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[Humor-Poetry]~Can Sakhu Bai ask Why?

Hello Namaste Vanakkam, yo! I’m back again…
Still hot and beautiful I’m, Aayi Shappat, hand on my brain!
Say you didn’t miss me, without telling a lie…
Can Sakhu Bai ask why?

Btw, what do these men think?
That if I speak nice, they can pick me with a wink?
Now all I feel is that there is not one decent guy…
Can Sakhu Bai ask why?

I bought a car, which runs on deejil…
As petrol is costly for a tank fill…
And just now they increased deejil cost by five…
Can Sakhu Bai ask why?

Life is funny, and to screw it would just be an irony…
I believe in Karma, and so not always safe to meddle with destiny!
When someone smiles, it’s always more than what meets the eye…
Can Sakhu Bai ask why?

I wondered what scam they could do with a toothpaste…
When all day on television, I got to hear about Co(a)lgate…
When I understood, I realized India Shining was just a lie…
Can Sakhu Bai ask why?

Note: The English language is deliberately twisted at a few places in this poem…so my dearest English pundits, please echoos me…this is purely a desi-flavored masala!!

Translations & Twists:
Aayi Shappat = Mother Promise
Deejil = Diesel
Vanakkam = Welcome/Hello

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An unposted letter…to Mr. Bal Thackeray!!!

India is a diversified country…so we are bound to have diversified opinions. But then one has to watch his/her tongue when they try to influence someone else or a group of people with their opinions/ideologies.

I am referring to none other than Mr. Bal Thackeray for his immature statements. Being an old tiger in the jungle he should have known how to embrace grace than to time and again embarass it. ShahRukh Khan (SRK) has the right to air his opinion about the current affairs and most importantly about IPL and its selection debacles as he owns one of the franchisees. He’s right about being disappointed for the kind of treatment dished out to the Pakistani cricketers at the IPL bidding. There was no clear statement about why all the IPL franchisees ignored them.

I repeat again that SRK was right in voicing his opinion. But my question is, why and what does the sena chief want to prove by making statements that target SRK? Is he trying to gain political mileage by attacking a top movie star? Does he need to stoop down to such low standards? Afterall why? Statements like “SRK should make Kasab the captain of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Afzal the vice-captain” showcase how immature he still is, or how low he can stoop. All of this in the sunset of his life, just doesn’t suit him…So I felt like writing a letter to him. Here I go:

Dear Mr Bal Thackeray,

I write this letter to you, with the hope that you don’t get angry that its not in Marathi as well as not written by a Maharastrian. I love Mumbai/Maharasthra as much I love the rest of India. Looking at myself in the mirror, I see no difference in you as a Marathi Manoos and me as an Indian. We are like any other human beings, but then why do you see a difference? I really don’t know…

You need to stop this mockery…the tiger seems to be roaring for the wrong reasons.
You need not bother about the following things:
1) What all SRK or Saif says…
2) About to whom Mumbai belongs. The Marathi Manoos are best without your suggestions.
3) About taxes on cricket matches played in Maharasthra…

Instead if you need political mileage, pick on these topics:
1) Ask the Government to expedite the Kasab Trial…ask why his trail is wasting so much of public money…
2) See to it that no terrorism activities ever happen in and around your beloved cities. I wouldn’t like to see you or your partymen hiding in your respective dens in times of need. Where the hell were you when 26/11 happened? You have no right to pick on your country men over that when you yourself were hiding when those terrorists took charge of your city!!
3) Ask your son Udhav take on serious issues rather than pick on movie stars.

As I conclude, I want to ask you one question that I always wanted to ask you – Have you watched the movie Spiderman? – If not, pls watch it…maybe have it translated in Marathi just incase you feel its too unethical to watch the English version. Do not miss the scene where Spiderman is adviced by his uncle, “With great power, comes great responsibity”…you need it the most…cos I guess you never had such an uncle.

Expecting more positive actions from your end.



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