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[Bakwaas]~ Animations in a Team!! ;)

One should be fortunate enough to be working in a project team where the team members are like minded. If not like minded, atleast they should be adjusting. If not both, they should atleast NOT be stupidly irritating…else, they stand a good chance of being made fun of!! 😉
When people ask me:
1) How can someone even manage with you being in their team? You don’t work, you don’t let others work, you distract people by taking them on periodic coffee breaks and when no one’s around, you ping people on the communicator irrespective of their (usually false) status’s…How can someone even complete their work man?
2) You involve yourself a lot in non-project related activities…Pitstop, Outreach, Blogs, OCS, etc…what project related work do you do?
and so on…all I do is, smile. :mrgreen:
Smart work cannot be projected, nor can it be put in mere words. 😉
But then there are (terrific) chances that smart work cannot be recognized too…my appraisal ratings talk about that!! 😈

Anyways, don’t run away….this is not an advice kind of a post!! 😛 I was just giving some build-up trailer to some bakwaas conversation I had with one of my friend.
Last weekend over gtalk, I happened to ask her “You never tell me about the characters in your project…are they so good that you don’t have anything to talk about them? No one to make fun of eh?”

Note: At this point, I’m sure a few will keep it in mind to ask me “How come all your friends are gals, Sree?” in the comment section. And in my usual style I would give them all, a smile!! 😀

I think she was waiting for someone to ask her that question. I had a good laugh over the next 30 mins, as she narrated how she worked in the best team possible…sarcasm can jump in the well, if you didn’t get that one!! 😛

Here goes our chat:

Disclaimer: I’ve edited some part of the chat!! Why? Well…since you guys are already aware that I don’t flirt, I need not showcase those pointers in our conversation. 😉

Me: “You never tell me about the characters in your project…are they so good that you don’t have anything to talk about them? No one to make fun of eh?”
She: “Aha…you never asked me…well…you wanna hear? might take sometime…”

Me: “Hmm…I’m a very busy chap…but OK, I’ll make some time for ya…Start! 😛 ”
She: “Don’t bull me ok? Anyways…my team consists of 5 cartoon characters 😀 “

Me: “Does it include you too? 😆 ”
She: “Don’t poke your nose, if you want me to tell you what happened two days ago!”

Me: “Ok ok ok…continue re baba!”
She: “As I said, my team consists of 5 cartoon characters.
1 – my TL (let’s name her Sonia Gandhi…for better understanding 😉 )
2 – my team mate (Manmohan Singh)
3 – my humble self 😉
4 – another team mate, a gal who thinks she has won the Miss Universe pagaent
and 5 – an ELT, who due to lack of work at hand roams around the bay seeing award hangings on walls, as though he is at an art exhibition 😀 “

Me: “Wow…is your PM ok? How does she/he manage Walt Disney Productions?”
She: “He’s a busy person handling many projects, so doesn’t interfere much in our day to day activities…troublesome yes, when we need leave approvals but then overall he’s just fine!”

Me: “Hmm…ok ok ok..continue”
She: “Ya…so…everyday Manmohan Singh comes in at 8 and leaves by per the PM and TL, he is THE ONE to handle the release but that only means that he is just dumped with more-n-more work…he has high hopes of going onsite..which sadly he (and me too) knows that he wont get it!
As for me, I just give my count of 15 per day..and leave by past experiences have taught me well 🙂 “

Me: “15 counts of what?”
She: “Test cases re…don’t ask me such stupid questions…”

Me: “Err…ok ok ok…15 per day…no wonder why we developers hate testers! 😛 ”
She: “And we have lots of work, thanks to the stupidity of people like you! What about that? 😀 “

Me: “Ok ok ok…continue…tell me about that Miss Universe female! 😛 :mrgreen:
She: “Despo…I knew you would surely ask about her even if I had deliberately missed…well…Miss Universe is very smart you know..although she knows everything, she will act dumb…to avoid being given work! A 3B combo…Beauty-Brain-Bull…And the ELT is no where in picture, currently 🙂 “

Me: “Hehe…so what happened?”
She: “Manmohan sits adjacent to me so I can see his monitor when I turn, and SoniaG always does what she is good at…handling the strings of her puppet (Manmohan-ji). She tried it on me too…but I don’t have any strings attached! 😉 “

Me: “Hehe…was that an intended pun? too good 😀 ”
She: “Intended or not, it was an instant pun for sure! 😉 so…usually if SoniaG wants us to stay late, she will send a mail to Manmohan – asking him to tell us to stay till 8…and he will inturn send a mail to us deleting her id 😀 [psychic psychology]…this is the inside story, that I knew…but no one else knows 🙂 “

Me: “Wah…Karamchand…Wah” (Note: For the unknown, Karamchand was Door-Darshan’s Sherlock Holmes!! 😉 )
She: “Hehe…so that day, only some modules were working properly…and we all gave a total count of 56…Miss Universe started packing up by 6:20…I had done my count of exact 15 so even I started to pack up…SoniaG (her count being 7) got all agitated…so she sent a mail to Manmohan with the subject liner “Ask them to stay till 8″…and since the two of us were already packing up, Manmohan got very…and in the hurry to send the mail to us he forgot to clear the subject line…lol lol lol…I told him he is going to get for it! 😉 And he was literally pleading to me not to leave my seat..cos if I do SoniaG will have all the liberty to pounce on him 😀 “

Me: “So even your TL ..aka.. Sonia, has to show a count of 15? good ya…mera wala ullu ka patta kuch karta hi nahi, sirf delegation…hmmph!”
She: “Jaise tu kuch karta hey! 😛 “

Me: “Oyee…chal then what happened?”
She: “What has to happen has to happen na? Next thing was SoniaG mailed him to join her in the meeting room…Miss Universe stayed till 8, but was reading a book even after being asked to work…I did just one test case from 6:45 to 8 😀 Manmohan did 5, struggling on each of them and cursing himself…Madam SoniaG left doing nothing, at 7:15…I don’t really know what was the need for all this “stay till 8″ hallabulla…”

Me: “What to do, some have to do that to show who the leader is…leader of cartoons!! 😛 ”
She: “I didn’t tell you all this story so that you can make fun of me…if I start talking about you, you’ll repent having made fun of me in the first place…hmmmph…”

Me: “Oyee…no no no…maaf karde!”
She: ” And you know what…the last time SoniaG had mailed him with subject line reading “Ask the one sitting next to you, to stay till 8!!”and I had just happened to turn to ask him something and saw it..and he was pleading to me saying ‘don’t tell her that you saw it’…hehe…I stayed till 8 and just cleared my inbox of all fwds and my drawer of all unwanted papers 😀 “

Me: “Thats bad ya…no work then why stay back? to show to others how hard you all work eh?”
She: “Dunno the reasons..and I don’t understand any bull….but ek ek namune hai mere team mein…And sadly, this story will continue Monday…sigh..”

Me: “Anyways, too bad ya…so what’s for dinner?”
She: “Ye lo…all you can be, is despo…then Miss Universe, now food…when will you ….blah blah blah…”

Next time you have a teammate who’s a pain in the wrong place, share your experiences with me…I would love to know those cartoons…There’s no bigger animation than in the life we are living through…all we need to do, is to recognize which character they fit into!! 😛

PS: The anagram of ‘Animate’ gives “In a Team”…so the title! 😉


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