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“No God to Pray”: My entry for the Get Published contest.

She was wise, cheerful and nice. She was wild, Destiny’s very own nature loving child. She was poetic, quite innately artistic. Poised and mute, she was pretty cute. A dream of every guy, she was Oindrita M Gogoi and went by the nickname, Princess.
Life was all about implementing the Logic, as she wrote code to earn her living as a software professional. Love took a backseat, as all her free time was spent in artistic pursuits.

He was a romantic, who loved his music. Gelled his hair in spikes, he simply loved motorbikes. Medium height and fair, he was a debonair. A dream of every girl all night and day, he was Sushil P Deshpande and went by the nickname, Ryder.
Life was all about maintaining the Logic, as he debugged and re-wrote code to earn his living as a software professional. Love took a backseat, as all the free time was spent his on-road pursuits.

And then there was Gatsu or as his parents had named him, Gatsukh P Chawla. Ironically, he lacked the very guts. He was mysterious, face-less and socially-awkward. A self obsessed Anil Kapoor fan, he loved to brag about the abundant hair growth on his torso. A wannabe poet, his writings spoke about evergreen eternal love for a mystery woman, but his demeanor stated just otherwise.
He followed Princess, in person and on her blog and even considered her as his best friend.

What makes the story ‘Real’:
It’s a story that tells you about life not always presenting a pretty picture.
There are times when the mind acts weird with all creative juices getting blocked. In times such as these, it’s depression galore for Princess.
There are also times when after that lost drop of fuel, life seems to head nowhere. In times such as these, it’s depression galore for Ryder.
It also tells that no situation is permanent, as the protagonists get around to discover the one thing that finally seems to be common among them – Love.

And in the summer of 2008, Destiny decides to play its part.
Of all places, at a Corporate Personality Development class they get to meet. The trainer asked the participants to talk on three positive things about themselves. Amidst all the similar and boring answers, stood out one confident reply – “Good Looks, Good Looks and Good Looks” – and of every head that had turned towards the beaming Ryder, one head continued to look at him a tad longer with her little blue eyes, all so mesmerized!

‘Is this Love?’ she asked, no one in particular. In her moment of confusion, “Oh Dear God!” she voiced aloud in her mind, only to feel guilty immediately for she knew no God, to pray or plead! In happiness or pain, she was never taught to seek out to HIM.

Meanwhile in another part of the world, Gatsu was in his own dilemma on whether ‘to poke, or not poke Princess’ on her FaceBook profile.

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.


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[Contest]~Marriage: Who Convinced Whom? :)

“As she crossed the road that noon, it was like she had walked right into my life.”

Arranged marriage or Love marriage? Only a few get to experience both, so that they can compare which one turned out to be better for them. In case of the majority, the grass seems to be greener on the other side.
In either of the cases, the condition or situation is the same….only the dialogues differ.
This is how the spouses would go against each other:
Love marriage: ‘Having known you for like 3 years before marriage, I don’t know how I succumbed into getting married to you?’
Arranged marriage: ‘This is why I always felt that it was dangerous to agree for an arranged marriage.’
The only difference I can feel is that in love marriage, you re-experience something which you wouldn’t have liked earlier but had overlooked…while in arrange marriage, the same thing you’d have assumed to happen (and universe brings together its sources, and makes sure it does happen) happens.
With respect to the pain, I believe it is of the same level, though it’d be of different nature.

And then there can be difference in thoughts:
One who had a Love marriage: “Why didn’t I listen to my parents and settle for a gal/guy of their choice? Why was I stubborn to marry this one?”
One who had an Arranged marriage: “I should have proposed to her/him. What if she/he was someone else’s girlfriend/boyfriend? Why did I agree to marry someone my mother chose?”

The Complication lies in the Art of Convincing!
In case of Love marriage: You got to convince your parents, her/his parents, first circle of relatives (believe me!) on both sides, grandparents (if they are still authoritative), in some cases the long term neighbors (who’d have dreamed of getting their kid – if of the suitable gender – married to you) and even their dog!
In case of Arranged marriage: The whole universe around you tries to unite – come together in a miraculous manner – in order to persuade/convince you to agree to their choice! Even the dog, wags its tail.

If you are thinking about what happened in my particular case:
I was brought up in a jovial environment where arranged marriages were considered to be successful and hence, forever trending! And the love marriages that did happen in the family were between two individuals who belonged to the same caste/sub-caste and speaking the same mother tongue. So it was put down (in no writing) that if I was to have a love marriage, I’d have to find a gal who spoke my mother tongue. It made no sense to me and I played the ball into my mom’s court:
Horoscopes were matched, elders gave in their blessings. Only then was I given her email ID and asked to go figure. Though talking to girls was a casual affair, this was new to me and so I struggled. On getting her phone number we spoke for over 3 weeks at an average of 2 calls of 45 mins each per week. And when I went to meet her for the very first time, she crossed the road from the other side as if she walked right into my life.
It was first time for me in terms of arranged marriage 😉 so I wasnt’t aware of the procedure and hence I told her on the spot that I loved (meeting) her and it was a yes from my end. I consider it to be a Arranged-Love marriage from my end, for I had no clue that as per the protocol, I was supposed to convey my yes/no through my parents to her parents/relatives. She took her own sweet time (which was painful for me, in terms of the waiting period and uncertainty) to agree to my proposal and the rest as they say, is history. 😀

This is my entry to the Indiblogger’s contest – Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage!

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[55F: CGC Contest]~The Last Departure…

KING This post is published as an entry for the KING AND QUEEN OF 55F CONTEST – The first ever unique, challenge for the coveted title in micro fiction category. To catch the crowning moments and also be part of future editions and other contests, visit and register at Cafe GingerChai 


He stood there on the topmost floor of the building. Looking down, he remembered all the good old days he had spent with her. For a second, he smiled before the thoughts of losing it all clouded his mind. There was no looking back now. He took one deep breath, and entered the lift.

She saw him leave the room with an expressionless face, no remorse whatsoever. Lying on the ground, she remembered all the good old days she had spent with him. For a second, she smiled before the thoughts of losing it all clouded her mind. Taking a deep breath she got up, and latched the door.

The husband swearing at his wife and the wife abusing back – he had seen it all happen over the past so many years that he had been working at their house. He was happy to know that they were getting separated although he had not guessed it before having laced their drinks, with slow poison.

PS: Wanted to name this as “Lift, Latch and Lace” which I thought would kind of let go of the storyline.  🙂 Btw, the sets have 54, 55 and 55 words respectively.


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[BPL]~The Blogger Almighty: “Thou shalt one day, be Thee”!

Team This post has been published by me as a team member of Inscribe Tribes for the SUPER 5 round of Bloggers Premier League (BPL) – The first ever unique, elite team blogging event of blog world. To catch the BPL action and also be part of future editions and other contests, visit and register at Cafe GingerChai.

“Blogger dear, you shalt one day have your own set of followers who would come to you to seek their source of enlightenment. Remember, it’s your blog-o-spherical society that comes first before anything or anyone else. Guide them, towards creative glory!”
These were the very invaluable and insightful words invested into me by His Holy Highness “The Diary Almighty”, as I was being enlightened and brought up to serve and guide the next generation of creative and open writers.
In the Diary Age, be it to – express love, hatred or anger…pen down stories, verses or ramblings – writers wrote for themselves and only in their personal diaries, with most of their creativeness well within the confines of their own minds. However things have changed, slowly but steadily, all along with the advent of intelligent machines and creative as people were, they quickly adapted to the change and eventually clandestine writing took a backseat.
The day I was solemnized as “The Blogger Almighty”, I pledged to use all my power and the knowledge gained by the teachings of His Holy Highness, to serve the society for its well-being as well as that of my followers, the Bloggers.
Thus as time passed, came into existence the 12 commandments which would change the world, if practiced blindly:

I ~ Thou shalt not take more than give

My dear, this is something very important and hence shall be taken with top prominence. Make sure that being my follower; you don’t go overboard in this thumb rule. Every follower shall by all means give more than he wishes to take or accept. Be it love, care or anything materialistic – cash or kind – you shall not accept more than you can give. In case you do receive more, be kind enough to give it away as your excess can be someone else’s need.
Be charitable, do gift a smile.

II ~ Thou shalt not be profane or selfish in thy deeds.

Come what may, you are my son. To deserve my love or punishment, you shall be the one.
Respect your elders more than how you would like your next generation to revere you.
Look after the society and abide by its rules while you make sure to teach the fools.
Care for the stray and in times of need; do not go the other way.
Do not be greedy, disrespectful and selfish. Serve the society as your actions could inspire more and bring in that revolution.
Love the needy, as you love thyself.

III ~ Thou shalt have an appetite to learn and unlearn

At every stage, life presents you with an opportunity to learn. Be it from your own experience or from the experiences of the people around you. Don’t miss to digest the take-away. Learning from others’ mistakes is much easier and less painful than otherwise.
Education, at least up to a certain level as to where an individual can express his thoughts and explain his actions is a real must. Let me say it’s mandatory, so make sure this command is passed through the genes. As a responsible Follower, one needs to endorse it on their space and encourage children being sent to school.
There also comes such a time wherein you need to unlearn, for the benefit of all. There is a need to know of that thin and fine line that exists between acting smart and being smart.
Do learn, to know when and how to unlearn.

IV ~ Thou shalt think no twice to promote gender equality

For life to exist and sustain, there needs to be a gender balance. Female infanticide in the name of abortion is one serious offence. No harm shall be done to any form of life, living within or outside the divine womb. As a Follower, promotions and write ups on Feminism, mainly for providing legal protection to women should be on the agenda. Equality among the various genders of this generation shall be a key priority to not only change but also save the world.
Let gender inequality not corrupt life quality.

V ~ Thou shalt go nowhere, but green

Write no more on paper, save more trees. Followers should take up to the digitized format to showcase their creative write-up and wit. Movements like planting a sapling should be looked forward to, for a greener environment. Recycling of used-paper and plastics, shall not only save the trees and the environment but also end up saving water, oil and electricity. So as a responsible Follower, one shall go nowhere in the quest of a better living place but simply go green.
Hold a sapling, to feel life. Do not forget, to plant it.

VI ~ Thou shalt not ridicule gay rights

Every individual has the right to live his own way, provided they don’t happen to influence other individuals with their opinion nor interfere with the way they want to live. An individual loving a man or a woman or both, shall not be discriminated or ridiculed for his/her in-born sexual orientation. The individual shall instead be looked upon as stable and encouraged to lead a normal life serving for the betterment of the society that we all live in. Followers need to support the kinds, whenever the need arises.
Be gay (happy), for what they are.

VII ~ Thou shalt keep tab on pollution and population

For a peaceful mind to think strong and creative, fresh air is like the divine nectar. An awareness drive for a clean and pollution-free atmosphere needs to be on top of the Follower’s priority list. Talk to the people, write to them as well as for them, put up banners, support cleanliness and emission-check drives and be the reason, for a purer environment.
For someone who loves the nature around them and wishes for its longevity, shall take into consideration precautionary measures whenever there’s a possibility of being overpowered by their own libido. The outburst in population causes a major imbalance in regards to the demand-supply equation and Followers need to embed this message into the minds of respective readers.
Don’t let your pipe, smoke much.

VIII ~ Thou shalt not refute fair justice and justified capital punishment

For a crime that is committed, justice is to be delivered. And when that happens, Followers should not refute for the sake of it. Justice when fair shall be accepted as the final word. The delay in delivering justice, if any, needs to be made aware-of through the means of your intellectual creativity on your space so that no further uneasiness is caused to the people who have been the sufferers. On the other hand, no tax-payers’ funds are to be utilized to protect an offender.
Capital punishment if justified for the crime shall be honored.
Justice shall be powerful, so that powerful be just.

IX ~ Thou shalt denounce social exclusion

An individual is a social being and by no means shall he/she be excluded from exercising this right. So shall one think, on similar lines for every other individual. It is up to an individual and his/her ability to hold on to the readers, to see to it that no individual is subjected to any kind of alienation from the society that he/she lives or prefers to live in. It’s a challenge to the Follower’s skill of bringing forth such awareness, wherein there’s no place for differentiation based on a person’s social status, education, living standards, relationships, disability, gender, age and likewise.
No matter what, you belong.

X ~ Thou shalt endorse noble causes

For an individual’s action, life in due time tends to take a full circle. For an individual to get anything fruitful and beneficial, he/she would be needed to do something similar or even better, much more in advance.
Followers – do make it a point to support a good sensible cause, be it for the juvenile, the elderly or for the unprivileged.
On your space, pin a banner or a badge of the organization you believe in.
Believe in the art of giving and do endorse your Belief.

XI ~ Thou shalt not practice racism.

No matter how we look, how we are, what we do – we are all one and the same.
Followers – make no discrimination based on the skin color, characteristics and abilities specific to the way in which the people are brought up in a particular environment. Though varied by looks, tone and thoughts, people are all alike and do stand to own their respect in the society that we all live in and are a part of. Do evangelize that living in harmony is beneficial than engaging oneself in the internal feuds over reasons that one need to be ashamed of in the first place.
Take the lead. Win the race, to curb racism.

XII ~ Thou shalt spread awareness on HIV/AIDS and Drug abuse

There’s no bigger pain than the one self-inflicted due to the lack of awareness and care. The sources to get infected by deadly viruses like the HIV are many and you as a Follower have at your disposal a greater medium to make people aware, putting to use the best skill that you possess – thoughtful writing.
Usage of illegal drugs no doubt makes an individual experience an unimaginable level of ecstasy and takes him/her to a point so high that the only way going forward is downwards. It’s your duty to propagate how the banned and illegal drugs of deadly nature like Cocaine, Opium, Marijuana and their likes are still exchanging hands in the world that we live in as well as on the measures needed to be taken to curb such illegal acts.
Say NO to Narcotics.

To a Follower, who blogs and publishes his/her views keeping in mind these 12 commandments – ‘Thou shalt one day, be Thee – Amen!’.

Signed – Blogger Almighty

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[BPL]~Love in Bollywood: Kismat Dis-Konnection!

Team This post has been published by me as a team member of Inscribe Tribes for the SUPER 6 round of Bloggers Premier League (BPL) – The first ever unique, elite team blogging event of blog world. To catch the BPL action and also be part of future editions and other contests, visit and register at Cafe GingerChai



Looking at her dead body, I didn’t know what to do. Mind went blank and hands into the pockets. I found the dagger that Rashmi had gifted me. I wanted to move on and not die, but what can one do if I have to die as per the script? Who could change the script of life? Sab bhagwan ka khel hey! All in the name of, holy cow!
I was just about to play by the rules and poke the dagger into the left ventricles of my heart, ki I heard a voice calling out loud to me.
Abe uttja oye…naalayak…paune nau bajgaye” – it was my mother, and I was thrilled that she rescued me at the exact moment.
Thank you maa, thank you
Kyun beta, saw a bad dream?”
Hey bhagwan, how did you guess? Tumhe sab hey pata, hey na maa?
Why won’t I know? Beta baap pe jo gaya hey“.

I was very similar to my dad, so said everyone. Papa kehte hey, ki he named me Raj as he knew looking at the newborn me that I would one day become a Shahrukh Khan fan. Truth is, he was in love with Rajani, his professor’s daughter but never had the courage to confess to her. In those pre-internet days, he had no option of remembering her as his password either. So when my mother was carrying me, he vowed to offer 100 coconuts to the almighty if I would be born as a girl so that he could name me Rajani. Maa knew he was a fan of the tele-serial ‘Rajani’, but never got to know why. To his utter dismay, it turned out otherwise and thankfully he cut short what he had in mind and named me Rajnaam toh suna hoga!!

Falling in love I think came to me, inherited. Same was the case with bad luck, when it was about getting committed. Papa had spent some quality time running around trees, while his younger brother had done all the high pitch drunken drama standing atop the water tank. Maa was no Mother Theresa either.
But none of them managed to hold on to what they went after. Eventually they settled down with what was being offered by the experienced, their elders.

I remember Papa narrating to me tales regarding our family history, most of which I must add, was tragic especially where love happened to be the central theme.
One legendary story was about how my great-great-grandfather had plastered my great-grandmother-to-be inside the walls and buried her while alive right in front of my chained-to-vows great-grandfather. My great-grandfather is then believed to have aimlessly wandered before surrendering himself into the arms of a courtesan, who is said to have had a moon-like-beautiful-face and as a matter of fact, even a stake in Royal Challengers Bangalore probably through ‘sweet antiquity’

With such a glorious family background, they had high expectations from me when it came to keeping up with the tradition and I didn’t disappoint any of them, one bit.

When I fell in love with Rita, I had shared the joy with my best friend Sanju that she was the one for me, for the saath janams. But when Rita didn’t like my brand new second-hand ambassador car, the seven births’ dream ended like in less than seven weeks and I was totally devastated and heart-broken. Ditto with our Yezdi freak Sanju, when Devika left him in favor of the Ritchie Rich Shekar who owned the latest, sleek and brand new 4-cylinder 1089cc Premier Padmini.
My parents were proud of me, so much that I overheard them broadcast “Raj ban gaya gentleman” over the telephone. 

And then came in Priyanka, who stayed right opposite to my house and loved to spend her time by her bedroom window. Everyday from my window, I admired her beauty of a ponds-lotion-face, but she thought of me as an awara romeo who invaded into her private moments and unconditionally hated me for it. I even made Kallu maama scan through all the 12 rashees to see if something can be set right which would make her favor me, but Priyanka had long given up on me.

When it comes to love, people end up doing what-not. Sanju once told me about a distant relative of his who had to put up at his father-in-law’s house as a maid, fully packed and all that, for over a month just to convince his angry wife to get back home and eventually was successful.

So we, Sanju and I decided to leave our hometown and go to Mumbai, where life runs faster than the local trains, in search of a job, a career and of course, love. Finding true love was tough, but nothing compared to finding a place to stay in Mumbai. Some how we managed to find two single rooms for us, close to each other. Ever since our padosan aunty, Laxmi Chachi received a telegram which read “Maa ka ladla bigad gaya” from her son’s landlord in Mumbai, we were being advised to lookout for separate houses.

Being from a small town, every girl in Mumbai looked eligible to my eyes so much so that I found it hard to differentiate between married and single women.
I got a job as a radio jockey, but love was hard to come by. Even my beautiful colleague Janhavi, was committed to an underworld gangster.

Though I put in some more efforts and did give it a try by staying a few months longer, I saw little hope for myself, a poor man, to find true love in Mumbai. I sincerely wished someone would invite me for her swayamvar too. But inherited genes and strong family tradition always seemed to rule the roost and I decided to return back home.

Inside the courtroom of a highly secured prison, I was standing in the custody box waiting for the judge to deliver his sentence.
My lord, the most important witness in this case is here. Please give her a chance to speak before you break that cheap local nib.Saamiya Siddiqui, my saucy young lawyer brought in that much needed twist to an otherwise slow and boring courtroom proceeding.
Pesh kiya jaaaaye” the judge seemed to have read what he stereotypically uttered, out of a book.
Thank you my lord. I now present before you, Zaara who is the love interest of our cross border prisoner. Kaidi number 786, Mr RAJender Pratap Singh.
As the courtroom door opens in slow motion, I feel the heat and start perspiring profusely. I was very eager to have a glance of Zaara, ki I heard a voice calling out loud to me.
Abe uttja oye…naalayak…paune nau bajgaye…iss garmi main kaise sota hey tu?
hmm…You Know Who!

PS: When it got to know that I was in fact the tribesman, who would be writing on this topic revolving Bollywood, Hindi demanded its rightful presence and usage in the write up. Being a true Indian Inscribed Tribesman, I had to honor the request as the ‘Show must go on’!


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