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[Social Mess-up]~When Emotions become Reactions…

Emotions are known to be something that we humans have aplenty in abundance. We emote at anything and in any situation. Emotions could be varied – good, bad, happy, sad and so on. But there is a vast difference when one shows off his/her emotions in person and when online.
Emotions displayed online, are mostly reactions is what I feel. Let me take two similar cases of such reactions on FaceBook (FB).

#1 Picture this one sad tale:
As usual, I was logged into FB on that Thursday night. A friend who had got married over a year ago, but had not shared his wedding photos on FB, had finally relented to the umpteen requests by his friends by posting about 2-3 photos of the memorable occasion.

Legend has it that, if something is not already on FB, it has never happened.

Anyway…one particular photo of the newly married couple sitting on stage, was trending, with friends ‘like’ing and posting wishes in the comment section. Now knowing him in person, I was aware that it was an old photograph. Yet, I followed others in wishing him….a mere reaction! He replied to all our comments, till about 9:30 pm that night.

I do not get to log into FB during the day time on weekdays, but I do get notifications on email/cellphone. One notification mail on that particular wedding photo read “How could this happen to you, you being such a sweet person?!”
I was kind of surprised as to why would someone say something like that on a wedding picture.

On reaching home, I first logged in to FB via that notification link to check why such a comment was made in such a happy picture. And that is when I got to know!
Unfortunately, it so happened that that very night this friend of mine had succumbed to a blockage in his heart artery (he was diagnosed & being treated for acidity, I’m told)! 😦

But then the downfalls of a social network is such that, the picture you post in an album in your profile appears on the wall of your friends! And in this case, his wedding photograph continued to get wishes…some of which were very heart wrenching like “you both look lovely…may you have many more years of happiness” and others alike.

Again a case of mere reactions!! Hmm..

#2 Two weeks ago:
On a Monday morning, my cousin’s Labrador ‘Buddy’ died.
Four years ago, when I had just joined FB I had posted a picture of Buddy & me….which had received about 2 likes and 4 comments till then.
That Monday evening, I expressed my condolences on that picture tagging my cousin. He himself had not seen that 4 yr old picture till that moment! 😛

Now for the reaction part:
Since I had dug and commented on an old picture, it was now on the walls of my FB friends.
Since they had never seen two animals in one frame they were excited which were reflected by the 25+ “likes” I got within an hour. 😉 Reaction #1.
A few of them who knew about the death put in their condolences in form of words or sad-smileys (oxymoron?) while the unaware rest discussed about how good the two look together! Reaction #2.
And then when they got to know about the actual, then they conveyed their condolences. Reaction #3.

By nature, we love to ‘follow’…don’t we?! 😀


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That day he cried!!! :’(


I looked at him lovingly as I had alwaya done, ever since I had met him. Sitting on a sofa at the corner of his drawing room at this hour of the night, he looked as if he was lonely and lost into some thoughts. I remembered the day I had met him, our first time. I was introduced to him about 2 years ago by my best friend Anu and though our meeting was totally accidental, it did turn out to be absolutely magical.

I had then, just completed my 3rd year in Engineering and was looking forward to the placement season which was about to begin in my college. Anu was very much excited about this as she had managed to convince her parents about her decision to work for about 2 years before they could finally plan to get her settled.

“Hey Sonu, it was indeed a struggle to convince the elderly brats at my place”, exclaimed Anu jumping around.
“Oucch”, I cried out loudly as she jumped on my left foot!
“Ooops sorry, am excited”, she said as she apologized.
“Hey that’s nice, now you’ll be able to concentrate well for the company thats visiting 3 days later”, I kind of reminded her of how little time we had to prepare for the MNC that was coming down on Monday.
“Yup…Let’s meet up at your place tomorrow morning and hit it!” she said with the same excitement.
“Done sweetie pie. So see ya tomorrow morning then. I got to go shopping with mom. Bye!” I said as I started my Activa.
“Cya Sonu”, shouted Anu as she jumped once again! Gosh!
“You are late, Sonali. I was expecting you an hour ago”, my mom began with her usual ranting.
“Yeah, well it’s shopping time now! Let’s go to the Janta Mall first; I heard a discount sale’s going on there!” I reminded her, in the process diverting her mind off my being late. The word shopping did the trick for my mom and I must confess it does for me too! 😉

The next day I was woken up by a tornado, ya you guessed it right. Anu was jumping on my bed yelling at me to get up! I looked at my wrist-watch and goodness me; it was just 7:40am.
“Gimme 10 more mins, I’ll be up by then”, I mumbled.
“Get up you lazy chick; we got just 2 days to prepare for the written test”.
“Go have breakfast, I’ll be up and ready by then”, I tried to drive her out of my room. But the bug was still on my bed determined to get me out of the cozy blankets. It did seem like her next step would be to kick me down the bed, so before that would happen I decided to get up and ready!
We began our preparations and Anu came up with this idea of going to a pub to celebrate in case we both did get the MNC offer on Monday! I had never been to a pub, and so agreed hesitantly.

On Monday, we smoothly cleared the written test only to face the first interview of our lives. Anu being a smooth talker came out of the interview room with a big grin on her face. But I was still tensed as my turn was yet to come. Since we were called in alphabetically, I was one among the last few to attend the interview. But, there was an advantage in that. By the time my turn came, I guess the interviewers were tired themselves. I was asked very few technical and exactly four HR questions before they shook my hands and asked me to wait for the results!
When the results were out, we were both selected and it was now celebration time. But the idea of going to the pub had not completely sunk-in in my case. After the initial celebrations, Anu and I decided to go to the pub the next noon, so that we could get time to recuperate before getting back to our respective homes late in the evening!

The next day, me and Anu accompanied by another friend Ruchi went to ‘Heaven-o-Haven’ which was a decent pub far away from all our houses. We found a table right at the corner and settled down after ordering our first round of spirits! We got busy chatting and also giggling at the costume that the DJ had worn and at the kind of heart-breaking and loud music he was playing! And then we heard someone call out Anu.
“Hey Anu”, we heard that male voice again.
I turned back to look who that was, and all I could see was a lifted hand that was coming towards us. When the person came into picture, I was left speechless. Here was a man, tall and handsome coming straight towards us. It was definitely love at first sight for me.
“Hey Shirish, what a surprise?” Anu jumped again as she hugged him.
I was still staring at him, not realizing that he was now conscious of the fact that I was staring at him. Also, for the first time in my life I was jealous of Anu!
“Is your lovely friend alright?” he asked Anu.
“Hey ya, come let me introduce you guys”, saying this Anu offered him a stool in between me and her.
“Guys, this is Shirish my cousin! And Shirish, this is Sonali and she is Ruchi”, was how Anu did a one shot introduction, thankfully not jumping around this time.
‘Gosh! Cousin eh?’ I thought, as that brought a smile on my face and I shook hands with Shirish muttering a simple “Hi, Shirish”.
I was totally smitten by his looks and most importantly by the way he projected himself to be. I was surely in love with this man. We had a lovely time that day in the company of Shirish and our celebration turned out to be one memorable event!

The next day when I met Anu, I hesitantly asked her if she could give me Shirish’s cell number.
“Sure, here you go. 988*******. Don’t tell me that you have a crush on my adorable cousin”, she giggled.
“Am sure, its not crush”, I mumbled as I carefully stored the number on my cell.
“Well, well Cutie-pie, something is cooking here…Shirish took your number from me last night itself. Anything you gotta tell me?” she was at her teasing best!
“Is it? Did he ask you for my number? And did you give it to him?” I enquired.
“Oh, I shouldn’t have given is it?” she mockingly enquired.
“I didn’t mean that, but did you really give it to him?” I once again asked to confirm, somewhat excitedly.
“Yes dear, I did give it to him. You two have fallen for each other, haven’t you? I’ve no doubt about that”, she said as she started ticking me.
“Hey nothing like that”, is all I could say to deny as I ran for cover.

A few days later, I did get a message from Shirish and I was excited as much as I was surprised. His first message to me read, “Hey Sonali, Shirish here. Got your number from Anu. So how are you? Hope you don’t mind me messaging you”. And then began our series of messages which made us come close to each other. I knew I had fallen for him, and I also knew through Anu that he was always talking and asking about me to her. In short, we both had fallen for each-other. It didn’t take much time for us to graduate from messages to calls and then to personal meetings. Shirish was 4 years my senior and well placed in an MNC and thanks to Anu and her family, my parents had no problems in accepting him as their future son-in-law. Things were all in place for us, and it was just a matter of time.

I was now waiting for my final year results as well as for my joining date when Shirish had to go to the US for an onsite assignment on a year long basis. He said he didn’t feel like leaving me and going for that long a time, but I did convince him to grab the opportunity he had got. He reluctantly agreed and it left both of us with a heavy heart! Our parents decided to get us engaged before he left the next weekend. We got busy with preparations and shopping that we didn’t realize how fast the time flew by. Our engagement was a simple but joyous occasion with a gathering of friends and close relatives.
The next day he was supposed to leave. Shirish, Anu and I went to the same pub just to have a memorable farewell. And we did enjoy amidst this hard to express gloomy feeling!

Finally the day dawned, and as I helped him in packing we looked at each other. There was so much to say, but not a word was uttered. I wanted to be with him and he too seemed not so interested in leaving me behind. I then went to drop him at the airport 2 hours before he could board his late night flight. We sat at the airport quietly holding our hands, praying that one year would fly by in the shortest time possible! My eyes were fully moist, but he being not the one who cried somehow managed to hold on to his emotions as we bid farewell to him!
We did keep in regular touch through daily mails and once in a week calls till I joined my company 6 months later. It was then easy for us to keep in touch through both mails as well as daily calls.
He got busy with his work and I was busy with my training schedule, yet we managed to find time for each other. My four month long training came to an end and I was then allocated to a project. Again a two-month on-the-job training was scheduled. I waited for this training to end, as that would not only complete my training but also mark a year of Shirish’s voyage. He would be back 66 days from now. I was counting days, and was waiting for the time when I could start counting seconds.

Ten days before Shirish was supposed to come back, my team members planned a weekend tour to a nearby coastal location. We all, totally 8 of us left for the tour and enjoyed every bit of the moments that came our way! When we were on our way back, it was raining heavily and the driver of the Qualis in which we were traveling was not able to control the vehicle properly. We asked him to stop at the roadside and wait till the rain subsided. But he insisted that he could manage and started driving at a slower speed. We had not gone long, when we met with an accident with a truck that was coming in the opposite direction. We all yelled at the top of our voices as the truck driver who had lost control totally, crushed into us. That is the last memory I have of being in aware of myself.

I do not remember anything that has happened after that. I am now feeling much better as if nothing had happened to me at all. But the way Shirish is sitting on the sofa of his drawing room and sobbing past midnight, makes me feel guilty of the fact that I’ve made him cry. Not only that, he’s making me realize the fact that I have died. I’ve not see this before, but that day he had cried.

PS: I wrote this way back in 2007…re-posting it from an old dormant blog…hope you guys liked, the narration from a gal’s point of view. Let me know! 🙂


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Emotional Cocktails – 3!! ;)

They say experience is the greatest teacher…
I would say “Why not when it slaps you hard, right on the face”… 😉

Ever had embarassing moments where in you’d end up not knowing what to do? Not knowing whether to smile, cry, stay or run away???
Welcome to an episode of “Emotional Cocktails” in my life so far…

You can read the previous cocktails HERE and HERE! 😀

Episode #15: The (grand)mother of all proposals

I stood up right then right there…
“E-e-e-e-e-excuse me…” I stammered…
“Will you marry my grand-daughter?” she asked again…
“Grand-ma?!!! what is this? what are you talking about?” Anita stood up angry and embarrased with both hands on her waist while I stood there as if I was a statue…not hearing, not moving…not able to run away.
Anita was a very good friend who studied with me from school upto college…her dear grandmother suffered from an incurable disease called “Old Age” wherein the major symptoms were like:
a) the obsession to get their grandchilren married.
b) get great-grandchildren within the stipulated natural course of time, if possible.
c) to act and behave like children while ordering like a responsible elder.
As Anita was explaining this to me, I still stood there as if I was a statue…not hearing, not moving, not able to run away…

Episode #16: An Anonymous mailer

I got an anonymous mailer from someone who follows me here. A paragraph in the mailer contained one of her dreams. It read somewhat like “I dreamt about you a few days ago. You, my cousin and me were in our school uniforms running down the street as we were getting late for school….As we were running, you held my hand and held me back as my cousin continued to move ahead. You then looked in to my eyes, and before I could say something you kissed me…you also murmurred some really nice verses into my ears before holding my hand and running down the street towards the school…wasn’t that too weird a dream? lolz”
I didn’t know how to react!! Whether to be happy that I got to kiss her or be sad that it was just a dream!!! 😀
To beat it all was the worst ever reply I gave…I replied to that part of the mailer “What color uniform were we wearing?” ..never to get a mail again…sigh!


Episode #17: The Missed calls

Till 3 months ago, each of us used to get 3 missed calls per day…we never bothered to answer those calls back.
They were on purpose missed calls from our house landlord. It was his way of reminding us to pay the rent on time.
3 months ago, he came over demanding an increase in rent…We did rap at him in chorus with ‘recession’, ‘downtrend’, ‘bear-market’, ‘crashed sensex’ and ‘economic disparity’ in our lyrics . The old man might not have expected such an emotional outburst…we didn’t mean to break his heart or hurt him emotionally but it was just an act to prevent bigger holes in our burnt pockets.
We used to crib when we got those missed calls then…but now we wait for them every first week of the month…

Episode #18: The Departure

Friends…they are the best thing that can happen to you over your lifetime…so stick on, some move on. And some want to move on, the third category!
These some want to move on, but stick on…blame their fate…you watch them struggling all through to make a move to something better, to fulfill an incomplete dream…
And when they move on, its both a low moment that they are leaving and going far away from you…on the other hand, you feel happy for them for having achieved what seemed to be impossible!! An emotional turmoil!! Hmm…


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A deadlock – that they call LOVE…!

I was in love with her….she was in love with me…but we were not in love with eachother! It was a very difficult time for all the three of us. It was more difficult for me, as those two gals were best of friends. I had no one to share my views or pain with…I loved her, she loved me but I was still all alone.

Sonali and Janet were my friends since a long time…Sonali was my neighbour since the time I moved into this flat 14 years ago…and Janet was her classmate since the time she started going to school…!! So I knew Janet almost for the same time, maybe a few hours less.

Coming to the point…
I loved Sonali like nuts…she was lovely but assorted when it came to her moods. She seemed to love Monu more than me. Innumerable times, have I wished that I could bark too…like her “cute and adorable” yet irritating pomeranian Monu. May be then she would have loved me! Hmmm… Her mom Sakshi loved me more, probably as she didn’t have a male child…or may be I was cute and lovable! 😉 Her dad Rajesh loved me too…when I wasn’t around his wife or daughter in his own flat. Men express love in their own passionate manner, I must add.
I was so much obsessed with Sonali those days that for every single/small thing I needed to know, I used to run to her…like for instance, 12 years ago one fine night around 11pm I sneezed 3 times in succession…So I ran down the stairs to her flat, rang the bell, Rajesh uncle opened (but who cared) the door, I ran straight to her bedroom…and asked her if she had remembered me…just to confirm if she was the reason behind my 3 sneezes! I knew something (kuch kuch) was happening, but didn’t know what….and maybe didn’t know why!
But looking back, those were the best days of my life…summer of ’95!

Janet loved nuts. She loved me too…But she never told me….I got to know of this, just a few days ago but now it is too late. She would never have loved me, had she not come to Sonali’s house, or had I not been a frequent pain to Rajesh uncle!! 😀
Since they both went to an all-girls school, I guess Janet fell for me…I am saying this cos, if I was a girl myself I would never had loved my self!! Now looking back, I can say Janet was as lovely as Sonali…but I had been blinded due to my own obsession for Sonali…!! Maybe those few hours less, made all the difference…I can never get to know…!!
I got to know about Janet’s love for me, from none other than Sonali…in whom she used to confess. Janet never told me, not even until her last breath…but she did make sure to let me know of her selfless love through my selfless love. Ah! What an unbearable pain!!  😦


Now looking back, I’m wondering as to where did things go wrong!!
Why did I love Sonali? Well…I fell in love with Sonali maybe for the reason that she was the only gal of my age in that building block…maybe for the reason that she took real good care of my little sister who was her junior in school…may be for the reason that her mom loved me…may be for the reason that I wanted to irritate her dad…maybe for the reason that something (kuch kuch) happened within me when I was around her…or just maybe for the only reason that was love.
This might have been the very reason why I wasn’t able to love Janet back…in the way she had loved me…hmm…

Now why didn’t Sonali love me? Well…maybe for the reason that she didn’t miss me enough as I was always around…may be for the reason that I was so very much within reach that I was taken for granted…maybe for the reason that she loved her dog more…maybe for the reason that Janet had confessed her love for me to her…maybe for the reason that she valued her friendship more….maybe for the reason that she didn’t want to hurt Rajesh uncle more…or just maybe for the reason that she didn’t love me at all!

Why did Janet love me? Well…maybe for the reason that I was the only guy her age she knew…maybe for the reason that she saw how passionately in love I was with Sonali…maybe for the reason that I was always around…maybe for the reason that she knew Sonali was just a friend to me…or just maybe for the only reason that it was me!

Finally as of today…
She is in love with me…I am in love with her…But we are still not in love with eachother…It is a very difficult situation for all the three of us. Sonali was too late to confess her love for me…I was indeed very late to love Janet back…and Janet was herself anyways “late”! RIP! Hmmmmmm….


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Emotional Cocktails – 2!! ;)

This post is all about some of the recent emotional cocktails in my mortal presence on Earth. 😉
You can read the previous one HERE!! 😀



Episode #11: Floater Funda

This is kind of a sequel to the episode #7 in the early part. This time it wasn’t me at the receiving end! 😛
Last weekend when I was on my way to Bangalore – On the train, I took my floaters, lifted them of the ground, put them inside a polythene cover, placed it at the corner of my allocated upper berth and then climbed up like a monkey. All this while, a lady (in her late 30s) was giving me disgusting looks. I cannot blame her as she didn’t get to read episode #7! 
I turned around and slept.
In the morning, as I got down from my berth and wore my floaters, I saw all the 5 other ppl including the lady in the coupe searching for their respective footwear. It so happened that someone flicked them all, wholesale! I gave a “concerned” look at that very lady (still in her late 30s :P) while thinking about how much the floater flicker would have abused/sweared at me for not keeping the floaters where it was meant to be.

Episode #12: F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Three months ago, a friend called up to inform me that she’s getting married this February.
Two months ago, another friend called up to let me know that he’s agreed to his mom’s “Can I search your life-partner?” request!
Three weeks ago, one more bugger calls up and says that his parents are already searching for him.

And before they end the call, they all tell me – “I haven’t told anyone else about this yet. And you big mouth, don’t tell others!” 😈
I go 🙄 as I ask them “Then why tell me first?”! 😉

Episode #13: Appraisal reprisal

We have this yearly appraisals in IT sector where performance is “rated”!
This is not about my appraisal. I am satisfied this time with what I got. So am happy.
This is about those few appraisals which now and then prove to be unfair/unjust. Appraisal is all about evaluating a person’s overall ability to meet/exceed the expectations at the given task over a considerable period of review time (a year in our case)!
Now, Appraisal is not the tool to settle scores with your subordinates. Its happened with a handful of my friends, about which am not happy.

Episode #14: Name Shame

I had nothing to do with what happened in the pubs of Mangalore nor do I have anything to do with the Sri Ram Sena!
I got 3 messages from my “lovely caring friends” which read:
1) “While reading the Mangalore news, it reminded me of you…so how are you?”
2) “What’s your take on the Mangalore thingy? You are FOR or AGAINST pub-culture?”
3) “Where are you? take care ok?!” 😈

Now what can I do? Laugh, cry or just sigh! :mrgreen:


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Emotional Cocktails!! ;)

I call this the “Emotional Cocktail”…what do you call it?
Have you ever been happy and sad at the same time? Ever been emotionally excited? What do you do then? How do you handle the unusual situation?
This happens to me all the time…and here are some of the instances that happened off-late:


Episode #1: Pirated Parody

Well it was my first attempt at writing a parody and when I was done with “Muthu can’t code saala“, I was one satisfied guy. Right on the same day, I posted it here and 2-3 days later I posted it on my internal corporate blog. I was glad to see that my regular readers and a few strangers were impressed with the outcome. The response on my internal blog was, as usual awesome. I was happy with what was happening with my first parody. The following week, I got a forward with subject line as “Pappu can’t code saala”…It was sent to me by a fellow blogger with the matter, “Dude, you are becoming famous….”…the only change in the forward compared to my parody was the renaming of “Muthu” back to “Pappu”…And on reading it, I got to know that it was copied from here (there were minute differences in the versions here and in the internal one)…I was now elated to see that someone liked it so much that they copied it to pass it on to their friends. It was ok with me. So far.
But later that week, as I googled “Pappu can’t code saala”….I was amazed to see 6-7 external blogs that had posted this parody, some posted it as a forward (I was fine with it!!) but 2-3 of them posted it as their creation (now this was not acceptable guys) and the rest just posted it, cos they liked it. On commenting in each blog that posted it, 2-3 of them gave me the credits…2 of them accepted it and said they posted it as a forward, one didn’t respond as well as unapproved my comment and one even asked me for proof that I wrote it. I had not realized that someone would involve in piracy of a parody!!! Phew…
It was indeed an emotional shake cos I was happy at being emulated in one way and very frustrated in another way…


Episode #2: Girl on the bus

Last weekend as I was going home to Bangalore I boarded the white electronic board wala AC bus in front of my Chennai house. As I looked around for a seat, I managed to find 2 seats one behind the other empty. As you might know, we have a 2+2 arrangement of seats on our buses, the window seats in both the rows were occupied by girls. Given a choice I would have preferred to sit in the front seat…reasons being two…one the seat was closer to the middle exit door…and two, this gal was prettier!! But instead I opted to go and occupy the seat behind, don’t ask me why.
As I went towards that seat, the gal there suddenly kept the bag she had on her lap bang on the till-then empty seat. Now what could I do when destiny preferred to make a choice on my behalf. So I asked the pretty gal in the front row if I could occupy the seat next to her…she replied with a smile. The optimistic in me took it for an approval and I parked myself next to her. 😛
In my mind, there was this sadness at being shunned by a gal in one case and thrill at being approved by the one I anyways had preferred…an emotional cocktail.


Episode #3: Promotional pain

Mid year promotion list was out…My classmate (and a good friend) who had joined my company on the same day as mine, had made it to the next level…but I was still at the same (not that I had expected, but when he got it…I wondered why I didn’t)…So there was I, happy for my dear friend…and sad for myself…
The recent promotion list was out…I made it to the next level (I was more than elated, as I didn’t expect due to loads of peer competition in my domain) but both my roommates (who joined same day as me) who had expected remained at the same level….As I went home that evening, I could not be happy for me….not could I be sad for them…
Both the times, the juices in the mind were emotionally cocktailed.


Episode #4: Those could have been mine…

Well…I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when this happened. One noon as I sat in my bay playing with the codes, I got a mail from my classmate. Let me refer to her as Q. This was an unusual mail, as the last time that Q had mailed me was over a year ago inviting me to her marriage (which I did attend). The subject line read “Happy News”, so I opened the mail with all curiosity to find that my beloved classmate Q was now a mother of cute little twin daughters. I was excited and immediately replied a “double congratulatory” mail with a pathetic one-liner “one for each of you”. Period.
Two days later, I got a call, close to mid-night. It was from London, another classmate (who is a very good and close friend) of mine. Let me call him X. It was just a casual call which he did now, then and whenever he needed free advice. Anyways…when X was done with his side of talking, he asked me what’s all happening here in India…So I told him about Q becoming a mother of twin gals. What he uttered, drowned me in an emotional cocktail. I did know, but didn’t realise (then) that X was all hearts and mind over Q during our teenage days and had somehow managed to escape from the unbearable pain by escaping to London over a year ago, almost exactly at the time that she got married.
He uttered, “those could have been mine…”, to no one in particular. I felt like laughing my guts out but had to silently giggle, while at the same time I felt like I shared his pain…so unbearable.


Episode #5: The Human Manager

Over a week ago, I suddenly had an unusual stomach pain right before lunch on a thursday…so I took permission from my manager and left for the day. There was slight fever that night which subsided the next day, but left me weak and with body pain. So around 11am that friday, I dialled my manager’s number to let him know that I would not come in for the day. When I called him and cited the reason, he said “Hey thats ok Sreeram, take care…and do let me know if you need anything at all. I would be glad to help you out. But do take care.”. This coming from a senior person who has about 12-15 years of experience came as a pleasant shocker to me. In pain, I was one happy patient.
It did prepare a different cocktail in mind!! 😀


Episode #6: Can’t recognize voice

Now this friend of mine usually calls me on my cell from her cell. Let’s call her Z. I happily pick up and say, “Hellllllllllloooooo Z…blah blah…..”
Since she works in my company, she also calls me sometimes on my cell from the office phone (Vnet). And it so happens that whenever she has calls me from the Vnet…I see the number, pick up and:

Me: “Hello….”
Z: “Helllllllllllllllloooooo”
Me: “hmmm…ya…”
Z (now she being in doubt): “Well can I speak to Sreeram?”
Me: “Sreeram here….hmm….Who’s this?”
Z: “Hey Duffer, again you didn’t recognize my voice…its me…Z speaking”
Me (then as usual): “Hellllllllllloooooo Z…blah blah…..”

She calls me from different Vnets to check if I recognize her voice, but the truth is I don’t recognize her voice even if its the same number. If I had not stored her number under her name in my cell, I doubt recognizing her voice too. It does make me feel “oh not again” each time she says “again you didn’t recognize my voice”, but I feel happy that she being the sweet friend that she is…just doesn’t mind these “born-with” antics of mine. Dunno, how I should react…happy or confused? 😉


Episode #7: Floater Fiasco

The floaters that I happened to use were about 15 months old and yet in very good condition…but I had got bored wearing the same for that long a period. I was also bored with the brand and design. So I was praying that the floaters would somehow get damaged which would provide me with an opportunity to go-get-a-newer-one.
Last Saturday when I reached Bangalore by the early morning train…I was shocked to see my floaters missing. Someone had flicked it from where I had kept it before boarding on to my upper berth the previous night in Chennai. I was sad over someone having stolen it, and more sad when I realised that I have to make it all the way home on naked foot.
On Sunday, I went to buy a new pair of floaters…and in the showroom, happened to see the same pair which I earlier owned and had got bored. Don’t know what happened, I went ahead and bought the same once and over again. On reaching home, my mind had come back to senses. I was sad and frustrated over having bought the same floaters (design and brand-wise) while at the same time, I was happy over getting myself a new pair. I wore it, and jumped up-n-down for quite sometime…my way of mixing the cocktail in my mind!! 😉


Episode #8: Whats-in-a-name?

This friend Z of mine calls me a “Genius” when she’s impressed/happy with me over anything….and then she calls me a “Duffer” when she’s normal. But offlate (latest trend I can call it), she calls me Genius Duffer….totally oxymoronic…Makes me happy and keeps me grounded, both at the same time…I find myself totally in a cocktail!! 😀


Episode #9: Face-off

A friend of mine introduced me to her new roommate over lunch sometime last week. Let me call her G. So my friend introduced us as “This is Sreeram…and this is G.”…and over the next 30-40 minutes as we had lunch, we talked on different topics…!!!
On reaching back to my bay, I pinged G over the communicator regarding some matter, only to get a “OMG…you are that blog guy, isn’t it?” reaction.
Now the thing was that during lunch, she had not known that this Sreeram was the same one who blogs and had pinged her….
That left me with a scratchy look on the face….now was I supposed to be Happy or was it the time to go “OMG”….emotional remix altogether!! 😛


Episode 10…I guess will happen soon!!! 😉


Update: Up there I was guessing about Episode 10 happening soon…but what didn’t realise was that it had already happened until I read Isd‘s comment (first one) here. Thanks to my vacant top floor!! 😉 So here I go:


Episode 10: The Dream Seller!!

She was the first stranger who commented on this blog of mine…she was the one who sold dreams…and she responded to me in Hindi…and I was fine with it as I am not challenged when it comes to Hindi…But later as time went by, I got to know that ISD (as I call her) was just learning Hindi (though I found her usage of words flawless) and it was a shock to me when I got to know that she was not an Indian nor had any contacts with India…And how did she learn Hindi? well…by watching SRK movies…I bet I would not be able to learn French or Chinese by watching their movies!! I am happy to find her slowly mastering Hindi, but in awe as to how she must be doing all that!! The mind now whispers “shake those emotions and shout cheers”!! 😉


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