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[SMS Learnings]: Short texts, Falling terribly short of Learnings!! ;)

This is a very serious post. If you feel like laughing, smiling or even giggling do it right now and please control your urge (to laugh/smile/giggle that is) once you start reading past –> THIS.

Recently I was speaking..nah, actually I was text-ing a friend about all the things in the world when I found something she said to be very romantic (now I know you are thinking, ‘he talks only about such things’ and laugh…but pls, don’t do it!!!). She would have talked something about the hissing sound that snake makes when we pinch its behind, but I replied with a “Uff…so romantic”!! 🙄

After a dead silence of about 2 mins, my cell phone beeped again. It was her reply saying “Waz romantic abt tat? Temme 1 thing which u’ll not find romantic!! :x”…her anger expressing reply burnt my fingers much more than concentrated sulphuric acid would probably have. Immediately I put on my thinking hat. 😀

Yes I need to put on my thinking hat, else there’s no possibility of a thinking and me (don’t laugh at facts, pls don’t do it!!!). If you ask me how and why, you probably don’t know the real me (not that a virtual me is any better!!!). Anyways…putting on my thinking hat, I thought for a while about the things that were not so romantic. There were no results coming from the hat. Absolutely nothing, was not romantic. Not wasting any further time, I replied “Well…there’s nothing not so romantic. Romance is in everything. It’s not what it is, but it’s how you feel it is! :)” (Yes, I write unadulterated English in my text messages…don’t laugh!!!).

And then there was no reply for a while. As I thought:
– Maybe she’s thinking deeply about what I just sent her.
– Maybe she’s confirming with her friends about it.
– Maybe she found all that I said, to be romantic,
my cell beeped again.

When I read the reply, it so seemed that I wasn’t thinking on the same lines as she was. She replied with a “R u alrite? Waz wit dis phlsphy? Hw cn thr b romance in everythin? Do u say d same thin 2 al d gals? No wondr ne singleton seldom tlks 2 u after a while. Is tht some kinda pick-up line? OMG…WT* made u thnk thr’s romance in everythin? Go eat somethin n zzzz.”
And over the years, I have come to understand that when a gal talks or texts or even signals you (if in person, through her lovely eyes) in such a tone – it’s better not to say anything more, but agree with her. But then some people never learn, do they? 😛

One out of those few careless people, is right here authoring this very post. I should have replied “Errr…ok…let me explain it to you some other time. For now, goodnight and sleep well 🙂 ” but hell no!!!! I replied with a “Dinner is cooking…so it will take time for me to go eat and sleep. Why do you think this is philosophy? Not that I don’t say this to all the gals but no re…this isn’t my pick up line!!! :O I thought you…blah blah…” only to get no more replies from her. I should have kept quiet, but no…I still had some free messages left from my daily quota. So I sent her a “Did you sleep? Why no reply? Are you angry with me or something?” .This was the final nail in the coffin. She never replied, ever again.

Now what did I (un)learn from this?

Well…I learnt:
a. Not to bother about finishing my daily quota of free text messages.
b. Not to ask if she was angry, when I knew she was very angry. Especially not, when I know she’s angry cos of me.
c. That “go eat somethin and zzzz” means she doesn’t expect any reply from me, except maybe a courtesy-wala “goodnight” message.
d. Not to force her to reply by asking “Why no reply?”…she will reply if she wants to. Period.
e. Not to say something so repetitively that it seems like a “pick up” line. Sigh!!
f. Basically nothing!! Mistakes happen, repetitively!! 😛


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[Bakwaas]~Of Chats, Challenges, Gals and Lips! ;)

Yesterday when I was busy as usual (if I say working, no one believes…hmmph!), Raji pinged to tell me something important that was cooking on elsewhere. It went on for about 14 mins before I had to go for a meeting(???). And NO, all the while princess didn’t gossip and as usual I DIDn’t flirt. 😀 A part of our conversation went like this:

Raji: Common…why don’t you flirt with me?
Me: No…I don’t flirt!
Raji: I won’t tell anyone…your image won’t be damaged. Common try.
Me: No…
Raji: Hmmph…common, flirt with me you $%&# (lazy…is a bad word, so encrypted. This is just FYI!) boy!!
Me: No…my teammate is calling me…must be a meeting! catchya! 🙂

Ctrl+Alt+Del and I went for a much needed Tea-break! 😛

How to avoid gals? – I am supposed to write on this. But who will read? Even I won’t read on such a topic! 😛
The royal challenge was given by Princess Raji! – It’s practically challenging, cos I cannot even think to do that in real life! (Now am thinking…is it a challenge or is it a confession, I just made! 😛 ).  😀

So let me put down five ways to avoid gals and/or to make them avoid you:

1. Don’t look at them AT ALL – This is the most difficult of them all. (I love failing this test, over and over again!! 😛 )
Say you are sitting in the cafeteria – eating nothing and talking to no one – and then a girl enters. – Try not to look at her again (again cos you would have looked once, when she enters na…isnt that enough?)…
If she looks at and walks towards you…get up and go towards the exit and if she follows you, run – its easy to do, as you have no plates to deposit in the cleaning area or have no one to say bye to. (But you will know how easy it is, only when you try doing it! 😛 – No I don’t recommend the try! Hmm…)

2. Don’t take bath or don’t brush your teeth – Even a gal with bad breath, will avoid you giving that priceless disgusting look.
Not so long ago….I was telling our princess that even if the gal is and looks fresh-as-of-yesterday, she would look nice to me and that I would talk to her (did I hear someone call me a desperado? hmmph…same to you!). She told me “But if you are as you were yesterday, you won’t be her tomorrow.” I wondered why then, but now in this context it seems like a good (additonal) point 😛 on how to avoid gals! 😛

3. Tell a gal that you like men – If you tell her that, she will avoid you. Not only will she avoid you, but even tell her friends about it. You would be the talk of the town, in no time. As they say, “Tell-a-woman is the next generation Tele-phone”! 😉

4. Talk about other gals to her – If you like a gal so much that she looks lovely when not in close proximity, talk to her about other gals…about how beautiful and $#% (hot…is encrypted…FYI) they are…how sweet and $exy their voices are…how you like to look at them (look only cos such a gal, never talks, of all ppl to me…shhhh)…et al.

5. Fight with her – Pick any topic and fight with her. Some gals don’t even need a topic, for that matter…and a few have a natural flair to fight….so mostly its dishum-dishum-get lost…but then you have to be careful about some who forget the fights and come back like nothing ever happened and some of them who love to fight over and over again too!! hmm….

PS: I don’t avoid gals…this maa-ka-ladka bigad nahi gaya! 😉

Anyways…a kitty friend of mine, had a challenge with her mom about whose lips these are in the below picture. My answer matched with her mom. She was furious, for being a bad friend (now lips come after friendship, only in the dictionary isn’t it? 😛 ) and asked me to take the verdict of mango (aam) junta (people) over here at Ch1. So whose lips are those? Don’t forget to temme in the comments!! 😛


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