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[Crazy-Poetry]~ Wall in Love: The Sakhu-MJ Networking!! ;)

Life was hell, with the poor me squeezed like lime…
I was happy then, but ten months is quite a long time…
What if my relationship status was “Committed” on Facebook…
He still sent me a fraand request, giving my profile pic just one look…

I looked pretty eating a pizza by hands, but must say he was quite bold…
He seemed cute, though his display pic was that of a one year old…
“Hi…friends call me MJ and I also love to eat”, he gave intro and told…
Accepting his request, I welcomed him into my online household…

He made me repeatedly LOL LOL, by cracking jokes on his tummy…
And sometimes I went ROFL, when he told how strict was his mummy…
Sad was this Sakhu Bai, for the last 10 months and then came this MAN…
Now I feel happy and maybe – just maybe – in love, as in my mind he ran…

All my statuses, good or boring – he’s the first to “like”…
In many of his comments, he’s promised to take me on his bike…
Seeing lots of istree-yan in his friend list, used to make me oh so jealous…
But seeing them all call him “anna, anna”, it is now so much hilarious…

You know, he invited me to his Farmville saying “let us grow some crop”…
Though Sakhu knows no farming, I said “Bring pink cow from over the hill top”…
And then he “pokes” me regularly writing funny liners on my wall…
Temme temme…How the hell can Sakhu Bai control herself? In love, she had to fall… 😀

Note: The English language is deliberately twisted at a few places in this poem…so my dearest English pundits, pls echoos me…this is purely a desi-flavored masala!! 

On request from dearest Sakhu Bai, I intend to dedicate these verses to our dear MJ – The theme of this poem was based on listening to all his stories and also knowing his online avatar!! 

Translations (for the few non-english words that I’ve used):
1) istree-yan = ladies
2) Anna = brother

The Sakhu Bai series so far:
1. Name is Sakhu Bai
2. Sakhu Bai…in love!


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[Love Call][Photo-blog]~ Caw Caw :)

Standing on the balcony, as I was sipping on my early good morning coffee around 1pm last Sunday…I saw this crow perched on the window slab of the opposite building, calling out “caw caw” loudly.

I didn’t realize it to be the “love call”…and in no time, did another crow (presumably male, by its behavior towards me) come to join its partner (presumably female, cos the other one I reasoned out to be a male 😛 ).

The male was looking at me as if I would run away with his muse…huh…while the female (I was as much tired of its caw-caw, as it must have been “caw-caw-ing”) was whispering something to it.

And suddenly, not bothering about who was watching – THEY DID THIS!! I clicked, and ran inside to instead watch some decent Rakhi Sawant show on TV!! hmm…

NOTE: No Crows nor their sentiments were hurt in the process.


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[Crazy-Poetry]~ Sakhu Bai…in LoVe! ;)

I know you would say, long time no see…
Kya bolu – I am fulltu busy, not at all free…
So what’s up, I know you would ask the poor me…
IT job, not as easy like monkeys climbing a tree… :mrgreen:

Anyways, I’ve something in secret to tell you all…
Thought of writing down here, as I feel very shy on the call…
Never thought this would happen, but chalo gimme a haaii-faaii…
How to say, hmm…ya…deeply fallen in love is your Sakhu Bai!! 😉

Sitting in the next cubicle, he used to gimme weird looks…
Initially I felt like hitting him hard with piles of books…
Then what to say, uff…he happened to seem nice and cute…
Love was in the air with music in the background, violins and flute… 😛

Feels nice to say, ki your Sakhu Bai is now no more single…
Too much time spent coochie-cooing free on phone, no time to mingle…
Planning is fulltu on, for our marriage which is now love cum arranged…
And oh yes, to ‘committed’ – my Orkut-n-Facebook status, I’ve changed… 😉

Note: The English language is deliberately twisted at a few places in this poem…so my dearest English pundits, pls echoos me…this is purely a desi-flavored masala!! 😀

With permission from dearest Sakhu Bai, I tend to dedicate this poem(??) to all those who have recently been married, engaged, fixed or found love! – The theme of this poem was based on all your stories!! 🙂

As for the title of the poem – well…when Shaky (Shakespeare) can fall in love, why can’t our Sakhu-bai! 😉

Translations (for the few hindi words that I’ve used):
1) Kya bolu – what can I say?
2) Fulltu – is a slang word for ‘wholesale’ or ‘full time’
3) Ki – that
4) Coochie-cooing – its an art of whispering loud between couples (don’t ask me, anything more 😉 )


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High Heeled Aunty Stella! ;)


She walks down the stairs making too much noise…
Talks to all on the way with a loud voice!
Flirts with every old and young fella…
She’s none other than our high-heeled Aunt Stella! 😉

Not so long long ago, Stella had sat on the wall…
Uncle Mathew did have a great fall, if not for all!
A man so handsome then and tall…
He was unaware of the things that were to befall!

She was short and beautiful, well known for her high heels…
He got to look directly into her eyes, as he went down on his knees!
With a sparkling diamond ring in a tiny box, he did propose…
“Yes I do” she said and hugged him tight, as he arose!

Times changed and things slowly did fall in place…
Aunt Stella and Uncle Mathew they became, as age showed up on their face!
If Uncle Mathew looked around to get refreshed, she’d take his case…
Cos she believed that she was still a strong contender in the race! 🙄

Yet, Aunt Stella walks down the stairs making all that noise…
While Uncle Mathew sits retired at home, having no choice!
She hates it when any young fella refers to her as an “Aunt”…
Fast walk, loud talk and high heels is all that she’s got to flaunt! 😀


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Do I flirt? Hell no! ;)

I have been interrogated quite a few many times…by parents, friends – both guys and gals, policemen, watchmen, auto-drivers and even my maid…one common question they ask somewhere along the whole tete-e-tete is the very one about which I have no clue whatsoever. They all in some way or the other ask “Sree, Do you flirt?”! 🙄
Now as you know, Sree and Flirting are like Snow and the Sahara! 😛
I always end up trying to convince them with “Err…nooooo….nooooo…I don’t flirt…I…noooooo…nooo…flirt??…me??…I don’t…what?!!”…but to my bad luck, they end up not believing me. Hmmmph!!
As someone said, “One kind of flirtation, is to boast we never flirt.”….I didn’t know that though I did it all the while! 😛
Did you just say “I don’t believe you”? WTF!
This post is a result of these one-too-many enquiries….I decided to pick up a few lines and styles to flirt around…Ladies, in case you get to meet me…beware!!! :mrgreen:

The Bare Stare:
I was standing at the bus stand…waiting for the ever punctual 9:45pm AC bus to arrive which would take me to the Chennai Central (Railway station) on my way to Bangalore…Standing beside me was a girl who by her looks and luggage, seemed like an IT geek on her way to hometown, waiting for the same AC bus as I was. I looked at her with naked eyes (yes, I wasn’t wearing my spectacles…what else huh?)….she looked at me…our eyes met….
All of a sudden, out of nowhere, an aunty appeared – “Enna kanna…flirting-a?” (What son, flirting eh?) 😈
I didn’t know what to say then…
Later as I searched googled, I learnt that I had to say like someone quoted – “Yeah I flirt, I’m not blind and I’m not dead!” Sigh…if I had researched a little earlier! 😛

Well, for those unaware…Eye Contact happens to be the most used and simplest flirting technique…as someone winkingly said, eyes do speak! 😉
But too much of staring is bad…especially if its just one sided! If you can’t understand what I mean, experience it! 😛

Some of the pick-up lines and my learnings which doesn’t work anymore:

1. “You remind me of my next girlfriend.”
Modern women, are like mystery…you never know if they are single, committed, engaged or married…and beauty of it all, is that they never tell…One needs to be careful when you use this liner…Best to be used against those women who have been referenced by a trustworthy referrer. 😀

2. “My friend wants to know if you think I’m hot”
This is a very dangerous flirt line…unless you have a friend who is equally crazy and supportive…one whom you haven’t betrayed at any point of time (till then)…Cos if the gal ends up to be foolish, she is bound to ask “Which friend?”…at that very moment, you’d need some (otherwise useless) body to point at… 😆

3. “If nothing lasts for ever, will you be my nothing?”
This is a tried and tested liner…never used to fail…until girls took offense at being referred to as “nothing”…Remember, they are anything but nothing! 😉

4. “Baby, you must be a lighter cause you turn me on..”
Never use this on first meet, unless you wanna burn your fingers! A very bold flirt line…believe me, if she’s hot and angry she’d light you up…alive…hmm…

5. “I can’t taste my lips, could you do it for me?”
This one’s very flirtatious of the lot…make sure no one’s around, especially the ones from her side…not even her pet…If she happens to be an dog lover, she’d say “my dog would do that on my behalf”….save yourself an embarrasment! 😛

6. “If you were a bullet, I would shoot myself to have you in me.”
This is a military flirt line…if the girl is a daughter of a Colonel, try this one…would work fine, unless she’s got the license to kill…High when it comes to risk…but gives a high kick! 😉

7. “Feel my shirt. Does that feel like boyfriend material?”
This is a “tailor”ed flirt line….cheap, but one which definitely brings on a smile…if she agrees, you are damn lucky dog…if not, the max that can happen is her pushing you away with a “Chi…thuuu….poda”!! 😆

8. “Your parents must be bakers, coz’ ur a cutie pie”
This is a cute one, agreed…but then if girl gets offended for calling her parents bakers, get ready to be baked like one loaf of a bread! 😉

9. “Damn girl, u look so fine….
                            Do u mind, being mine”
Poetic flirting…never fails…unless she’s a dead duck with cob-webbed feet….!! 😛

10. “I feel like Richard Gere, I’m standing next to you, you Pretty Woman.”
Romantic filmi flirting…make sure your gal has seen the movie you are using as a bait…else it would make no sense…Also be sure of the movie character you pick…imagine how it would be using this line, if Richard Gere was gay in the movie! 😛


The most disgusting and local pick-up line that I learnt here in Chennai is “Enna Solranga?”…crap…a neat lift of “Kya bolti tu?”! 😛 Aamir Khan saying it to Rani Mukherji is one thing, while the local romeo using his own version is another! 😛

Chalo…so long…and ya, be good! 😉
PS: All lines have been flicked off the internet….cos I don’t flirt! 😉


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Rants on a boring sunday evening! :)

Life’s been tough…some random rants on a boring sunday late evening!

1. MJ was buried without his brains…as a tribute, the journos decided not to use their brains too and were seen smiling/laughing/very-excited at his funeral! hmmph!

2. The last few weeks have been very disturbing…with friends and colleagues losing out on their jobs…Things look somewhat better now…has to get better, Amen! 🙂

3. The budget was cranky…nothing for the mortals like me…a saving of one grand could very well go if the erased FBT has to be borne by us, the employees! Sigh!

4. Had been home to Bangalore last weekend…got drenched in the Saturday noon showers…first time this year!! Yay!!! 🙂

5. Things haven’t changed much regarding my train travels…I happened to travel to-n-fro with a bunch of retired strangers. The only problem with travelling in the same compartment as them is that they switch-on the lights and switch-off the fan minimum 2 hours in advance to reaching the destination.

6 The only thing exciting about mondays…is that there are just 4 more days to go, for the weekend! 😉

7. The girls-next-door took our newspaper one morning. So we suspected. Investigations are being carried out. But am not able to decide: Shall I knock their door or ring the door-bell? 😛

8. That Shoba De writes very well, is common knowledge…I especially like her articles when it’s in regards with man-woman relationships and sarcastic humor. She did a slap-stick about Shiney Ahuja’s next movie “Maid in India” in Sunday Times column – “Politically Incorrect”! 😀

9. Instead of being happy and satisfied at winning the T20 World Cup this year, Pakistan still has to point fingers at India. Shahid Afridi has said that India didn’t seem like they wanted to play Pakistan. He was right, cos we just wanted to win. (We won the warm up tie…and didnt get to face them again)!! Hmmph!

10.  The serial-kisser, Emraan Hashmi seems to have stopped doing the act on 72mm…but “Kissing On-screen” is the latest technique of promoting an Indian movie. In a country like India, where population crisis was never an issue – this seems to be ironic…but this strategy is definitely working awesome. 😀

11. Talking about political power misuse…the latest one is Mayawati who is setting up “Maya Nagari” spending thousands of crores of tax-payers money in the name of caste-politics. She happened to inaugrate 25 statues (of Late Kanshiram and herself) in 2 hours flat last week. I wish we were crows and pigeons, atleast we could take give them their dues! Hmmph!
12. This number adds to 3…my lucky number…I was born on the 21st…and the year after this is 2010…what’s in store for me? 😛

13. With the article 377 being set straight (what an irony), there were celebrations on the streets of Chennai and Bangalore…Will we get to see demands “for quota” and “for minority status” in the near future…I’ve nothing against, just stating the trend…

14. What has the world come to? Forget humans, even cartoons are not being spared. Intially there was hue and cry over Tintin’s homosexuality…and now it’s about Archie choosing Veronica over Betty! Atleast Archie chose a woman! The world isn’t happy over anything! Sigh!

15. My watchman wanted to secretly apply as a participant for Rakhi’s Swayamvar drama on Television…while his wife wanted her grandson to give a shot at making Rakhi her bahu. 😆


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I wanna be a Superhero…

Even if you sneeze, the whole world gets to know…thanks to you updating your Orkut or Facebook profile status…
I’m just doing it the other way round…My fortune today in Orkut read like this:
Today’s fortune: What we think, we become (Please don’t think you are a superhero and don’t try to fly)
The word superhero caught my mind….resulting in nonsensical poetry!! 😀 Pardon me!! :mrgreen:


I wanna be a super hero….
Cos am tired of being equated to a zero…
Wanna be all powerful and do good…
Well known, popular and never misunderstood!

I wanna be a Spiderman…
Fly over skyscapers whenever I can..
And get kissed upside down in rain…
By none other than my very own Mary Jane!

I wanna be a He-man…
Swing around that sword like a fan….
Fight all demons, and break the curse…
And be the master of the universe!

I wanna be a Superman….
Fly up, up and away to Krypton for a tan…
Work aside a reporter like Ms. Lois Lane….
Be called as the man of steel, oh feels so sane!! 😀

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