages by two doctors simultaneously.
The stranger offered his cell phone so that I could call up my family and inform. I called up my mom & wife (she was out of Chennai) and though I could get to hear their phone ring, strangely none picked up my calls. After he paid my bills, I was dropped by him (again pillion ride) to my home by 8:00pm.

Only after reaching home did I come to my actual senses. I got myself introduced to the stranger as well as asked about him (and his bank details to transfer all the moolah he had spent on my treatment and medications!).
Since my cell phone was damaged during the fall, I moved the sim card to the spare cell phone at home. And then again, I tried calling up my mom/wife to inform about the incident. This time both picked the call and were at their advising best! 😀 They hadn’t received the previous call from the hospital – and I believe I had earlier dialed wrong numbers (of the two numbers, I remember)!! I left for Bangalore that night, for 3 weeks of bed rest for the X-rays revealed hairline fractures in 4 of my ribs!

Looking back, as to how I managed to not hurt myself elsewhere I decided to go take a look at my HELMET. There was a huge crack at the jaw line and skull area.
So in short, I wouldn’t have been writing this post and the posts I published since March this year, if not for the HELMET I CHOSE TO WEAR! #truestory

Life is short, just 100 odd years….Life span is shorter, just about 60-80 years….how much you want to live, is your choice.
Life always gives you two options, for every situation. The result of it, depends on what you choose!
So when you drive: Choose to wear a HELMET (with the buckle on) when you ride a two-wheeler and Choose to wear that BELT (buckled again…not hand held) when you drive a four-wheeler. Not the other option!

Drive safe and choose to live on,  for one another ride/drive! 🙂

PS: I’m much better now, though I’ve not yet started riding that two-wheeler again!! Soon… 🙂


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The Psychotic Wagon: Sharing the Flaws! ;)

This was a post I wrote my internal blogospherre where it is currently running as a MEME where we are supposed to talk about the OCDs we all carry around with us (naturally) ever since we landed to scare the hell out of this land of sanity! 😀

Ok, so to start with – What is an OCD? (*let me go…copy paste the definition from Raji’s post* 😛 )

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder in which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations (obsessions), or behaviors that make them feel driven to do something (compulsions) – (wiki)

Sounds scary? Then you would be afraid of me and yourself too! 😛
Yes, we all got some crazy genes which act weird all the while. Let’s see what I’ve got:

1. Dusted Anger: I’m not a cleanliness freak/fanatic. But then, while at home I get all fired up if I get to see dust/mud/strands-of-hair/paper/et-al lying around on the floor that I start losing my sense and blabber. This blabbering has increased post marriage but then I get a deaf-ear most of the times (Su is equally or actually more tolerant to dust/mud/et-al 😛 )…so now you can find me blabbering on my way to find a broom/duster/wipe-cloth. I’m back to normal (???) once the place is devoid of all the supposed grime.

2. Ghost Editor: Any book I happen to read, I start to search for typos and grammatical errors. I may not be the best person eligible to do that job, but then nevertheless I happen to do that. Strangely it doesn’t happen when I read articles online (blogs, news websites, et al)! And if I happen to find typos or errors, I get this urge to mail those book authors about the careless typos or the stupid grammatical errors they have left behind for normal (???) readers like me to digest. But then, so far I’ve managed to suppress that urge! 😛
Btw, I’ve found 2 grammatical errors in “Immortals of Meluha” by Amish and lots of them in the current ‘Indian Author’ crap – How I got my girl back?! by Arshat Chaudary – that I’m reading!

3. Take a bite: When I drink a fruit juice, I need to replace the straws at regular intervals. This is mainly due to the fact that I happen to bite more on n suck less from them! If I sit for 10 mins with a fruit juice, the straw tends to lose its sole purpose of existence thanks to my biting. Anyway, I’ve found a normal (???) solution to it…two actually…one, I either finish off the juice in real quick time or two, I don’t use a straw at all.

Let me not embarrass myself more by sharing all of my “flaws” 😛 but then I was thinking, how it would have been if say for instance I had the below OCDs:

1. Every time I see a beautiful lady – I go to her, take her right hand in mine, look into her eyes and say “You know that you are beautiful, don’t you?”. I wouldn’t mind getting a beat or a blush, cos I’m not willingly doing it. I have OCD! 😛
2. Every time I go to my boss’s chamber and tell him/her to check the latest mail I have sent him/her. The mail would be tagged with ‘High Importance’ and the subject line would read “Your Assignment for Today”! The expression on boss’s face would be priceless, but I wouldn’t be happy or thrilled cos I’m not willingly doing it. I have OCD! 😛

Let me not embarrass myself by sharing all of my “flawed fantasies”!! 😛


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[How not to]~Smile at your wedding!! ;)

There are certain places where and events when we got to put in that extra effort in whatever we ought to do. For instance, smiling at a wedding…especially when it’s your own wedding! 😛

Smiling, they say is infectious. When you smile, do so wholeheartedly!

To all those who are unmarried as yet, here’s a piece of advice from the author’s very own experience:
When you stand on the stage posing for the innumerous photographs being clicked by those fancy flashing instruments, that’s the very moment you need to gain composure, maintain focus and smile…neat and nice!

Note to the bridegroom: You need to smile at your very best dude…as once you get down that stage that day, it’s your new wife who does all the smiling! 😉

Note to the bride: Incase your new hubby is not smiling on stage, read and remind the above note to him. :mrgreen:

Now why do we end up giving weird expressions, when all that we are expected to do is give a lovely smile, however fake that it is?!!! Well, there could be reasons like:
a) we are tired of smiling continously.
b) we are bored of it.
c) ok we accept that we are plain and simply lazy.

Or there could be actual reasons like:
i) we don’t know the people who are standing next to us in the group photograph.
ii) we need to save energy for certain activities later 😉
iii) our jaws are paining.

Anyway, when you are on stage…
1) Do not, I repeat DO NOT smile with your eyes closed. You won’t know how much your friends could pull you on seeing that picture at a later stage.

2) Do not smile with your mouth open…it’s technically not smiling at all.

3) Do not smile clenching your teeth…might expose your animal instincts!! 😉

4) Do not smile so weird that it seems you’ve already given up. In short, don’t smile like a loser!

5) Agreed that it’s your big day and that you might be looking stunning, but don’t look stunned. 😀

But then at the end of the day, as I said in the note to the bridegroom above: Only one smiles/laughs at the end of it all. 😛

Anyway…I know that, how much ever we prepare for the big day…we always end up with at least one weird picture of ours on stage, which we would want to change till our very last breath!! 😉 Some things are always out of our control!! 😀


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[Dreams]~The Indefinite Fall!!! ;)

Dreams! Love it or not, we all tend to get them when in deep sleep. But then some of us do get those weird, scary and recurring dreams with a realistic 3D feel. Don’t we? Are you one among them? I have/had one such recurring dream.

As a child, I remember getting scary dreams and waking up yelling out loud. The dream pattern was almost the same. It always started with me riding a male elephant. I loved elephants then and had (still have) a pair of wooden elephants to play with. As the dream proceeded, the elephant got agitated for no reason and began to run wild as I struggled to hold on to its ears and balance my little parking space on its back. It used to run fast and without any sense of direction before finally falling down a slope. Where do I end up after the fall – is something I was never able to know as I would get up screaming at the best possible decibel! 😉
But then, reminiscing the dream I now understand why the elephant would have got that wild! I was too young then to get the difference between agitation and arousal! 😉

As the child turned into a teenager, the dreams remained the same with only the medium/platform changing. I happened to ride the bicycle (and towards the end of teen-age, a motorcycle) at an amazing immortal speed – sometimes cycling away from the angry Physical Trainer (PT master) or towards a beautiful dame – only to realize there were no brakes on the damn machine.  And it so happened that I always ended up cycling on a hill top or a cliff to fall off again – not sure where.
Thinking back – maybe if I wasn’t scared and had explored the fall, I would have been writing something like “Alice in wonderland” and not this sad image damaging tale! 😀

When I was whiling time doing engineering, I slept a lot and used to get these dreams almost every other day. Running away with a friend’s Suzuki 1K cc race bike or the professor’s Mercedes (they actually owned a Yamaha 100 and a Fiat respectively, in actual…but they could be anything in the dreams) at top notch speeds – for gawd knows what reasons – only to drive into a slippery slope, losing control before a fall that was never to be.

Over the last few years, I find myself on top of our office buildings (usually TCO SDB2 terrace – its the tallest here with 6 floors) having landed there on a flying machine (I hear a news on its radio saying “The PMO has lodged a military complain over its stolen helicopter” :mrgreen: ) only to run crazy on the terrace walls and jump off – and I presume, land safely too! 😉

The married me, has so far not gone through a “married” version of the dream…over a month now without the indefinite fall – making me wonder – “Have I reached the Rock Bottom?”! 😉


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[Poetry]~Passing the Apron! ;)

I didn’t think about the dinner at night…
When I fell in love with her at first sight…

I did what-not like look into her eyes…
Not thinking once, if she could cook some rice…

We were then married, all set for life…
“Can you chop these?” she asked, handing over a knife…

With onions in hand, I said “Sure…not a big deal!”…
So this is how I cried, as she cooked our first meal….

Meals ready, she asked “So…how’s the food…”…
Also giving me options, “…tell me darling…good or very good?”…

With a morsel of food in mouth, I said “Hmm…wELL…”
And looked at her smiling, as I silently let the moment dwell…

She smiled back as she understood that stupid look on my face…
“Why don’t you cook henceforth?” she grinned, enrolling me in the race…

I still wonder, as to who thinks about kitchen delights…
As they continue to fall in love at first sights! 😉


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In Brief~Situations and Abbreviations! ;)

There was a time when we used to heartily laugh when in a group, be it among friends or family. And then took over the phenomenon of short text messaging (SMS), online chatting and social networking. People began to spend more time on their personal computers, meet other such freaks online, chit-chat, gossip and become “friends” with each other.
In this entire transformation of personal to online interaction, people forgot to have a hearty laugh in actual. We now do a LOL (Laugh Out Loud) or a ROFL (Rolling On Floor Laughing) and many more, at basically anything and everything without even actually doing it!! 😛

I had reached the bus station earlier than expected, and was waiting for a friend to arrive. So to check where she was I texted her “hey where are you?”…and she replied with a “In a crowded bus – no place to breathe – stuck in traffic – should take some time to reach”…
I replied back in an awfully disgusting way…saying, “hope you have no armpits around” and her reply had a “ROFL” 😛
I shot back asking “You were saying that you are in a crowded bus…how did you manage to laugh rolling on the floor?” 😉
“GET LOST YOU DUFFER” – was all that I got back as a reply. 😀

And then there are those intelligent fools who use these abbreviations, not knowing what they actually mean.
I had shared such an experience in a post before (link: HERE). When I received his message that morning, I didn’t know whether to laugh or feel sad – as his message read “My grandpa died last night buddy. LOL 😦 ”
Later I got to know that he had bloody no idea about these abbreviations…nor did he realize they were abbreviations in the first place. Being new to the world of texting, he had received texts containing “LOL’s and ROFL’s” and even he began to use those in a way punctuations (comma’s and fullstop’s) are used! 😛

And now there are lots of extentions to these two basic abbreviated laughters…some abbreviations are so long that they themselves need to be re-abbreviated. :mrgreen:
1) ROFLMAO (Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off) – This is a very tricky one…you not just roll on the floor, but you even make your bottoms laugh!! Uff…how! 😛
2) ROSL (Rolling On Seat Laughing) – Hats off to whoever came with this modified one…he/she must be one damn lazy person who preffered to sit on a rolling chair and laugh…some IT geek possibly!! 😉
3) LOLTTSDFME (Laugh Out Loud Till Tears Start Dropping From My Eyes) – almost made me cry! 😛
4) ROFLMAOTMJSTP (Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off Till My Jaws Start To Pain) – This one needs to be re-abbreviated…the abbreviation in itself is too long and makes one go nuts to remember!!

God alone knows what the future will be like…but off-late I see that we have even begun to use these terms in our conversations!
“Where you off to man?”
“To the hairstylist”
“You mean to that corner shop barber with a broken chair, and who has a broken front tooth?”
“Shh man…don’t say that loud…what if others get to know how cheap I’m…L-O-L…”

🙄 😈 🙄


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Of Mobiles, Missed calls and Messages!!!

I recently got a message from my college friend Arnab, informing a bad news. Believe it or not, reading that message not only did I laugh but it also made me remember my good old college days. Those were the days, when none of us owned a mobile phone. I was just wondering how we managed to live a life then without one of these “models” in our pockets. And then as I went into the flashback, I got all nostalgic.

The year was 2002, somewhere around this time of the year…I was into my fourth semester of Engineering with the exams around the corner…I used to love the exams…be it internal or external….the prep time was when the gals in the department approached us guys all by themselves…it could be for either of the two things…one, they wanted us to help them with their studies or two, they wanted “the most probable questions, that would appear in the paper”…being a last bencher, I belonged to the second category…who called themselves the “blind-shooters” (one’s who guessed)!! 😀
I loved to guess-study…cos I believed in Einstein, who once said “Why know things, which are anyways found in the books?” and then maybe immediately put his tongue out…creating doubts in mortal minds, whether he was serious or joking…I never took/take geniuses for granted…especially when it is to our advantage!! To me, they mean what they say!! 😀

Ok…so anyways…it was only during these times that the gals remembered to approach us and send in signals to meet them alone (most times) or with their lousy gossiping group for some “short-cut methodologies” (read: knowledge transfer). 😉

It used to be fun…and then came in the mobile phones…damn…
It was our fifth semester, when a cell phone was first seen in our class. It was owned by a pretty lass, who happened to be on top of two happening lists…the “Guy’s Delight” list and the “Gal’s Plight” list. And that started the mobile mania as far as our class was concerned.

By the end of 2003, almost all the gals in class (and a few guys too) owned a cell phone. Meanwhile, I managed to get myself a small pocket sized telephone directory to note down all those numbers!! 😉

As a guy, it was pretty tough to convince my parents to buy me a cell phone…guess it was the same with the rest of the guys too. Dad being too practical would ask unanswerable questions like, “Why do you need a phone? You are always reachable on the hostel phone, during class hours or otherwise. Isn’t it?”…err…and mom would vary with replies like “Go, ask your dad” or “So what if the girls have got a cell, you are not one of them na?!” or “Ah, as if talking in person was not enough…now you wanna chat with gals on phone too?” and so on…

Not owning a mobile phone, had its own pros and cons.
Pros – I was not bothered about the “balance”…as balance till then for me, was only needed when it came to cycling…but now it seemed even the cell phones needed them. Also, every gal would freak out when they got a call from an unknown number…sometimes even I invested a rupee in coin booths, to freak them out!! 😉 By the way, this feeling wasn’t known to us who used the hostel phone…the operator always knew who called whom!! 🙂
Cons – Well…when the exams approached, the blind-shooters without cell phones were out of demand!! With text messages being dirt cheap or limitedly free, every question was now sent across within the 180 character text messages. And due to this, the whole fun behind “getting in touch” personally, was lost…forever. 😦

I don’t remember what reasons I gave and what expressions I made…or maybe I even showed them my disgusting little (but priceless) phone directory, but then in the summer of 2004 my dad finally agreed to buy me a cell phone and within no time, I was back in the reigning league of the blind shooters!! Though it was pretty tough, I finally learnt to “balance” myself too!! :mrgreen:

Btw, when my sister joined her Engineering course in mid 2004, she didn’t ask for a cell phone…why would she ask when my parents gave her one, so that they could stay in touch with her? 🙄 I wanted to ask my parents, “Isn’t there a phone in her hostel?” but then I feared answers from dad like “Son, unlike you…blah blah” and from mom like “Go, ask your dad” et. al. 😀

Owning a mobile phone I learnt later, took its own toll….Gals never called, they gave only “missed calls”. I didn’t know or even imagine about something like that…as it never seemed to happen on my hostel phone. Initially when I first got missed calls, I didn’t even know they were purposefully done…it didn’t strike to me that I needed to call them back, so I used to wait for them to call me again (which seldom happened). Instead of calling again, they came and swore at me the next day and I didn’t understand why. 🙄

One of my very intelligent friends, told me that “A missed call is not simply missed. It is wantedly missed. You have to call back, when you get a missed call unless you want them to come and swear at you” but he didn’t tell me that the missed call game was only applicable to gals.
I loved the concept so much that I thought it would be fun…so one fine day I gave a missed call to a gal. When she didn’t call me back over the next half hour, I texted her asking “Why didn’t you call me? I gave you a missed call no?” and instead of replying back she gave me a missed call. As per my intelligent friend’s advice, I called her back and she sweared at me for giving her a missed call…”!! I never gave a missed call to a gal after that day…as her swear still echoes in my ear drums. 😀

Post-paid wasn’t in then yet, so I had a pre-paid connection and my plan had like 100 free local messages per day for which I was charged a rupee…And I realize only now, that they charged me a rupee and still called it free. 🙄
To begin with I didn’t know how to send messages in short form…so I used to type “Oh ok like that, ya thats great…ok then lets meet up sometime…what say? By the way, what you doing now?” instead of “K, tats gr8, lets meet up? whtya upto?”…!!
Eventually I learnt it that when we send messages (ok fine…msgs), we don’t beat around the bush…but we say it straight…I understood this very well when my roommate got a msg from his girlfriend of 3 yrs saying “found some1 betta…am breakin our gugu”…he was devasted…all he had till then was this gugu (gugu was what they both described their relationship as)…and he was now infact in deep “gugu” (read: shit)!!

Learning the art of sending short text messages brought in more serious problems…the first draft of my project report was so influenced by the “SMS lingo” that my project guide was almost into tears. Apart from usual truncation of normal spellings, new abbreviations such as LOL, LMAO and ROFL were found all over the report. Though I got messages with those terms, I never really bothered to know their expansion…worst case, I didn’t even realize they were abbreviations to begin with. To me, those were fancy messaging terms used instead of full stops. 😆

Looking back now, it all seems so humorous but then learning through mistakes always makes one look like a moron. But then again there are some characters who never learn. And this I realized when Arnab, who bought his first cell phone almost at the same time as I did sent me a msg last week which read “My grandpa died last night buddy. LOL 😦 “.


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[Bakwaas]~ Animations in a Team!! ;)

One should be fortunate enough to be working in a project team where the team members are like minded. If not like minded, atleast they should be adjusting. If not both, they should atleast NOT be stupidly irritating…else, they stand a good chance of being made fun of!! 😉
When people ask me:
1) How can someone even manage with you being in their team? You don’t work, you don’t let others work, you distract people by taking them on periodic coffee breaks and when no one’s around, you ping people on the communicator irrespective of their (usually false) status’s…How can someone even complete their work man?
2) You involve yourself a lot in non-project related activities…Pitstop, Outreach, Blogs, OCS, etc…what project related work do you do?
and so on…all I do is, smile. :mrgreen:
Smart work cannot be projected, nor can it be put in mere words. 😉
But then there are (terrific) chances that smart work cannot be recognized too…my appraisal ratings talk about that!! 😈

Anyways, don’t run away….this is not an advice kind of a post!! 😛 I was just giving some build-up trailer to some bakwaas conversation I had with one of my friend.
Last weekend over gtalk, I happened to ask her “You never tell me about the characters in your project…are they so good that you don’t have anything to talk about them? No one to make fun of eh?”

Note: At this point, I’m sure a few will keep it in mind to ask me “How come all your friends are gals, Sree?” in the comment section. And in my usual style I would give them all, a smile!! 😀

I think she was waiting for someone to ask her that question. I had a good laugh over the next 30 mins, as she narrated how she worked in the best team possible…sarcasm can jump in the well, if you didn’t get that one!! 😛

Here goes our chat:

Disclaimer: I’ve edited some part of the chat!! Why? Well…since you guys are already aware that I don’t flirt, I need not showcase those pointers in our conversation. 😉

Me: “You never tell me about the characters in your project…are they so good that you don’t have anything to talk about them? No one to make fun of eh?”
She: “Aha…you never asked me…well…you wanna hear? might take sometime…”

Me: “Hmm…I’m a very busy chap…but OK, I’ll make some time for ya…Start! 😛 ”
She: “Don’t bull me ok? Anyways…my team consists of 5 cartoon characters 😀 “

Me: “Does it include you too? 😆 ”
She: “Don’t poke your nose, if you want me to tell you what happened two days ago!”

Me: “Ok ok ok…continue re baba!”
She: “As I said, my team consists of 5 cartoon characters.
1 – my TL (let’s name her Sonia Gandhi…for better understanding 😉 )
2 – my team mate (Manmohan Singh)
3 – my humble self 😉
4 – another team mate, a gal who thinks she has won the Miss Universe pagaent
and 5 – an ELT, who due to lack of work at hand roams around the bay seeing award hangings on walls, as though he is at an art exhibition 😀 “

Me: “Wow…is your PM ok? How does she/he manage Walt Disney Productions?”
She: “He’s a busy person handling many projects, so doesn’t interfere much in our day to day activities…troublesome yes, when we need leave approvals but then overall he’s just fine!”

Me: “Hmm…ok ok ok..continue”
She: “Ya…so…everyday Manmohan Singh comes in at 8 and leaves by per the PM and TL, he is THE ONE to handle the release but that only means that he is just dumped with more-n-more work…he has high hopes of going onsite..which sadly he (and me too) knows that he wont get it!
As for me, I just give my count of 15 per day..and leave by past experiences have taught me well 🙂 “

Me: “15 counts of what?”
She: “Test cases re…don’t ask me such stupid questions…”

Me: “Err…ok ok ok…15 per day…no wonder why we developers hate testers! 😛 ”
She: “And we have lots of work, thanks to the stupidity of people like you! What about that? 😀 “

Me: “Ok ok ok…continue…tell me about that Miss Universe female! 😛 :mrgreen:
She: “Despo…I knew you would surely ask about her even if I had deliberately missed…well…Miss Universe is very smart you know..although she knows everything, she will act dumb…to avoid being given work! A 3B combo…Beauty-Brain-Bull…And the ELT is no where in picture, currently 🙂 “

Me: “Hehe…so what happened?”
She: “Manmohan sits adjacent to me so I can see his monitor when I turn, and SoniaG always does what she is good at…handling the strings of her puppet (Manmohan-ji). She tried it on me too…but I don’t have any strings attached! 😉 “

Me: “Hehe…was that an intended pun? too good 😀 ”
She: “Intended or not, it was an instant pun for sure! 😉 so…usually if SoniaG wants us to stay late, she will send a mail to Manmohan – asking him to tell us to stay till 8…and he will inturn send a mail to us deleting her id 😀 [psychic psychology]…this is the inside story, that I knew…but no one else knows 🙂 “

Me: “Wah…Karamchand…Wah” (Note: For the unknown, Karamchand was Door-Darshan’s Sherlock Holmes!! 😉 )
She: “Hehe…so that day, only some modules were working properly…and we all gave a total count of 56…Miss Universe started packing up by 6:20…I had done my count of exact 15 so even I started to pack up…SoniaG (her count being 7) got all agitated…so she sent a mail to Manmohan with the subject liner “Ask them to stay till 8″…and since the two of us were already packing up, Manmohan got very…and in the hurry to send the mail to us he forgot to clear the subject line…lol lol lol…I told him he is going to get for it! 😉 And he was literally pleading to me not to leave my seat..cos if I do SoniaG will have all the liberty to pounce on him 😀 “

Me: “So even your TL ..aka.. Sonia, has to show a count of 15? good ya…mera wala ullu ka patta kuch karta hi nahi, sirf delegation…hmmph!”
She: “Jaise tu kuch karta hey! 😛 “

Me: “Oyee…chal then what happened?”
She: “What has to happen has to happen na? Next thing was SoniaG mailed him to join her in the meeting room…Miss Universe stayed till 8, but was reading a book even after being asked to work…I did just one test case from 6:45 to 8 😀 Manmohan did 5, struggling on each of them and cursing himself…Madam SoniaG left doing nothing, at 7:15…I don’t really know what was the need for all this “stay till 8″ hallabulla…”

Me: “What to do, some have to do that to show who the leader is…leader of cartoons!! 😛 ”
She: “I didn’t tell you all this story so that you can make fun of me…if I start talking about you, you’ll repent having made fun of me in the first place…hmmmph…”

Me: “Oyee…no no no…maaf karde!”
She: ” And you know what…the last time SoniaG had mailed him with subject line reading “Ask the one sitting next to you, to stay till 8!!”and I had just happened to turn to ask him something and saw it..and he was pleading to me saying ‘don’t tell her that you saw it’…hehe…I stayed till 8 and just cleared my inbox of all fwds and my drawer of all unwanted papers 😀 “

Me: “Thats bad ya…no work then why stay back? to show to others how hard you all work eh?”
She: “Dunno the reasons..and I don’t understand any bull….but ek ek namune hai mere team mein…And sadly, this story will continue Monday…sigh..”

Me: “Anyways, too bad ya…so what’s for dinner?”
She: “Ye lo…all you can be, is despo…then Miss Universe, now food…when will you ….blah blah blah…”

Next time you have a teammate who’s a pain in the wrong place, share your experiences with me…I would love to know those cartoons…There’s no bigger animation than in the life we are living through…all we need to do, is to recognize which character they fit into!! 😛

PS: The anagram of ‘Animate’ gives “In a Team”…so the title! 😉


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