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Now if a crow shits on me…

I was sitting in my box of a cubicle when she pinged me on the office communicator. And she started swearing at me right from the word go. Now what did I do? Well as far as I know, nothing except accept her damn request to add me on to her friends list. 😦


It’s been almost a month since I’d asked her to stop talking to me, after she kind of became uneasy to be with. Problem with her was her unsatiable expectations. They never seemed to have an end. She thought of herself as this innocent angelic one from up above, who just wouldn’t bite even if I’d put my thumb into her mouth. Problem is, she still thinks so. After I told her to stay away from me…that is…not to mail/message/scrap/ping me (we did meet just once…thank god it was the last time!!)…she still kept mailing/messaging/scrapping/pinging me!! I took the advice and help of a female friend of mine to help her out with her thoughts/emotions/whatever, just cos I thought she would understand a female better than me. But, when my friend started cribbing to me about how the heroine troubled her, I thought it was now time to ask her to back off and stay away from me/us. Any sensible chick would have done so, but our heroine in this real-life-drama had nothing sensible in her. So I wrote a blog-post related to her a month ago, explaining about how angry I felt over her immature behaviour. She did read that one fine day, thankfully. And that day, she tried calling (I didn’t pick…) me 2-3 times and then left about 2-3 disturbing (for a normal person) text messages full of angelic swears on my cell. I read them, and deleted them in the same order as they had come in. I thought it was done and over. But things never go as I think, do they? Naaahh…

The next working day as I logged into my system in my ever-loony bay, I got her request to add me on to her list of contacts on the office communicator. Though surprised, I politely cancelled. The same thing repeated each morning on logging in, for the next 3 weeks. What I thought was – If I cancelled it each time, it would come up everytime I log in fresh into my system. How wrong was I? 😀

This Monday, as I was talking to another friend of mine, I happened to explain to her this situation and through her I got to know that a cancelled request does reappear again only and only if the requestor does sends the invite once-again manually, and not automatically due to my cancellation. So I told her that I would accept the request the next time it appeared on my screen. So on Tuesday morning as I logged in, the request re-appeared and I accepted it so that I would not have the trouble to cancel it every morning. And then I forgot about it. Totally. 

Today noon, as I was sitting in my box of a cubicle she pings me on the office communicator. She swears right from the word go. Now what did I do? Well as far as I know (and you now know, too), nothing except accept her damn request to add me on to her friends list.

She pinged on the communicator which said something like “Can’t you even understand simple English? I told you not to add me on to the communicator. Why did you add? I was not there at my seat and someone accepted your request and now the horrible part is that I cannot remove your name from my list.”

I laughed out loud (in the mind ofcourse) at what she wrote. The fact that someone accepted it on her behalf was first of all, funny…and that I was now like a virus/bug on her communicator list, was even more funny!! A simple click on the delete button can remove my name, if you want to that is!! YOU DUMB MORON!!! Just do it and don’t trouble the network support guys to take care of your stupidity!! 😀

I blocked her on the communicator (should have done it long back, I know), but she didn’t just let it go. Instead she copy-pasted the same contents in a mail and mailed it across to me.

I replied to her mail saying “I didn’t add you on or send you a request. Ask the person who accepted it as to why he/she did that!! If you don’t want to be in contact with me, then please do not reply to this mail! Stop bugging me like this.”

Now any sane gal would not have replied cos anyways she didn’t want me to talk to her. But our heroine, isn’t even in the close vicinity of sanity. Sheesh!! And as expected, she replied back with a comparitively longer swear. I don’t remember the contents as such, but the fact that she replied…said it all.

The funda here is that…when she swore at me in the messages, she didn’t get to see any reaction from my end as I didn’t bother to reply. So she kept stalking me online by sending requests to add me on. She knew that some day or the other, I would have to accept her request to stop her from bugging me. And I happened to do just that, not anticipating anything like this. She waited for three full days to go by, after I accepted her request to bombard at an unsuspecting me. My guess is that she wanted to see how I would react. The fact that I blocked her first on the communicator and then replied in 2-3 straight lines, pissed her even more. Hmmm…

Now if a crow shits on me, the maximum I would do is swear once at the crow and then just wipe the shit off me and walk away…and definitely not go chasing the crow to shit on it. Same logic applies with this insanity-personified heroine of my life. Hmmph!! 

Wish her a speedy recovery. Amen! 🙂


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Is this a Sign?? :P

This happened some day last week. I was drinking water sitting in my cubicle at my system…As usual, I spilled some water. A drop fell on my keyboard’s hand-rest. And I was surprised to find what I saw…Immediately I captured it…Can you guys also see it? 😉 

It’s a heart shaped formation…and is pierced too…Apologies for the clarity…but I guess you can see it…its natural…not at all tempered with…

Is this a sign to be worked on?? 😛


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We…She and Me~ New teammate! ;)

Sitting in the bay I was coding, let me say…
I then lost my senses when I saw her walking my way!
“Hello” she said, standing by my side…
The just arrived fragrance in her, had already taken me for a ride! 😛

“Sit down” I said, “please take a chair”…
“Hey thanks” she said, all the while playing with her hair!
“So what is it all about??” she asked smiling with a glare…
I thought to myself ‘its only you and about you that I care’! 😉

My colleagues in the bay were just unfair…
From every nook and corner they did stare!
It just didn’t matter to us since officially we were now a team…
Yet reality sucks when compared to a dream! 😦

Life’s so complex and so is the code, yet we need to make them run…
What with we working and taking breaks together, it would be great fun!
After-all we have just one life, just this one for execution….
So we shall live it bindaas, come what may any kinda situation! 😀


This will be a series of poems (already ‘pleasingly’ successful so far on my internal corporate blog… Yippeeee!) where I talk about a lady love, She! 😉

You may ask who “She” is…”She” could be anyone…”She” could be her…”She” could be you (if u r of the fairer-sex [only] that is)!! Hope you guys enjoy this here as well…lemme know! 😀


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