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Rapid fire~ Complex mind! :)


I’ve never been able to live without me…
But then I think, what do I do with me?
I have this feeling of doing nothing…
But that’s only when I’m not up to something!

Am I blabbering? 🙄

There’s a lot to do that I can imagine of…
But then I think, is it worth that one laugh?
Like it or not, I go about doing it my way…
Right or wrong, my perspective shall do the say!

Am I speaking gibberish? 😕

Confusions in my mind show how complex it is…
I cover it all up, in the name of analysis!
Chemicals do react, my nerves do crack…
But no worries, they’ll get back to what they lack! 😉

OMG, What’s happening? 😀


Posted by on March 3, 2009 in poetry


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