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The Phone Call…

It was pretty dark out there and the ceiling I was staring at wasn’t visible at all. Having succumbed to an unusual power cut, I was lying on the floor and the phone rang. It was the landline and I hated it when someone called on that. What was the cell phone for? I had to now get up, go and check who was calling. I hated it when they played around asking me to recognize their voices as if it were of Amitabh or Lata and which if I wrongly did, would be reprimanded for. I swore a hundred times over, before answering the call.


Ah…that was Dita…Anandita Chawla…


“Hello…I’m in a very bad state…can we meet up?”

“What happened?? Sure…”

“Will tell when we meet up…how about early tomorrow morning, by the beach side?”

“Ya, that’s fine, but why not now??? Where are you??”

“Nah…it’s too late right now…I’ll be fine till then…don’t you worry…I promise to see you tomorrow!”

“What are you talking about…I mean why are talking like this?? Tell me please…”

“It’s a long story…will tell you in person.”

“Where you are? I’ll be there right now…I’m so worried now…”

“Nah…Sammy…Nah… listen to me…tomorrow morning, at the beach…6 am sharp…ok?”

“Hey c’mon…you think I’ll be able to sleep now?? Huh…Why not now Dita?? Why not now??”

“It’s not that easy for me to tell everything on the phone Sammy. I’m upset with all that has happened with me over the last 24 hours…I’m terribly shaken by it all that I now need some time to rest but…”

“What happened?”

“…but I needed to tell you that I’m gonna be alright and so the call.”

“What the hell happened, Anandita?”

“Sammy, please try to understand…I’m not at my best right now to share the details of all that has happened with me…understand my incapability and meet me tomorrow at our usual spot.”

“You bet. But I’m skeptical about me getting sleep anymore…hmm…but as you say, we shall catch up tomorrow morning.”

“Bye…and try to sleep Sammy…Sorry, but I had no one else to fall back on.”

“It’s fine Dita. Do take care of yourself. Bye”

What had happened with Anandita? Why was she so petrified and about what? What would she have gone through? I had no clue…Whom do I ask about it? I knew no one related to her. Nor did I know any of her friends personally, to have their contacts. How will I sleep with so much of stuff on my mind? I was now profusely perspiring in the dark and there was no sign of the power cut coming to an end.
Just then I heard another ring. It was the cell phone this time displaying my housemate Shirish, on the line.

“Hey Rish…”

“Yo Sam…I’m on the way to my hometown man. Just wanted to tell you two things: 1. Don’t forget to keep the milk in the fridge and 2. The landline is dead man, get it repaired.”


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