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[Dreams]~The Indefinite Fall!!! ;)

Dreams! Love it or not, we all tend to get them when in deep sleep. But then some of us do get those weird, scary and recurring dreams with a realistic 3D feel. Don’t we? Are you one among them? I have/had one such recurring dream.

As a child, I remember getting scary dreams and waking up yelling out loud. The dream pattern was almost the same. It always started with me riding a male elephant. I loved elephants then and had (still have) a pair of wooden elephants to play with. As the dream proceeded, the elephant got agitated for no reason and began to run wild as I struggled to hold on to its ears and balance my little parking space on its back. It used to run fast and without any sense of direction before finally falling down a slope. Where do I end up after the fall – is something I was never able to know as I would get up screaming at the best possible decibel! 😉
But then, reminiscing the dream I now understand why the elephant would have got that wild! I was too young then to get the difference between agitation and arousal! 😉

As the child turned into a teenager, the dreams remained the same with only the medium/platform changing. I happened to ride the bicycle (and towards the end of teen-age, a motorcycle) at an amazing immortal speed – sometimes cycling away from the angry Physical Trainer (PT master) or towards a beautiful dame – only to realize there were no brakes on the damn machine.  And it so happened that I always ended up cycling on a hill top or a cliff to fall off again – not sure where.
Thinking back – maybe if I wasn’t scared and had explored the fall, I would have been writing something like “Alice in wonderland” and not this sad image damaging tale! 😀

When I was whiling time doing engineering, I slept a lot and used to get these dreams almost every other day. Running away with a friend’s Suzuki 1K cc race bike or the professor’s Mercedes (they actually owned a Yamaha 100 and a Fiat respectively, in actual…but they could be anything in the dreams) at top notch speeds – for gawd knows what reasons – only to drive into a slippery slope, losing control before a fall that was never to be.

Over the last few years, I find myself on top of our office buildings (usually TCO SDB2 terrace – its the tallest here with 6 floors) having landed there on a flying machine (I hear a news on its radio saying “The PMO has lodged a military complain over its stolen helicopter” :mrgreen: ) only to run crazy on the terrace walls and jump off – and I presume, land safely too! 😉

The married me, has so far not gone through a “married” version of the dream…over a month now without the indefinite fall – making me wonder – “Have I reached the Rock Bottom?”! 😉


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