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Emotional Cocktails – 3!! ;)

They say experience is the greatest teacher…
I would say “Why not when it slaps you hard, right on the face”… πŸ˜‰

Ever had embarassing moments where in you’d end up not knowing what to do? Not knowing whether to smile, cry, stay or run away???
Welcome to an episode of “Emotional Cocktails” in my life so far…

You can read the previous cocktails HERE and HERE! πŸ˜€

Episode #15: The (grand)mother of all proposals

I stood up right then right there…
“E-e-e-e-e-excuse me…” I stammered…
“Will you marry my grand-daughter?” she asked again…
“Grand-ma?!!! what is this? what are you talking about?” Anita stood up angry and embarrased with both hands on her waist while I stood there as if I was a statue…not hearing, not moving…not able to run away.
Anita was a very good friend who studied with me from school upto college…her dear grandmother suffered from an incurable disease called “Old Age” wherein the major symptoms were like:
a) the obsession to get their grandchilren married.
b) get great-grandchildren within the stipulated natural course of time, if possible.
c) to act and behave like children while ordering like a responsible elder.
As Anita was explaining this to me, I still stood there as if I was a statue…not hearing, not moving, not able to run away…

Episode #16: An Anonymous mailer

I got an anonymous mailer from someone who follows me here. A paragraph in the mailer contained one of her dreams. It read somewhat like “I dreamt about you a few days ago. You, my cousin and me were in our school uniforms running down the street as we were getting late for school….As we were running, you held my hand and held me back as my cousin continued to move ahead. You then looked in to my eyes, and before I could say something you kissed me…you also murmurred some really nice verses into my ears before holding my hand and running down the street towards the school…wasn’t that too weird a dream? lolz”
I didn’t know how to react!! Whether to be happy that I got to kiss her or be sad that it was just a dream!!! πŸ˜€
To beat it all was the worst ever reply I gave…I replied to that part of the mailer “What color uniform were we wearing?” ..never to get a mail again…sigh!


Episode #17: The Missed calls

Till 3 months ago, each of us used to get 3 missed calls per day…we never bothered to answer those calls back.
They were on purpose missed calls from our house landlord. It was his way of reminding us to pay the rent on time.
3 months ago, he came over demanding an increase in rent…We did rap at him in chorus with ‘recession’, ‘downtrend’, ‘bear-market’, ‘crashed sensex’ and ‘economic disparity’ in our lyrics . The old man might not have expected such an emotional outburst…we didn’t mean to break his heart or hurt him emotionally but it was just an act to prevent bigger holes in our burnt pockets.
We used to crib when we got those missed calls then…but now we wait for them every first week of the month…

Episode #18: The Departure

Friends…they are the best thing that can happen to you over your lifetime…so stick on, some move on. And some want to move on, the third category!
These some want to move on, but stick on…blame their fate…you watch them struggling all through to make a move to something better, to fulfill an incomplete dream…
And when they move on, its both a low moment that they are leaving and going far away from you…on the other hand, you feel happy for them for having achieved what seemed to be impossible!! An emotional turmoil!! Hmm…


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Emotional Cocktails – 2!! ;)

This post is all about some of the recent emotional cocktails in my mortal presence on Earth. πŸ˜‰
You can read the previous one HERE!! πŸ˜€



Episode #11: Floater Funda

This is kind of a sequel to the episode #7 in the early part. This time it wasn’t me at the receiving end! πŸ˜›
Last weekend when I was on my way to Bangalore – On the train, I took my floaters, lifted them of the ground, put them inside a polythene cover, placed it at the corner of my allocated upper berth and then climbed up like a monkey. All this while, a lady (in her late 30s) was giving me disgusting looks. I cannot blame her as she didn’t get to read episode #7!Β 
I turned around and slept.
In the morning, as I got down from my berth and wore my floaters, I saw all the 5 other ppl including the lady in the coupe searching for their respective footwear. It so happened that someone flicked them all, wholesale! I gave a “concerned” look at that very lady (still in her late 30s :P) while thinking about how much the floater flicker would have abused/sweared at me for not keeping the floaters where it was meant to be.

Episode #12: F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Three months ago, a friend called up to inform me that she’s getting married this February.
Two months ago, another friend called up to let me know that he’s agreed to his mom’s “Can I search your life-partner?” request!
Three weeks ago, one more bugger calls up and says that his parents are already searching for him.

And before they end the call, they all tell me – “I haven’t told anyone else about this yet. And you big mouth, don’t tell others!” 😈
I go πŸ™„ as I ask them “Then why tell me first?”! πŸ˜‰

Episode #13: Appraisal reprisal

We have this yearly appraisals in IT sector where performance is “rated”!
This is not about my appraisal. I am satisfied this time with what I got. So am happy.
This is about those few appraisals which now and then prove to be unfair/unjust. Appraisal is all about evaluating a person’s overall ability to meet/exceed the expectations at the given task over a considerable period of review time (a year in our case)!
Now, Appraisal is not the tool to settle scores with your subordinates. Its happened with a handful of my friends, about which am not happy.

Episode #14: Name Shame

I had nothing to do with what happened in the pubs of Mangalore nor do I have anything to do with the Sri Ram Sena!
I got 3 messages from my “lovely caring friends” which read:
1) “While reading the Mangalore news, it reminded me of you…so how are you?”
2) “What’s your take on the Mangalore thingy? You are FOR or AGAINST pub-culture?”
3) “Where are you? take care ok?!” 😈

Now what can I do? Laugh, cry or just sigh! :mrgreen:


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