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Exception(al)!! :)


Over the last few weeks, I had been very busy…naturally the frequency of me posting my writeups here, had taken a backseat…14 hours of work plus 2 hours of travel took most of my daily time…

For an interactive person like me, this situation is pretty sad….

Friends started getting worried about my constant absence both online and offline. Two of you lovely ladies, Isd and CuteAngel were sweet enough to mail me enquiring if I was doing ok…Thank you buddies…its always a nice feeling if someone misses me, either for my posts or for my visits on their blogs…whatever be the reason, it means a lot…Owe you one ladies! 🙂 

Also not finding me available on the office communicator, I got mails from a few close buddies asking me if I was alive…Yes, I was indeed alive but in hell!! 😉 Thanks guys for those caring mails!!  🙂

Four weeks ago, I was on bench with no work allocated to me…and then I got an opportunity to replace a guy who was going on leave for his wedding in a highly sensitive project and with complex reports to be developed, but more importantly to capture the work ethics in 2 days time before the groom left on his approved leave. I was supposed to be his best man at work!! 😉

Three weeks of replacement time ends this coming monday, and  I must say it was the best learning experience in the shortest time possible…Over a week, I got used to the 14 hours per day routine that I will now miss (unless I get screwed again in the next assignment! :P) for sure. 

It was lovely to work in co-ordination with my onsite guy…he was helpful to the last detail…I would say, it would have been impossible without him and his constant push…!! Thanks man! 🙂

And best thing is that the clients are happy with what I have delivered in the last 3 weeks and so was my onsite co-ordinator and manager…so the efforts were worthwhile…yay! 😀

For the two weeks that I was on bench prior to this project, I was involved in the making of a video of my parody for the annual day event of a few verticals in my company. I had a lovely time writing the lyrics and the storyboard…as well as in the directing and editing of the shoot!! Though I missed attending the event owing to work, I got to know that at the event there was a loud roar of applause and cheering…the feedbacks by a handful who saw it offline have also been awesome…!! 😀

As of now am working on a photo-video for another event thats coming up next tuesday!!  And I’m lovin’ it!! 😀


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A journey into this year….

31st Dec’08: I had to catch an early train to Bangalore, my hometown. As I headed towards Chennai Central on a MTC bus, I had a sudden realization…Three years had passed by since I came down to Chennai! Phew…how…err…
…I was now being tapped on my shoulders by a man in his early thirties, who was sitting next to me…

He: I am going to Warangal, you?
Me: Bangalore…
He: Bangalur, Kar-a-nataka-waaa??
Me: Yes. Warangal, Andhra na?
He: Yes yes yes, Aaandhra Pardesh wonly…my birth place.
Me (with a smile): Hmmm…nice.
He: I know little little Englees…learning only from talking taking.
Me: Good…that is how one learns the best.
He: What is your name? My name is Madhukar.
Me: Sreeram. Nice to meet you.
He: Nice nice nice. You in Software-a?
Me: Yes. Read the company name on the bag, didn’t you?
He: Yes yes yes, a little Englees I can read. Me a Welder, I do welding.
Me: Hmm…good…
He: You travel on bus always, or because of recession?
Me: Err…

Though I took the bus as always to the station, that question stumped me. How aware was he of the on-going situation inspite of his knowing “little little little”! Phew…


I reached the station an hour early before the train was scheduled to depart…I sat down with a cup of coffee, going back down the lane picturing how things shaped up at work or otherwise in the last 3 years. It wasn’t all that creamy…most of the time, I had to settle for the cake sans the icing…there were some who liked just the icing! 😉

I took my seat on the train…and as it moved away from Chennai, I had lots of time to do a retrospect on the year that went by.

The third year had its share of ups and downs…the ups were surprising and memorable…the downs were unavoidable and forgettable…The number 3 once again proved lucky to me, as I stepped up the ladder with a promotion last June…it was unexpected mainly due to the sheer number of peers who were in contention. On the other hand, most of my batchmates and friends moved out…either out of Chennai or of the Company on the pretext of transfers, studies and change-overs…

Compared to the first two years, I sadly feel that I have lost all my luck this year whenever I travelled from Chennai to Bangalore (and vice versa)…its been only ailing adults and wailing kids in the vicinity of my berth…God knows what happened to the normal adults and the 20+ whatever damsels…Hope things fall in place this year. Btw, am travelling tonight back to Chennai…Fingerz Crossed! 😉

As the train approached Bangalore, I was tapped again on my shoulders…it was a well built manly Transvestite in a saree who  brought me back to reality. I smiled at him/her/that, but he/she/it wasn’t interested in my smile…With hands being clapped like the beating of drums, that person with remains of pan-beeda all over his teeth then asked me for money…With music still playing in my ears, I shook my head sidewise indicating that I wasn’t interested in funding nor feeling pity over his genetic confusion. He blurted some abuses and left the scene to tap some other sleeping shoulder. Now do I feel bad about the abuse which I didn’t get to hear, thanks to the earphones???!! 😀

Anyways, I reached home hoping that the year ahead will have many more memorable moments in the pipeline! 😉
And also, a very big thanks to each one of you in this virtual blog world for being a part of my life…It wouldn’t have been what it is, without any of you! 🙂


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Happy New Year! :)

Its like some kind of tradition or whatever, that come end of the year and every third person inevitably ends up asking “So what’s your resolution for the coming New Year?”…I smile at them saying “I am yet to think of it, but anyways we don’t follow or go by it do we?” 😀 Sometimes I think “Resolutions” are the ‘last few lies one tells’ at the end of a year! 😉


So then as the New year is soon approaching, I thought as to well why not see what my resolutions could be…whether I follow it or not! So here are the things that are on the mind…whether thoughts turn into actions or not, the New Year will be the arena to witness!

The ones which are in my hands:
1) To stop sleeping long hours….say, yell at the alarm and get up at 6am.
2) Reduce weight, especially the fat thats built up at untoward places…say go early morning jogs (what else would I do getting up at 6am? :P)
3) Be active in helping out an NGO….talks are on, to gather a corporate support in this regard! 🙂
4) Start writing a diary (a dear friend has already gifted me with a lovely diary…so why not?)…and may be a book too (got a few friends who support this cause!)! 😀
5) To dream about becoming an enterprenaur, definitely not in the IT field. Hotel Management may be!

The ones which aren’t under my control:
1) To mediate a negotiation between my scalp and the hairs they hold. They need to come to an understanding and stick/stay together/attached. Else I may end up clean!
2) Get out of the current project, mainly cos am bored…its been 15 months already into this. Sheesh!
3) With respect to the BSE (Bombay Stock exchange), go green…if you know what I mean! 🙂
4) To get back to Bangalore, while staying put at the same job. Being at home would make this jack, a little more happier.
5) To live life in the most sensible and organized manner! 😛

Phew…very few ones in the mind, I know..but lemme first get a few of these few right! 😉

Have a great and wonderful new year to come….Happy New Year buddies! Have a blast!! Catchya then! 🙂


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Merry Christmas! :)

In a happy state, myself I find…
Jingle bells ringing, All in the mind…
Soft and sweet, the tunes are neat…
The foot’s tapping, to the virtual beat…

It’s Christmas, the day HE was born…
Time to beautify, and our life to adorn…
To open a new leaf, pen fresh thoughts…
And get rid of the useless what-nots!

Last night, was waiting for Santa to visit…
Then I messaged, querying if I was on his list…
Ho Ho Ho…he replied in real quick time…
“Ofcourse, else wouldn’t it be an animated crime?”! 😀

A week from now, we would be into the New Year…
Not where we are now in time, but further away from here…
Learning from whats happened, and unaware of in-store situations…
Wishing that everything’s gonna be alright, with a new set of resolutions! 😀


Wish you all buddies…a Merry Christmas! Lets hope we just happen to go Ho! Ho! Ho! 🙂


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Parody[8]: My Hunger will go on! ~ A Birthday dedication to Nive! :)

Today its the Birthday of a very dear friend of mine…Niveditha…and she being a complete food buff, I dedicate this piece of parody to her! 😉
My thought while writing this was picturing how Nive would sing Celion Dion’s “My Heart will go on”….using the wordings “My Hunger will go on!” 😀
Enjoy and do wish her a Happy Birthday! 😀


Every green-thing in the menu
I know it, I taste it,
That is how I know to eat on

All across the city
Food joints and restaurants
I have gone to eat a treat on 😉

Near, far, wherever hotels are
I believe that this hunger is ever on
Once there I keep an order
And you’ll hear the urge in my belly
And my hunger will go on and on

Food can satify me one time
And last for just that time
And never can I say, the appetite is gone 😛

Food was what I just ate
Now the next meal is what I wait to
In my life this hunger will always go on

Near, far, wherever hotels are
I believe that this hunger is ever on
Once there I keep an order
And you’ll hear the urge in my belly
And my hunger will go on and on

Food’s here, there’s nothing so dear,
And I know that my hunger will go on
I’ll stay forever this way
There’s still an urge in my hunger 😉
And my hunger will go on and on


Happy Birthday Nive…Have a great year ahead! 😀


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Jerry Buddyweiser – No More!! Hmm…

No. I am not talking about Julius Caesar here…But about our Jerry Buddy-weiser! 😉

I am now feeling sad to say that, “He’s no longer amidst us”! May his soul rest in peace! Amen! 🙂

Let me talk a few words about the one who aspired to be my roommate sans my wish and permission.
Knowingly or unknowingly, he had come into my room a month ago and tried hard to be a part of my life….The first time I saw him, he ran under my bed faster than a cheetah would…I didn’t mind his I-don’t-like-the-way-you-look run, but I distinctly remember having sprung up on my feet and up on the bed…yes, I was happy and excited beyond limits to get a new roomie!! 😉

I named him Jerry…and though he was not considered one among us, he had no hard feelings and made the most of our absence in our flat. While my roommates and me share the flat, he made the kitchen and one of the bathrooms his own. Ofcourse, we wouldn’t use the bathroom in a stranger’s presence, for that matter in anybody’s presence…no way, and I bet he very well knew that fact…weirdo! 😀

Three weeks passed by and he grew bigger eating the leftovers of what we cooked…and sometimes he even ate the ingredients! It was ok if he shared the monthly grocery bill, but no…Jerry didn’t share saala…but he did eat, and ate till he bloated as if he had never heard about the zero-sized Bebo…I must confess, that our frequencies never matched – nor did the wavelengths! 😉

The day before I went to Mangalore, I decided to treat him with food specially available for his kind in the market…Mortein Rat Cake…and kept two pieces of it…one in his kitchen and one in his bathroom. Both were untouched the next morning. He didn’t seem to have come…may be he was angry over the fact that I didn’t invite him or probably he had a booze party somewhere else. Hic! 😀

Last Wednesday when I returned, I asked my roomies as to what happened to those cakes…they said, “Probably Jerry ate that one, but we didn’t find him”!! I thought he ate it and had gone wandering…but I saw him the next day (Thursday) in his bathroom. He must have come along with me to Mangalore, I presumed. 😛

Sunday, I decided to treat him again. So took the second packet of cake, cut it into two halves and placed them in his two haunts…Today morning, I found the half kept under the kitchen sink all gone…so I went to check his bathroom…and what I saw, made me all sad…he was gone…not from his bathroom, but from our lives.

He had passed away, probably due to congestion in his wind pipe…one piece of cake per night was advisable, but our Jerry was a glutton. He was so late to realize that and sadly, Jerry is now “late” forever.
I jumped again, ran out all excited to wake up my sleeping roomie. When he blabbered something in his sleep, I just left him there. Left a note for him, asking him to take care of the final rites of our most recent roomie.

I came back home from office late in the evening and was devastated to see that the body of Jerry was still lying exactly where I saw him in the morning. He deserved much better. I took a deep breath and decided to give him what he deserved, a fitting burial in the garbage pile near my flat. But before that I needed to make his life with us memorable. So I took a photograph of the body his soul had left behind. 🙂

So my dear friends, you can offer your condolences – flowers, candles, rat-cake, et al – at his PORTRAIT HERE!! 🙂

Condolences in cheque and cash, can be addressed directly to my address – yes, I stay offline too. They will fund the non-profitable Jerry foundation, which is now set up for the welfare of his ever loving roommates! 😀


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An evening of Meetings in Madras!! :)


Its 11pm as I write this now and I just came back home after being at the Besantnagar (Bessy) Beach the whole of this evening!! Btw (esp. this is for Isd’s info) as I write this, I am listening to Haule Haule from SRK’s soon to be released movie “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” – a catchy cum peppy tune I must add! 🙂

Anyways, I got to meet a whole lot of friends today at the beach in 2 separate meets. First one scheduled at 5pm was a bloggers meet, an informal gathering of our company’s internal bloggers. Though we don’t need a reason to meet, today it was to meet a blogger who had recently moved to Chennai from Coimbatore on transfer. It was that time for some of us, where we get to match a face to the name we have known for long through his/her blog. Its always nice to get to meet the person you love through his/her writeups!! 🙂

Though the bessy beach is just 2 kms away from my flat, today I went there after 3 weeks…sad that I needed a reason to go to a place I love to go. Hmm…anyways, I loved to get half wet in the cold salty water of the lovely ocean…the bay of bengal….

We chatted for a while sitting on the sands as many unknown people approached us now and then…some offering to read our palms and some our faces, some vendors offering to sell us their products and some seeking alms. We heeded to none, as we went on and on…well, there were those moments of silence but lets not hype about that!!!

Then we went to this place called Planet M which is sort of a food court, and had another chat session (both mouth-uttering and mouth-watering ;)) for close to an hour before we all departed, one by one and slowly!! 🙂

My next meet was with a set of gals…Let me intro those with their proxy names…Didi, Secy, Bevdi and Suba (Aww…she doesnt have one…need to think one for her)!! They were hogging all this while at Cake Walk as Nive and I joined them there…Nive left for home in sometime while the rest of us had another hog-session for another one hour. No wonder we then complain about putting on weight…as the gals bitched about different stuff, I dawgged!! Woof Woof!! 😉

After the pet-pooja, we were back on the shores of the beach…with Bevdi and Suba deciding to sit on the shores, it was just Secy, Didi and me who took a long walk on the sands till the very spot where the waves touched our toes…All the way, there were some intellectual talks…some matured ones…some of the usual bitching and ‘dawgging’ and some stupid giggles. Mom called in between asking me about my beloved ill-health which refuses to leave me inspite of all the medications and precautions. She even went, “Why there when you are not feeling well?” when I replied “Beach” to her “Where are you?” query!!  Ah! you know Moms!! 😀

On getting back to Bevdi and Suba, we got into a discussion on movies…especially the scary and horror types…which led to talks on black magic and voodoo dolls…not quite intellectual, but nevertheless.
I walked Didi down to her house, main reason being the books she had asked for, which I had kept in my Activa parked near her place.

After a quick bye, I joined the other 3 for dinner at this place called “Family Restaurant”…it was our first visit to that place, and definitely our last. The place stinks…big time. It was stinking outside (some drainage leak) where we sat, but it was stinking even more in the AC inside. Sheesh.! And the service, was pathetic…the mineral water we had asked for came right at the end of the course, that we were kinda unsure if it was to drink or for hand wash! Food, well…was nothing great!

But overall it was a good evening as I got to meet a whole lot of my gang-of-friends here  in Chennai for these short-n-quick meets…and as Sukhwinder still goes on, Haule Haule hojaaye….I take your leave!! Sayonara! 🙂


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An insensible drag of a sensible tag!! :)

Preeti tagged me some centuries ago, and since there were some wiring problems in the wireless section of my non-existing nervous department I went totally sane and it seemed an inappropriate situation and moment to pay heed to this tag. Nevertheless, the (dis)connection has been restored now and all hell has broken loose.
In short (circuit), I am now going to complete this tag in my own sensible manner. 😀

The tag:
Two questions in each category answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere. (Simple enough right?)
Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and you are all set.

So here I am… Opening wider an ever open mind….

Your oldest memories

My memory is strong when it comes to remembering the names of gals…When it comes to other matters, I cannot assure it to be as authentic!! 🙂
1) Junior school (On each day of me attending 2nd grade: 1991) – I used to love running behind MahaLakshmi…she was a cute mallu…those kajal/surma clad eyes even to this day I can visualize….her smile, made me want to brush my teeth daily…the cocunut (yuck!) oiled hair, used to make me go deewana…and I felt that I was lucky enough to be her friend, to run behind her while playing chor-police…I was always the chor who couldn’t run faster….who wanted MahaLaks to get tired? and why on earth wouldn’t I have liked to get caught by such a cute (‘hot’ was not yet in the syllabus then) policewoman…!! I now wonder as to who she is currently running behind!! MaLaks, if you are reading this…I bet that I still can’t run faster than those days…and ya, I brush my teeth everyday and not just eat the toothpaste!! God promise!! 😀

2) Pre-high school (5th grade: 1994) – It was a 5 minute leisure period…there used to be 6 vacant seats available on the merry-go-round for (25×4=100-48 gals =) 52 boys to catch…ok, let me cut the crap…only about 20 guys were interested in this deadly (read: stupid) dare…so these 20 would run to catch those available 6 seats under the watchful eyes of 4-5 birdies (the special ones)…the unlucky ones would have to push the merry-go-round….ofcourse, what a shame! 😀 On that D-day, I was lucky enough…and when the bell rang indicating the end of the leisure period, I got up to get off the still rotating merry-go-round only for the nail beneath the seat in front of me to poke and rip off flesh of the area just above my right knee cap. Ouch! I didn’t know what had happened…It was only when the birdies fluttered, and my cousin (who was in my class) pointed out, did I see my bloody leg and realize what had just happened.

3) High School (8th-10th: 1997-99): We had a Science cum Mathematics teacher, Salma (Miss, if you are reading this – you are the reason why we cleared high school with flying colors…rest of our antics were all were to hold our concentration intact! :D). Our day started from the time she was dropped by someone (her husband, but those days we never thought of him as her ‘woh’…how could our “Miss” be a “Mrs”?) on a scooter, till she was picked by the same one in the evening…Be it her perfume, her accent, her lecture (ok, her lips moving), her smile when we wished her…maasha allah!! 😀

4) Pre-university college (1999-2001) – I was (wantedly) admitted into an all-guys college…but being surrounded by 3 all-gals colleges didn’t allow me to feel less wild…So it was down the Brigade/MG/Residency roads of Bangalore that me and my friends learnt our most useful lessons in Biology, esp in Human Anatomy!! 😀 During this period, names were not asked…Whats in a name after all?
One gal looking straight into my eyes, had sarcastically dared to utter “Nice hair” refering to my all-curled Sachin Tendulkar like hair…only to be instantly asked “Where?”!! 😉

5) Engineering college (2001-05): Can’t pick a single gal…but there was THAT one!! And every moment around her, was like breathing in that vital oxygen…which moment can I choose? Each one is etched in memory!! 😛

What were you doing ten years ago?

Hmmm….in 1998, I was busy preparing for my 10th grade board exams…I played Truth-n-Dare for the first time on New Year’s eve at a friend’s place…And ya, I was slapped by a cute gal during one of the dares. Happy?? 😈

Your first thought in the morning

It’s 12:10 am as I write this now…So in the last 10 minutes this morning, I was thinking about the truth-n-dare fiasco…why she slapped? how she had slapped? What the slap had done to my cute cheeks? How the touch of her hands would have felt then? And finally what my reaction would have been? All in 10 minutes flat!! But she will be remembered…till the last breath!! 😉

If you build a time capsule what would it contain?

My laptop…a broadband connection…a few books which upgrade themselves after I am done reading…my old diaries…my dear and near ones…my friends…CCD wala vending machine for those thick dark cups of coffee…Series in DvDs like Friends, Prison Break, How I met your mother?, Heroes, American Pies, et al…Lots of chocolates…Health…Peace…Satisfaction…and loads (and cases) of high “spirits”!! 😀

This year…

I wouldn’t want to be more geeky than now…
I wouldn’t want to be more sane than now…
I wouldn’t want to be in the same job, city, state as now…
I wouldn’t want to be a year older than now…
I wouldn’t want to be single-n-happy-about-it as now…
I wouldn’t want to be in a position to re-write the above 5 points like now!! 😀

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

Well…thats like 2022…added comes to 6…which is a multiple of my lucky number 3. So the year would be good I hope!!!
I would be like soon entering my second teenager year…forty-een!! 😀
Possibly taking piano classes with my 11 year old daughter…surely singing duets with my beloved…mostly bald, hip and happening…hopefully some growth of gray cells is reasonable from my side to expect…Crossed fingers, praying to be healthy with no non-curable ailments like BP, Diabetes and likes…With well developed senses of humor!! 🙂

I tag:

ISD (My ever dependable International tag bearer!!) 😛
AKB (This is much better than the last one I gave you…since u did that one, I hope u do this too!!!) 😀
Arun (Sketch the tag matey!!) 😀
Suj (The once-in-a-blue-moon blogger…get enlightened with this one!!) 😉


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[Sing-a-Tune]: I wanna be a HIPPIE!! ;)

Try to sing this with a tune…faster the better!! 😛


I wanna be a hippie…
Wanna grow long hair!
I wanna travel all free…
If not, atleast the lowest fare!

I wanna dress like the hippies…
Like they did in the 1960s!
And live an unconventional life…
Like on the edge of a knife!

If ever I’ll be one, I’ll be a poor hippie..
I got no dollars, only paisa counting to a Rupee..
I wanna be on a high, like a hippie…
Sad or heartbroken, yet be happy happy!

With no much fanfare…
I wanna marry another hippie!
And as I play with her hair…
Wanna shout Yippee Yippee!

If you wanna join me as a groupie…
We’ll be freaky, creepy, crappy!
Anything apart from being so geeky…
Wanna be on the loose, like a hippie! :mrgreen:


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[Pic-Blog]~ Bekal Fort, Kerala! :)

Long ago, but not so long ago (actually I did try to remember…) I had been to Bekal, a very small town in the North-Western part of Kerala. Bekal, being the birth-place of my dad…is one of the mandatory trips that my family actively takes part in…and why not, we are excited each time we visit as we love going to the fort and the vast expansive beaches over there… 😀

If anyone of you have been there, you would agree with me…but I bet you would have seen this place if you have watched the Aravind Swamy-Manisha Koirala starrer “Bombay”! :mrgreen:

I will be sharing a few pics I took the last time I had been there!! 🙂

The fort has now come under the Kerala Tourism Department, and is being revived from its ruins…such a pleasant thing to see!! This is a top view of the fort (I had climbed the tallest construction inside the fort to capture this :P) with the Arabian sea in the background! 😀

This is the very stretch where Manisha Koirala runs towards Aravind Swamy as he sings the song “Uyire” in Tamil and for the benefit of others “Tu Hi Re” in Hindi…and man, she runs both the times!! Anything is fair in love (and war)!! 😉 Btw, I have tried singing the same song over there, and don’t believe me, but I have seen many run!! :mrgreen:

The beautiful sea and the unending horizon…

I had waited for quite a while to click a pic when the waves would hit the rocks…Murphy waited all along with me to see that it didn’t happen…I love you buddy, on the rocks! 😀

All you can see below is the sea waves kissing the rocks near the shores…and a few bushes!! But even in that hot noon, the bushes were not left alone!! 😉

Ah! The cocunut trees…how can one miss them in God’s own country?? Lovely sight!! 😉

This spot below (in the ring) is my favourite…When the tides are high, the water splashes all over us if we stand in that ring….amazing feeling!! 🙂

If you haven’t been there, do plan sometime…its simply an awesome place! 🙂


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