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[Bakwaas]~ Middle Finger Megashow!!! :)

mfm Click on pic to enlarge!

Checkout the pic… These celebrities are showing that they exercised their votes to elect another bunch of jokers who will tickle us above while screwing us down there for the next five years (if they last that long, that is)!!

This pic, courtesy Bangalore Mirror (May 1st edition)  – shows Aamir, SRK and Sonam showing that they voted in a strategic manner…while the rest of our “idols” in Aishwarya, Amitabh, John and Vidya show us how our future is actually gonna be!!
Of all, I loved Vidya’s smile and confidence! 😉


The chief minister of Karnataka…took it on the wrong hand (or was this pic, a mirror image??? – cos its on Bangalore Mirror you see!! :P)…

As per the law it is a clear violation…
The law elucidates that the indelible ink mark should be put on the left-hand index finger . If that finger is not there then the ink will be put on left-hand middle finger. If both the fingers have a problem then the mark will be put on the left-hand elbow. Further, if that has a problem then the mark will be put on the shoulder of the left-hand .

Whatever it is….We now know what the future has in store for us!!! 😀


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