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Bottom’s up!! :)

I have all the 24 hours of the day, but so little time. And thats the very reason, I have been out not posting much here nor visiting your respective blogs…echoos me especially for the latter! 🙂


Life is running fast, am getting older with every sunset…! I am not phobic of old age, maybe cos I love sunsets and they happen to be so beautiful. My birthday is fast approaching too, and rumors around the household hint me that this could be my last birthday…err…am not done…wait for it…well just that, it could be my last as a bachelor. ( 😀 or 😦 …I am confused! ;))!
Now thats exactly what makes me think about life running fast, the approaching sunset and all that! 🙂
One thing which I enjoyed doing when someone was about to get fixed was to tease him or her about their would-be spouses. Someone said correctly that life is a circle, what goes round comes around. Now its my turn to be the victim of such an embarassment! Nevertheless, there seems to be no escape route.
I fear the time in May when my aunt from Mumbai would join her twin and along with my mom and granny in Bangalore rip me apart with their questions…she’s now active over the phone from Mumbai! 😉
1) What kind of a gal would you like to marry?
2) Does she have to be fair?
3) She should be lean or plump one would do?
4) Whats the minimum height you would expect?
5) Working woman or housewife?
6) What if she fights with your mom? whom will you support? (Me thinking: *$%^&&%$&*)
7) Post marriage, will you stay with parents or separate? (Since last 10 yrs I’ve been staying away from parents…so invalid!)
and so on…

If I had prior experience in all this, I would have answered all questions…but what to do, am a fresher in this aspect! 😉

About Politics in India…well I will call it Poli-tricks instead! Elections are fast approaching…so lemme talk about some famous ones who have done nothing so far politically when it comes to the actual development of the country!

1) Mr. Sanjay Dutt – If he really had the motive about joining politics, he should have planned well. He had 4-5 years to clear all the cases against his name. If you ask my opinion (why would you?), he never thought about joining politics in the first place. A man well known for Bacardi/Smirnoff parties, what would make him join a political party and Samajwadi Party of all parties?
He is someone who was never in control of his own life…AK-47 is an assault weapon which he was caught possessing, something which is not used for self defence as per what he had stated. Having gone into depression when he lost his mom Nargis, he has never got that control back. He’s been more of a follower than a leader…with his third wife Manyata now holding the remote control (read: finance)!!
Now with all this and much more, can we trust him a seat in the Parliament? He should stick to his acting, and not lose everything including his own family in the name of politics.
2) Mr. Md. Azharuddin – Our most successful cricket captain of the 90s, too was not in the scene till about 4-5 months ago..!! Its common knowledge that in search of muslim votes, he was pumped up and lifted onto cloud #9 by the Congress! Lets see if he scores or returns to the pavilion!!
3) Ms. Amisha Patel – The moment I heard that she was contesting, I was waiting for her to declare her “assests”. The number of votes she gets would be proportional to the number of perverts who have voted in that constituency! :mrgreen:
4) Mr. Varun Gandhi – He’s the ” Other Gandhi” who is currently the most loved by the Shiv-Sainiks for his anti-Islamic speeches! For someone who has a post graduation degree from the UK, he should be banished to the non-existing islands of Abekhaalegoogoo!! 😀

Shall I marry or join politics??? In both cases, my bottom’s gonna be up, just like how you see me in the pic!! 😛


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Rapid fire~ Complex mind! :)


I’ve never been able to live without me…
But then I think, what do I do with me?
I have this feeling of doing nothing…
But that’s only when I’m not up to something!

Am I blabbering? 🙄

There’s a lot to do that I can imagine of…
But then I think, is it worth that one laugh?
Like it or not, I go about doing it my way…
Right or wrong, my perspective shall do the say!

Am I speaking gibberish? 😕

Confusions in my mind show how complex it is…
I cover it all up, in the name of analysis!
Chemicals do react, my nerves do crack…
But no worries, they’ll get back to what they lack! 😉

OMG, What’s happening? 😀


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