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[55F]~Rejection, Plagiarism, Experience! ;)

The Rejection!

The telephonic interviews were on and she wanted to badly clear it. She was advised to keep her answers closed, Yes or No. She was also cautioned that one wrong word from her could spoil it all. The interview went well till the instance she uttered that one word, extremely loud and infamously clear. Jeeejusss!

The Plagiarism!

He was extremely thrilled about his entry, for the 55 fiction contest. Having written it on his own for the first time, he had got it reviewed by a few blogger friends of his before the actual submission, only to find it already submitted by a fellow blogger as if it was his own. KARMA!

The Experience!

This was her first time. She was in a very uncomfortable position mainly because he was all over her. The noise caused by his heavy breathing as well as by the restless cot beneath had unnerved her. She was waiting for it to end. The whole experience had just freaked her out. Damn Middle-Berth!

Disclaimer: The author is not responsible for any kind of deviation in the understanding of the above contents.


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[55 Fiction]~ The Run…

He had lived all his life on the run, a fair part of it being spent underground.
Every moment he envisioned like he was living on a parallel track, for life wasn’t laid straight as he had assumed it to be.
Having waited for long, he was now desperate to try his luck out HERE.

Also published @ Authspot (link: HERE)


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[55-Fiction]~The Power of Media!

Prabha Dutt

On overhearing a few people talk in a hush-hush tone, she got to know that Amitabh Bachchan was shot – not once, but several times – by someone unknown. So not wasting much time, she rushed to the nearest post office and sent a telegram to her boss. It was 1975, and Sholay “Breaking News”!


He knew who the hot-cakes were, how to approach them, what to do, what to ask and when the right time to bell the cat was. He knew it all. This time too he did it with the same passion, same vigor. He chased her hard, till she crashed. He didn’t know he could kill.

PS: These are my non-competitive entries to the on-going BPL’s Super 4 round ka topic “55 Fiction/comic on power of media”.
It’s non-competitive as my team – “The Inscribe Tribe” – was eliminated in the Super 5 stage.

1) Late Prabha Dutt is Barkha Dutt’s mom, and was a well-known journalist working for The Hindustan Times in the 70s and early 80s till her untimely death. The 55-er though is fictional 😛
2) For the unknown, Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris in 1997 while being chased by the papparazi.


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[55-Fiction]~Aayi Woh! :)

This time a 55F in Hindi…

Aayi Woh

Uske aane ki raah mein, main najaane kitne dino se kar-raha tha intezaar…
Aana tha usko par aayi kyun nahi, ho-raha tha dil ye bekaraar…
Akela tha main, badh-rahi thi garmi…
Naa chain ki neend, naa thi uski chumban ki narmi…
Aakir mein usko bhoolne ki, ki maine koshish…
Kambaqt dil ko maanaane, aayi woh…Baarish!

Dedicated to all those who love rains and specially to those who love to get drenched to the core, like me!! 😀

Updates on BPL: “The Inscribed Tribe of which I’m a proud tribal, topped the Super 6 round!! The results were out this evening!! 🙂 You can check the results at Cafe Ginger Chai (link: HERE) 😀

Three Tribals, individually topped in the 8 given topics:

1) Gyanban’s UNBRIDGED

2) Guria’s SCARS and

3) Your’s Truly with KISMAT DIS-KONNECTION 🙂

YAY!! Time to do some Jinga-la-la dance around the fire!! 😉


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[55-Fiction]~Click, Flick and Talk! :)

The Click

He was sitting at his desk, wondering what to do…

It was too late already and he wanted to convey it right away….

He knew that there was no other way to tell her, that he was over with it, with her…

He looked around to see if anyone cared…

He put down his papers.


The Flick

He looked around to see who was standing where…

He grinned a little to the nearest man, gesturing that he didn’t care…

He had stood his ground until he saw the tall man come running towards him, with a delivery in hand…

Having no choice, he knelt down and sent it out of the stand…Six!


The Talk

She sat on a bench, shared by a few…

As he stood on the long queue, waiting for it to move…

A lovely evening, together they’d wished to spend…

But they hadn’t expected, each having to be at a different end…

Separated, their eyes spoke in lull…

Till they met again inside, lights being dull…


These are my first attempts at 55-Fiction…Lemme know how I fared! 🙂


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