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Aditi…Here I come…

As of now I am very excited…its weekend fever yes, but the main fact is that I managed to get hold of tickets for the movie Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (JTYJN) for this Sunday matinee…2 days of struggle, sweat and frustrations being now moulded into excitement, happiness and eager-wait!! 😀
If not like normal mortals, at least we managed to get tickets at Sathyam Cinemas through the backdoor. A dear friend managed to get hold of tickets for me and my friends, through some known face in the Sathyam Management. So much for the frustration and hue-cry I demonstrated here 3 days ago. So Sunday matinee it’s gonna be, and its the show thats now in the waiting…
Another reason for excitement is the review that is coming in from different quarters, known and unknown. Websites and discussion forums have already given a rating of 4 out of 5…and when my friend who went for yesterday’s night show at Mayajaal threathened to spoil my excitement by saying “I will message you the story in brief”, I requested (read: pleaded) her to just send me a good/bad one-word message once the movie gets over. Half an hour ago, I got “Awesome :)” as her message.
Aditi…Here I come…meet you on Sunday!! 😀


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Obsessed!! Aditi, where are you? :P

I do get obsessed with certain things…yeah, that makes me happy with a feeling of being human enuf! 😉
The latest obsession is the song called “Kabhi kabhi Aditi zindagi mein koi apna lagta hey…” for which the music is rendered by maestro A R Rahman, from the yet-to-be-released movie ‘Jaane tu ya jaane na’ starring Aamir Khan’s nephew Imran Khan and the lovely and hot Genelia D’Souza! I simply love her smile! 😀

Anyways…Coming back to the matter…

I am just not able to get over that song…I first got to know about it from a friend…damn him… got to know just two lines of lyrics of that song…which vaguely meant something like “there’s no point to worry…cos after every dark night, comes a bright morning”!! I was bowled over by it…such small things give immense pleasure to the mind! 🙂

And it was last Thursday that I downloaded that song…Listened to it about 40 times and yet the mind didn’t want me to stop playing it! 😀

Friday, I was on my way home to Bangalore by my colleague’s car…I had burnt a new CD with songs in the MP3 format…And I waited for a whole 62 songs to end, for this one to come up (didn’t know that the songs had got burnt as per alphabetical order)…This song was at #63…and by that time we had already reached Hosur. It was about 6pm. Thanks to the traffic jam on Hosur Road, the CD player in the car got tired to play the song #63 for close to infinity times!! I didn’t count then…but since its a song of 3 minutes and 41 seconds and since we were stuck on Hosur Road for close to 2 hours, simple calculations say that I played it back to back for about 33 times…yes again! I reached home by 10pm that night and post dinner loaded that song into my MP3 player! And then it was complete bliss….for about an hour or so. 😛 

Saturday was a rest day as far as morning to evening was concerned…Reason being my going out to meet a friend who had come down on vacation from far away London…I came back home by 9pm and plugged myself to that song again for close to about 30 mins before my mom bribed me to stop by offering dinner! 😛

Sunday was no different…morning to evening, about 10 times…so less cos I was travelling most of the time with my parents and cousin! They made me change the song…but still I played it once each after 2 songs, with them not knowing! 😉 And later I made up for the day’s quota after I settled on the train back to Chennai at night! It was one song that I didn’t want to end. The battery had to die out for me to forcibly give it up! Sheesh!  

Now I am back from office and as I write this, I think this could be easily the 30th time that this song is playing…cos its running since close to 2 hours on the Winamp! 😛

My roommate poked my back 10 mins ago asking if he could use the system, and pat came a reply from me “Can I listen to this one song? I’ll give it to you after it gets over!”!! He’ll be back soon again to poke at me! Let me sign off…damn me and my obsession for this song! lolz…

Next time I’ll be back to talk on another of my damn obsessions…It’s nothing serious, but flirting! 😛 Hope I get to meet Aditi by then…if not, I’ll just call the gal (whoever she is, whatever her name is) Aditi! 😛
Chao! 😛


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