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[Scene-2]~ Of IT, recession, exploitation, BPO and threat!

This had to happen…
The protests in Kolkata supported by people (affected by it or not) all over India, has shown results.
The company which had asked freshers to join their BPO wing as the only option, backtracked its stance before its reputation was dug deep and buried. For an MNC, nothing matters more than its name and reputation in the market. And this is something that other MNCs should not imitate, unless they want to dig their own grave!

This very company mailed back all those freshers who had received the previous mailer, with this one sometime in the last 48 hours.

Greetings from XYZ,

This is an addendum to our earlier communication dated November 25, 2008.

You have the choice of exercising the immediate option to join our BPO division in a technical support role.

o This option provides you with an early date of joining XYZ

o The total annual compensation package given in offer letter of IT services remains unchanged

o Your experience in our BPO division will be considered relevant and treated as continuous service for your movement to the IT services division

o You will be considered for movement to IT services division based on actual demand – however this will be not later than 18 months.

Should you choose not to exercise the BPO option, our original offer for the IT services division holds good and remains unchanged. We will communicate appropriate joining date to you based on the business scenario and actual demand.

We request you to exercise this option before December 5, 2008 6.00PM. Instructions for this are given below. On your acceptance to join, you will be contacted by our representative through landline or mobile for a brief discussion for certain verifications. We request you to be prepared to attend this call without fail. In case if there is a change in your landline or mobile numbers please update/intimate the same in the website at new landline phone no. and mobile no…..


Well…this is much better a choice than the previous one for the recruited freshers.
Game played now, but not well…The ball still is in XYZ’s court!! Cos if one reads the mailer carefully, there’s still a catch.
The fresher who accepts this offer and joins the BPO wing gets top priority to join the Technologies compared to the one who rejects…but as they say it would take a maximum of 18 months…
1) Doesn’t this mean that the ones who will reject this option, would now have to wait for 18 months or more to join??
2) Won’t the guys who joined the BPO wing create a hulla if the others get to join the Technology before they do??
3) Also won’t the current BPO employees – who have say 1+ year experience – demand for more pay when these freshers get what they have been offered???

Time will tell…but as of now, Kudos to those guys who stood for their brethren in Kolkata. 😀


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Of IT, recession, exploitation, BPO and threat! sigh..

Well…as you all know it is recession times indeed…and every optimist would say…this is the time to raise from the dead, to cash in on the low economy, to test your basic strategies…but its also that time, which can be misused in the name of cost cutting, strategy change, innovative employment, et al.
This is the time where pink slips are being distributed as if it were Diwali bonus or something…But this is also the time when in IT companies, freshers (people without experience) are being exploited as they have no other option but to oblige.

Check out the mail below which a leading IT service company has sent to its future employees who were campus recruited in regions like West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and the North Eastern states.
PS: I will not name the company…mainly cos either you know the name or rather will get to know as you read.

The letter dated 25th Nov. 2008 is as below (unedited except for the name)! 😉

Greetings from XYZ,

Having completed the academic chapter of your career, we trust you are gearing up to face the exciting challenges of corporate life and waiting for a joining communiqué from us.

You would be aware of the current economic environment across all industries including IT industry. IT analysts and experts claim that this scenario is likely to prevail for a while. We are aware that you
have been eagerly looking forward to join XYZ. We have looked at various options to absorb you without much delay, and as part of that we are glad to invite you to join our BPO division at Kolkata. The
date of joining will be intimated to you shortly. You will work in BPO division for a period of 12 to 18 months after which you can be moved to other divisions
of XYZ Technologies.

While you are at the threshold of a stable career in a reputed firm, there are few facts that we would like to share with you about our BPO division for you to make a right decision.

· XYZ BPO is the largest integrated 3rd party IT BPO player in India .

· Amongst the top 3 offshore BPO service providers in the world.

· One of the fastest growing divisions within XYZ Limited.

· Specialists in delivering process specific solutions in areas like Technical helpdesk, F&A, procurement, HR services, Loyalty services and knowledge services.

· You would be part of the technical process group where in the nature of work would be of a technical helpdesk engineer responsible for providing technical solutions to customers calling from across the globe. You are expected to work in different shifts (within 24hrs * 7days).

If you decline this offer or do not respond, it will be deemed as you are not interested in taking the employment offer with XYZ and the previous offer given to you will stand cancelled.

Best wishes and looking forward to having you with us soon.


Campus Recruitment Team


Asking to join a BPO??? WTF…

Pay is unchanged I heard, but you’ll know only after you join…

BTW, why should the bond period of 15 months be agreed upon for a BPO…you can instead join any other BPO without or with a lesser bond period (and without paying upfront)!

“Can be moved to”…is a dangerous corporate term, my friends….its not as simple as it may seem when you read. It would be synonymous to “Let’s see later about that…” 12-18 months after you join.

And believe me, these 12-18 months of anticipation for a move to the technologies would be the worst period if you are a technically inclined person. And it would by all means lead to depression if things don’t go the way you have been anticipating after those 12-18 months…have seen this happen, so beware…

//(within 24hrs * 7days)// What does this mean??? Sickos…

“If you decline this offer or do not respond…..” – this shows how they are exploiting the freshers by threatening them – jump into fire or no food situation- and hence exploiting the situation.

I would say, before any of you freshers respond to this – do APPLY your THOUGHTS!! 🙂

More on this OVER HERE…and don’t forget to read the comments over there, could help u make a decision! 🙂


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Sathyam Cinemas…Of pain and pleasure!!

Now who doesn’t know Sathyam Cinemas? If you are a Chennaiite or even if you have visited Chennai once so far in your lifetime, you would no doubt have heard and definitely have watched a movie or two over there. Sathyam Cinemas in Chennai is the most happening Movie complex in Chennai, closely followed by Inox Movies and Mayajaal. I have no idea if there are any other movie complexes in this lovely south Indian city that celebrated its birthday (368th is it?? I think so!! 🙂 ) just this week that went by.

Now I have no complaints about the way movies are screened at Sathyam Cinemas…nor am I gonna bang my head concerning over the rocket high prices of popcorns (they are good, and ask for some ‘extra butter’ to be added…yummmy deliciiouusss!! 😛 ) sold over the counters there.

But the concerns that I have is again (like last time) related to booking and this time its regarding the online booking portal. Earlier the payment gate was well within the Sathyam portal, but of recent they have started directing the payment through some secure channel…I have especially had terrible experiences the last 2 times that I have bought my tickets online. As I log in, select the movie of my choice, choose the seating location, reject the food-at-my-seat option…it leads me to the 3rd party secure payment gate and thats when all the problems have been. The last time I booked 2 tickets for 200 bucks, the seats were booked and monetary transaction was successful (as it got debited on my credit card statement) but it failed to take me back to the Sathyam Cinemas portal and hence I ended up without the booking-number…which is essential to collect tickets later…nor did it appear in my ticket booking history column on the portal…The same thing happened when I booked the tickets for 4 – 320 bucks – the time before.  😦

Asked the bank guys, they said that the money has been credited to Sathyam and Sathyam guys say that I have not booked any tickets as my booking is not reflected in their portal…What can I do, but Sigh! 😦

I don’t know if any of you have faced this problem…but this has made me not to use the Sathyam portal, and as a result watching movies on big screen at Sathyams has stopped since 2 weeks now…am missing it, no doubt…booking tickets is tough as I stay at a distance and mainly the timings don’t suit for me to rush in for a newly released movie…

So I’ve headed to Inox Movies and Mayajaal to watch movies of recent…but its not the same…Inox is a small place…and it being on the top floor of the Citi Center Mall, does not have that appeal of a complete movie complex…while Mayajaal being on the ECR (East Coast Road) is way too out of the city and travelling late nights is a pain with the cops and cons treating you alike if caught!! Moreover, I miss the Sathyam popcorns at these two complexes…hmmm…

Hope the Sathyam guys do something about this…esle I have no other go, but to watch movies at INOX and Mayajaal. Not that good an idea, if you ask me even in sleep.


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A better way to live!! :)

With no extra baggage you come into this world…
“You were once innocent”, one fine day you’re told!
You understand things, only in the way life wants you to learn…
The whole time you end up compromising, and you actually burn!

Unknowingly you barter your innocence for variety of thoughts…
And in the process start living a programmed life, like that of robots!
Love does come in to keep you in check…
The way you take to it, would result in its build or wreck!

Care as much as you can, but do keep the worries away…
‘Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer’, as they say! 😉
Respect others as much as you would like to be respected…
Practising what you preach, would help you be the one who’s trusted!

To lead a memorable life, you need to live it uncomplicated and straight…
With every little success coming your way, you’d end up loving the wait!
Life’s short, so live it to the maximum that you can…
And when it comes to facing any arduous situation, be a man! 🙂

Well the world won’t stop to turn…
No matter if or not the lost love would return!
There’s no need to worry as you do get what you give…
Live a simple life, coz there’s no other better way to live! 😀


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Nothing in this world seems to be nice…

“I was fine, till education ruined me” said an anonymous one…
It made no sense what so ever and most of it all, benefitted none!
But it did make me think, whether that moron was right or wrong…
And something that happened last week, made me believe in it strong!

We do learn, in order to make things a little better…
But when time comes, why do we pull down the shutter?
We talk about a lot of things, to do this and to do that…
But why does it sound to be merely some useless chitchat?

What we do, results in what will happen…simple plain karma…
If one just prefers to sit and watch, it’s nothing but cinema!
We do keep running in this rat race, sans any orchestra…
Life is tough I agree, but survival indeed is the mantra!!

Nothing in this world seems to be nice…
When things don’t fall in place nor arise!
It seems like you are stabbed by the knife…
When education is given importance over life!! 😦


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