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[Humor]~The Matrimonial Itinerary – 4… ;)

So where were we, the last time we talked about this? Right HERE. 😀

It’s been long since your profile has been created on the matrimonial site. You know that, because your 28th birthday is just a few weeks away. There would have been several hits to your profile, provided you have put up a profile picture that is either cute or dashing or both. A meager 18% of those hits would have resulted in some kind of action being taken – one of them being, horoscopes exchanging hands (via email, off late).

If you are a guy, this is a testing time. You are not allowed to see the photograph of the gal, till the horoscopes match, on both sides. You curse the ones who preach about practicing patience!
You: “Mom, can I see her photograph? If I like her, then try to match.”
Mom: “You think you are funny eh? 28 years you have waited no, can’t you wait few more days?”
If you are a gal, you simply go shopping, not giving a damn. 😀

A horoscope is a very tricky entity!! It behaves inversely proportional to your taste, if at all there is a scope. Being a guy, if you have liked a gal (photo or in person or through skype) then take it in writing that 90% of the time the horoscope will stand in your way. The astrologer will tell your mom that only 13/36 houses match and in the rest, the planets refuse to come to terms with each other and that their bilateral talks have failed. You get used to the 3-idiot-terminology: Rahu-Ketu-Shani. You’re crestfallen every time this happens and if you keep a count, you’d know it happens quite often.
However, usually you are told that as per the “tradition” you’d not get to see the gal or her photograph until both your horoscopes have satisfactorily matched. The astrologer plays a very important role here. Knowing you, your parents don’t give out the name & address of the astrologer. They believe in the ‘anything/anyone can be bought for a price’ fundamental. Been there, done that?! 😉

This is a stage where being a girl is the toughest, especially if you don’t like yourself being photographed. Even if you like being photographed, you’d be irritated at the way the photographer instructs you to pose for the MARITAL PICTURE – “keep your palm under your cheek..” “give a lovely smile…” – how can she smile when she’s asked to strike a “thinker’s pose”?!! However artificial they may seem, the studio pictures are considered your finest ever.

You come into the picture whenever there is a match in the horoscopes.
Being a guy, you would wait for that moment and get excited as you can boast with your guy friends that you now get to officially see a gal’s photograph and meet her as well.
Being a gal, you take a deep sigh (unless you are as eager as the guy! 😉 ) and you tell your mom to show you the guy’s photograph only if he’s a notch better than Hrithik Roshan or Tom Cruise. You also make it a point to tell her that you’re doing this only for her. But you do go shopping, reasoning that you need to buy something new (dress, accessories, shoes, cell phone! 😛 ) for that occasion when you go meet that prospect of a guy! 😉

The night before the eventual meet, you try to but get no sleep. You’re worried about tomorrow, the day you get to meet your prospective spouse. You’re more worried about it going all wrong. You’re even more worried about it going just right! Your sleep is completely lost when you receive a text message from a friend stating “All the best. Eagerly waiting to ‘like’ that change in your ‘relationship status’ on Facebook tomorrow.”.
That ‘tomorrow’ never dies. This and more, next time! 🙂

PS: Based on what I’m seeing my ‘eligible’ friends experience over the last 3-4 years as well as on a few of my own trial & errors. It’s fun to officially meet a total stranger for an alliance, each-n-every time. It’s even more fun(tastic) if you happen to fall in love with that beautiful/handsome stranger! 😉


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[Humor]~The Matrimonial Itinerary – 3… ;)

So where were we the last time we talked about this? Right HERE.

Now you are aware that your profile has been created on the matrimonial site(s) and you have no other go but to go with the flow (you feel happy, somewhere deep inside but then you’ll not admit it). So that night after everyone goes to sleep, you go online to check what your parents (or revenge-inspired siblings, as some of you stated in your comments) have put about you in the profile they created. You sit upright to re-read unbelievable stuff written in praise of you. You’ll be amazed about some stuff you get to read, some of which you didn’t know about yourself.
If you are a guy, you’ll be wondering or rather worried about the ‘religious, god-fearing’ personality of yours being portrayed. You’ll silently giggle (with a hiccup) at the ‘non-drinker’ ‘non-smoker’ label tagged to you.
If you are a gal, you’ll be happy to know that you are (still) slim/average and fair! Also you being ‘Traditional’ and ‘great cook’ may put you in repetitive splits of laughter! 😉

You’ll be elated, internally that is, to know from your mom that your profile has had over a 100 views in the first 24 hours and a handful of them have expressed their desire to give you a try. You feel like you are very much in demand, what with 100 odd views on your profile. However in that period of hyped excitement, you won’t realize that 90% of those views would be from onsite stalkers who get into the matrimony site just to watch your photos.

Meanwhile, you’ll have to bear those worthy friends of yours who’ll make your life all colorful with their ‘advices’ and ‘anecdotes’! They would tell you stuff that you’d digest at face-value.
“Since you got a choice to select, say no to any face that’s not better than a GeorgeClooney/KatrinaKaif!”
“Make sure you meet at least a dozen of them, in person. Nothing wrong in safely flirting with a few, before you settle with the right (13th – they don’t say this) one…”

Now that you’ve got the official license to go for the kill, you start digging profiles and find some faces interesting.
If you are a guy and if you set aside about 10 such profiles and send them a message expressing your desire to match with them – 7 of them will automatically reject you by mentioning that they would need a husband who earns a buck, way beyond your wildest imagination. Two more would need you to be what you are not – a vegetarian, a non-vegetarian, a drinker, a non-drinker, a non-smoker, a qualified MBA from an exceptional B-school – and that last remaining gal would already have a boyfriend.
If you are a gal and if you set aside about 10 such profiles and send them a message expressing your desire to match with them – 3 of them would be fake profiles. 3 more would shorter in height or have a beer-belly. 3 of them wouldn’t look like their profile picture and the last remaining guy would already have a boyfriend. Surprised? Don’t be. 😛

Well then…eventually as time lapses, you realize that matchmaking on matrimonial sites is more of snakes, than ladder. The one profile that may head your way will now get blocked by the next major hurdle – the Horoscope. How your own stars stand in the wrong boxes, and hence in your path to marital bliss (??) is something that the best of astrologers havent been able to establish! Yet they are all set to make a match of it, at a fee ofcourse. More on this, next time! 🙂

PS: Based on what I’m seeing my ‘eligible’ friends experience over the last 3-4 years. It’s fun to be a friend of someone eligible, if you have already been through that stage!! 😉


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[Humor]~The Matrimonial Itinerary-2 ;)

So where were we the last time we talked about this? Right HERE.

Well, so you turn 27 which means that it has been two years now, since they’ve been trying to fix you up with your life partner. You’d be lucky, if some profiles would have come your way.
If you are a guy, you’d meet the mom-approved-profile-girls (one at a time, that is) at a coffee shop in the evening or at a restaurant (she’s allowed for lunch only!). You would consider each of these proposal meets as a date and keep a mental count of it. 😉
If you are a girl, you would love to reject a few profiles by finding faults in the guy. You always wanted to find fault in guys, admit it! 😉

If you are a guy, your mom tells you to stay at home to celebrate your 27th birthday with an emotional “Who knows about next time? You could be celebrating it with your spouse! You can celebrate with your friends tomorrow in daytime!” You tell the same to your friends by calling them up and you get labeled as “Mommy’s boy!”
If you are a girl, your mom makes your dad to apply the same logic. You tell the same to your friends by sending them text messages (if there are still a few free msgs left, else missed calls) and you end up labeled as “Daddy’s girl!”

After your birthday cake is cut and neatly eaten, all of you retire to your bedrooms.
Your mom wouldn’t get sound sleep for sure. She’d wake your dad up from his snoring slumber with a “Do you even care? Look at how peacefully you are sleeping, as if everything is alright!!!”
“I’m sorry, I fell asleep at night when normally everyone tends to sleep”
he’d reply sarcastically like a married man does.
“It’s ok. Now listen to me!” she would make her move, either not sensing sarcasm or simply choosing to ignore it.
“Do you know your son/daughter turned 27 yrs old today?” she’d ask a vague invalid question (as per your dad).
He’d interrupt as usual like men do with a “Don’t I know what I did 28 yrs ago? I’m still paying for it!” like a cool cheeky guy.
“You and your jokes…Ha Ha…happy? Now listen to me, seriously!” she’d sit up.
“Ok I’m all ears…what is it?” he would come to his marital senses, in the hope of not having to eat the next morning’s breakfast outside.
“Good, go get your laptop. You need to post the Matrimonial profile right now!!” she’d say switching the bedroom lights on.
“Can’t we do it first thing in the morning?” he’d definitely try to win a lost battle, for that one last time, but then seeing her anger-laced-eyes pop out, he’d quickly get up and boot his laptop.

You get up in the morning, thinking it’s a new day in this new year of yours and wonder what’s special for breakfast. And when you see your mom smiling big time at you as you approach the dining table, you don’t tend to sense anything spooky! That’s when life treats you to a freaking surprise! 😀
You’d get the biggest gift for your birthday, a very much unexpected one…a shocker, so to say.
She proudly tells you about your newly created Matrimonial profile stressing on the fact that it was dad who actually created it. Such a safe ploy, since he isn’t around, in case you decide to blast like a bomb! You end up not even realizing what you are having at breakfast.

When you meet your friends, they’d enquire about the party at home the previous night. You’d brush it with an “It was just a quiet family get together. We just cut the cake and ate it at midnight. My parents gifted me new watch, maybe to remind me of the times ahead.”
“Why what happened? Why are you talking like a failed poet?”
one of them would sense the look on your face and ask you this question.
Intuitively or not, you’d tell them about how your life changed overnight, that you now have one more online profile along with the FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN and ZURKER ones you proudly possess. You’d be so secretive that they’d probe you further with a “What?! Tell us exactly what happened!!!” sporting a concerned look on their faces.
Finally you succumb, letting them know that you are now proudly on display for receiving matrimonial alliances on one of the prime matrimonial sites. You see the expression change on their faces, a few of them holding on to their mouths to suppress laughter while the shameless rest Laugh Out Loud as they sway in random directions.
“The fun has begun, we’ll see that you are taken (in) the right way” they declare in unison.

All you do is stand in the corner smiling sheepishly…not knowing exactly, what you have to do.
More on this, next time. 😀

PS: Based on what I’m seeing my ‘eligible’ friends experience over the last 3 years. It’s fun to be a friend of someone who has a matrimonial profile, especially if you don’t have one! 😉



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[Humor]~The Matrimonial Itinerary… ;)

There comes a stage in life where you feel that things have come to a standstill. Things don’t tend to go the way they are expected to, nor do they show any sign of taking the path you would have laid out in your mind for it to go.
To say it in one brutal manner – You are left stranded and alone!

Life is all rosy till you complete that 25th birthday of yours. You’d have finished your college and either lived through those fresh years of corporate life or just entered the grill, after you are done with your post-graduation. But the time you strike 25, you like it or not, life kick-starts what can be termed as your ‘Quarter Life Crisis’.

Parents become all alert, with respect to your marriage alliance. If their child is a girl, they feel they have already waited too long. They even curse themselves for being liberal all these years. The cobwebs are lifted off the horoscope they made of yours, a quarter century ago.

There is a smile on the face of the Xerox shop owner when he sees your dad approaching with your horoscope in hand, for it means good business to him.
“25 copies please?” your dad would request. Look at the confidence he has on your horoscope.
“Sir, if you order 50 copies I offer a 10% discount on the bill” informs the photocopy guy, dead sure that your dad would take the bait.
“Wokay I say, make it 50. You never know!” he succumbs to the sales pitch, thereby reassuring his faith & confidence in the position of your stars!

Mom is happy to see that Dad is very much enthusiastic about fixing your nuptial, for she has no clue about the discounted deal her husband has made compromising on the confidence he had on you and your stars. She rewards him for his hard work, let’s say, with a pippin’ hot coffee, if nothing else. 😉

They then plan to post (e-mailing, is still new fashion!) a copy each in an enclosed envelope to their ‘Contacts’ – the ever-ready mama-mamis, the on-their-toe relatives and the friends-of-friends. This process goes on till they really (put you in a fix? 😛 ) fix you with someone.

If your alliance is fixed before your 26th birthday, you are spared of all that is to come.
If not, eyebrows and fingers, both are raised at various factors and maybe even at you.

Apart from the rhetorical IIM-IIT-Onsite questions, personal questions start to pop up:
“Is something wrong with him/her??”
“Is he/she too healthy? Is he/she too thin??”
As time passes, questions give way for guesses:
“I think there’s something terrible awaiting as per his/her horoscope. The planets seem to be not in the right houses.”
“I feel he/she expects an alliance from an even more affluent family.”
Eventually, it comes to rumors:
“I heard the guy/gal has an affair with a college mate, and so is rejecting every proposal. I saw him/her hugging someone in a Facebook photo!”
“The guy’s family I heard is demanding too much/The gal says that she doesn’t want to stay with the in-laws post-marriage.”

Amidst all this, you silently celebrate your 27th birthday. 😀
Yet, it’s not over for you, for you are not spared. You are now ready to be auctioned online, in a matrimonial site. 😉
More on this, next time.

PS: Based on what I’m seeing my ‘eligible’ friends experience over the last 2 years. It’s fun only when you are just an observer. 😉


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Monkey tales – Sanju and Me! ;)

“I wish that I turn invisible, right now and right here.”
I was being ushered out of the classroom, into the emptiness of the school building corridors with a long cap on my head. The cone-shaped cap made of today’s newspaper, popularly known as the ‘monkey cap’ was a stamp of embarrassment for the most innocently committed crime within the four walls of the classroom. It was a “rare honor” which no hardcore criminal could even dream of achieving. I was the chosen one this fine sunny day, kneeling out on my knees carrying all crap that happened around the world the previous day, on my head. I looked around with nervous embarrassment-filled energy to see if anyone was watching or laughing at me…or worst, offering to read the news decorated on my cranium…

‘If I see someone, I will close my eyes’…I decided with a deep breath…

“Hey, you”…I heard someone call me…
Half-heartedly, I turned to my left and what I saw brought back that lost mischievous smile on my face.
“Shall I read the news on your head?” I offered, as I had to the chosen few till yesterday instantly overlooking the very fact that this time round I was at the receiving end too.
“Let me do the honors for you too then”…he said bringing me back to reality.
“Hi, Sanjay here…call me Sanju…first time eh? My second cap!” 🙂
I felt a lot better to have some company…”Whoa…yeah debut…I’m Shirish…and err…call me by that name only…btw, what did you do?” I looked around.
“Threw a chalk at a guy in the first bench….it hit Rebecca ma’am on her back…dunno why, but she got angry….it doesn’t pain you know…” he went on…
“I scribbled – follow me – on a paper and stuck it on the back of Sonali’s shirt…she cried man, like a baby….and that too loudly, so I am here.” I interrupted.
“Haha…cool…I think it’s for the first time in this school’s history that two of us are being capped on the same day…isn’t that awesome to be a part of history?” he seemed excited as if his mom had approved him of his girlfriend.
The prospect of we being declared – a pair of monkeys – seemed scary to me though…
“Are you nuts? What if we become THE HEADLINES in our school’s monthly newsletter? It’s such an embarrassment…” I was almost seeing my bleak future.
“Don’t you think we can use this opportunity to gain some popularity? It would help us garner some votes for next year’s house captain elections…you contesting too right?” his enthusiasm would have put Kareena’s character in ‘Jab we met’ to shame…
I loved his optimistic approach…It was like the marketing idea of ‘convincing the customers to buy something they know that they don’t want’! 😉
“Awesome buddy…I love your idea…which house are you contesting for? Hope we are not pitted against each other…am a Sushrutha!” I bit my lip…
“Nah…I’m a Panini…Let this platform be where we start our campaign from…laugh with people who laugh at you today, the same ones will remember you when its their turn to vote” he said with no second thoughts!

As someone said “”It’s by chance we met…By choice we became friends.”

No one could ever know me
No one could ever see me
Seems you’re the only one who knows
What it’s like to be me
Someone to face the day with
Make it through all the rest with
Someone I’ll always laugh with
Even at my worst I’m best with you, yeah

I’ll be there for you…


“Old friends” happen as you pass time with them and I made this life-long one 14 yrs ago while kneeling down on that dirty rough unpolished corridor with a monkey-cap on my head…but it has made me learn so many valuable lessons all along the way like:
a) The first impression is not always the best one…Sanju’s idea of converting an embarrassment into an agenda of campaign was a master stroke…sadly it happened to be his last one as far as I can remember.
b) Barking dogs seldom bite…Sanju was almost in tears when others laughed at us during the later half of the day, which somewhat seemed to be the longest ever day we spent in school till then. But he won the elections…who said its not nice for a man to cry!! 😀
c) He’d always be there for me….no matter how many times, I told him “Sanju, look beta…when I’m alone talking to Shilpa, just back off” – he’d always be there…Over the time, I made sure to return the favor! After-all, what are friends for?! 😉

Sanju was a nut…that went loose quite very often. He couldn’t help but fall in love with his teachers…no way, did he bunk any classes no matter how sick he was….
And then in our final year high school came in Avantika….
I hated Avantika…not cos she had the name of a vamp in some soap that would run on television a few years later, but cos she was “humidity personified” – hot and irritating! I just hated her….but am now thinking of reasons as to why I was so judgmental about her then! 😉
When Sanju fell in love with her for a change, I was sure he would soon fall from greater heights and hurt his ego, if not his back…He could script a love story, but acting in it was not his cup of tea.
Sanju joined the wolves and began hunting Avantika in packs…One thing he realized much later was that she was like a blood-sucking vampire in-disguise…I encouraged him all along to go for her…err…so to say, I wanted to see how a dawg  would perform amidst a pack of wolves! 😉
Sanju quit, when he was deeply bruised…as expected his ego was hurt….but soon he forgot the pain, the insult, as he fell again…in love…this time it was Salma, our new replacement science teacher….and this time, Sanju was not alone… 😉


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Sitcoms & so ons – 1 :)

I rarely watch television except for the cricket matches and the innumerous advertisements that seem to crave for my attention.
Of late, that is from a year or so I have been stuck with watching a lot of sitcoms and I must admit that I have been addicted to the variety that is available out there! Amazing…
So here am I introducing to you guys the sitcoms which I have watched, am watching and shall continue to…
I shall do it in 2 parts…cos its gone a little longer than I expected it go…echoos me! 🙂
Those who watch it…High Five….those who didn’t know about these, please don’t miss those…and those who didn’t/don’t like any of these, think again! 😀



“I’ll be there for you, like I’ve been there before…”
As the name suggests, it’s about friends…how they live, eat, stay, behave, fight, love, hate and relate to each other…all done in a tasteful manner!
To the unknown, this series ran successfully for 10 seasons (years) and is still being repeat telecast on star world.
To me, as I grew up in my teens these 6 friends were like my own…I ate, cried and laughed with them…
Ross was like a geeky elder bro, who loved dinosaurs and was a perfect example of how to successfully deal life post 3 failed marriages!
Monica – Being the excellent chef that she is, I dreamt of her cooking a meal for me – especially an invite for dinner on Christmas eve!
Chandler was…well…he didn’t know himself, for me to know him! But I was glad that Monica loved him for what he was!
Phoebe – I loved her for her happy-go-lucky nature, for her guitar, for the songs she sang especially the “Smelly Cat”!
Joey – An actor who loved to eat and sleep (not alone, mind you!)…his one-liners in tandem with Chandler were the best!
Rachael – I went green about her…simply put, she was “She”!

Watch this if you haven’t…else you are missing something awesome!
These are F.R.I.E.N.D.S forever. 😀

Prison Break


This one tells about a man who purposefully went to Prison to help his imprisoned brother escape from there. The first season shows how Michael gets his brother Lincoln out of the high security prison along with a few other prisoners who tagged along for different unavoidable reasons. He falls in love with Sara, the prison doctor who forms a part of his troupe in the later seasons. The following seasons, sees them escape from another prison and then in a mission to deliver a highly sensitive device called Sila – all this with the sole intention to lead a normal life.

The interesting thing in this series, is the manner in which Michael thinks and comes up with solutions to the most complex problems that he gets to face. A must watch. 🙂

Grey’s Anatomy


If you dreamt of being a doctor or if you love the medical profession and if you are not afraid/scary/pukish of blood and accidents, then this one is an awesome watch!
Dr Meredith Grey, the main character is a surgical intern in the very hospital which her mom built…and the whole medical drama talks about the personal and professional lives of the doctors and the interns…!!

There is a very thin line between life and death when it comes to Emergencies…! It teaches you to deal with the success of that one complex surgery saving a life in a million as well as with its failure the rest of the times. You laugh, you cry, you lease life, you see them die…you are all that they have, you are all that they depend on….Medical/Surgical Life is not a joke…This series, though a drama seems to get very realistic as you catch on with it…it’s so full of life, and otherwise. 😀


Concluding part…Coming soon… 😀


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Exception(al)!! :)


Over the last few weeks, I had been very busy…naturally the frequency of me posting my writeups here, had taken a backseat…14 hours of work plus 2 hours of travel took most of my daily time…

For an interactive person like me, this situation is pretty sad….

Friends started getting worried about my constant absence both online and offline. Two of you lovely ladies, Isd and CuteAngel were sweet enough to mail me enquiring if I was doing ok…Thank you buddies…its always a nice feeling if someone misses me, either for my posts or for my visits on their blogs…whatever be the reason, it means a lot…Owe you one ladies! 🙂 

Also not finding me available on the office communicator, I got mails from a few close buddies asking me if I was alive…Yes, I was indeed alive but in hell!! 😉 Thanks guys for those caring mails!!  🙂

Four weeks ago, I was on bench with no work allocated to me…and then I got an opportunity to replace a guy who was going on leave for his wedding in a highly sensitive project and with complex reports to be developed, but more importantly to capture the work ethics in 2 days time before the groom left on his approved leave. I was supposed to be his best man at work!! 😉

Three weeks of replacement time ends this coming monday, and  I must say it was the best learning experience in the shortest time possible…Over a week, I got used to the 14 hours per day routine that I will now miss (unless I get screwed again in the next assignment! :P) for sure. 

It was lovely to work in co-ordination with my onsite guy…he was helpful to the last detail…I would say, it would have been impossible without him and his constant push…!! Thanks man! 🙂

And best thing is that the clients are happy with what I have delivered in the last 3 weeks and so was my onsite co-ordinator and manager…so the efforts were worthwhile…yay! 😀

For the two weeks that I was on bench prior to this project, I was involved in the making of a video of my parody for the annual day event of a few verticals in my company. I had a lovely time writing the lyrics and the storyboard…as well as in the directing and editing of the shoot!! Though I missed attending the event owing to work, I got to know that at the event there was a loud roar of applause and cheering…the feedbacks by a handful who saw it offline have also been awesome…!! 😀

As of now am working on a photo-video for another event thats coming up next tuesday!!  And I’m lovin’ it!! 😀


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One query~ What if a gal seduces?

He has a friend…She loves to ask questions…very straightforward and cut-throat! 🙂
She has a friend….He loves to answer questions…in a very straightforward yet crazy way! 😛

He is ME! 🙂


Today she had asked one out of the blue. I wasnt surprised. It helped me think, making me realize that my top floor is not yet vacant! 😉

Her question was a set of 3 sub-questions:

What would you do if a gal who is your frend, is tryin to throw herself at u…kinda seducing you??

What would you think of her?
What would your reaction be?

My answer:

Hehe…I love to answer such emosonal questions! 😛

Ok let me go through it in an analytical way as I would approach my coding! Obviously there would be bugs, so echoos me! 😛
So this gal is my friend…and she’s trying to seduce me…what would I do?
She’s just flirting or she wants to go all the way?

CASE I: If I somewhat have feelings for her –

Two possible logics:

1) I know her since a long time, but her urge is very much evident now – where “long time” >= 1 yr.
2) I know since a short while…and she’s trying to force herself on me – where “short while” <= 1-2 months
Logic 1: I would try to understand about the sudden change in behaviour…if she’s openly seducing, I would feel ok about it…but would ask queries…
What would I think of her? – I would think of her as someone who’s got so much used to me, that she thinks of having me for herself.
What would my reaction be? – As said, I would go with a lot of queries depending on how she seduces…if direct, then direct queries else I would beat around the bush…mainly due to the fact that I have known her for a year or more…I would not completely distance myself from her.
Logic 2: I would be surprised for what she’s suddenly upto in a short while of knowing her. I would still ask queries but wouldnt be as easy going as in Logic 1.
What would I think of her? – I would think of her as someone who has a strong uncontrollable libido. In short, a BUG.
What would my reaction be? – I would immediately stand at an arms distance. And ask her direct queries, without beating around the bush!
If logic 2 happens to continue in loop, I would terminate the program! 🙂
CASE II: If I have no feelings for her –
Ask a lot of direct queries…just to understand the urge!!
But finally terminate the program! 🙂
What do ya think? Am I executing the program correctly? 😛

Am waiting for her to test the program! 😉 What do you think?


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Untitled Upma! :)

A few lot many little things keep cropping up in my head now and then, and there being no other better place than this blog – I vent it out here! 🙂
And guess what?
You little cute so chweet naughty buggers seem to laugh out loud over all the sensible stuff I write down here.
Now stop LOLing, I only blurted out the truth!!! 😛 Read on! 🙂


It rarely happens that guys come in search of me with the intention of befriending! In this week so far, two guys have contacted me out of no where…Now I wonder who told them about the “Russian Spirit” my colleague (who came down from Moscow) had gifted me! – News and Nasha, spreads like fire! 😀

I believe to all grown-ups, this recession period is common knowledge! But yesterday I was surprised when my 14 yr old cousin asked me if I was still holding my job! I felt very immature, as I asked him why?!!

Recession is bound to stay for another 24 months…is the news….so Cost Cutting is the only way to extend whatever is left in the reserves. With tissues in office restrooms going kaput a month ago, there’s not much a chance to sob too!! But BUt BUT BUTT, some of my colleagues need to wash their hands…not washing your hands is NOT the way of silently revolting! 😈

One more one-liner from IIT-Saarang which I read in The Hindu supplement recently – “A Man goes where a Woman comes!”!! How true!! 😀

A good friend of mine (online) wanted to see if I could sing…so she asked me to record and send her one. I sang (??) three and she seemed to like them!! Yay!! She said I had the voice of a bachcha (kiddo) while she had expected it to be like that of an uncle! Recession affecting my voice too I guess!! 😛 – NO, I don’t sing anymore – No, no requests pls! 😀 

Two of my friends are coming down from London (separately…) this weekend. Would be meeting them after a long long time! So I’m off to Bangalore tomorrow! 😀
Catchya guys next month!! 😀
Till then…Have a wonderful January!! 😀


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Going Insane in Cyclonic Rain! :)

Bleep…a mail popped up on my screen…

It was from the HR guys…asking us to leave one hour early as there was a cyclone alert in Chennai raised for today evening.
There were murmurs and smiles around, till about the very last line was read…December 5th was the day we had to put in an extra hour to compensate for today’s let off. One said, “This mail is a mere eye-wash from the HRs….” and the rest agreed with him.

Ting Tong…a message popped on my Moto as I was busy winding up for the 5pm escape.

It vaguely read – “There’s Cyclone alert…Lets go the beach?” – it was Rahul and I went wow! My teammate was like “Are you nuts? Go home”…Aparna said “I want to kill you…and you want to go to the beach to die”…Nive was like “Paagal hey kya? Ghar ja”…and so at 5pm, I called up Rahul to confirm. 😀

On reaching home, mom called. I cut her call, and called back (“beta jab se kaam karta hey, phone bhi wahi karta hey” is her fav. liner…so I adhere to it! :D)! She was like “Its very chill here in Bangalore today, am on the train back home…heard there’s a cyclone alert there…where are you now?”…I told her that I was at home but had plans to go towards the beach side for dinner! Surprisingly she didn’t object…just said, “be careful and get back home soon”! May be she has understood that her son would do the things just the way he wants to…not mamma’s boy anymore! Hmm..

6:20pm: Its a steady drizzle…I start my Activa and head towards the beach…along with Rahul, who was waiting at the petrol bunk near my place on his bike! And in exact 5 minutes we are on the beach road, semi-wet. We park our vehicles near the Barista franchise, and head to buy some peppermints! 😀 This is when the thing we came to enjoy and experience happened…it starts to rain like crazy and to beat it all were the high velocity winds…Man, must say we both had a hell of an experience…LOVED it! 😀

I must confess that two negative thoughts came into my mind as we were battling the high speed wind + rain…1. What if some object thrown by the wind came and found us as its target? and 2. What if we step on some live current wire?…I asked Rahul about this, but the ruthless bloke just laughed at me both the times! :mrgreen:

We were by now all drenched and soaking…had this feeling of being a sponge….we then went to Mash, a burger/sandwich/pasta/sizzlers joint located on the first floor of a building facing the beach…and the rest of the evening till I returned home around 9 15 was about hogging, chatting, meeting new guys (Rahul’s 3 roomies had dropped in) and some talks that cannot be said here. 😛

Overall, it was a mind blowing experience. 😀


That’s me on the beach facing portico of Mash, with the deserted beach in my background. The lack of light and usage of a cell phone as camera, is exactly why this photo isn’t clear. 😀


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