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Mocking of the Mahatma!!!

For we believe in his ideals or not, he did what he was destined to do and we all know how well he managed to do it…for us!

He is revered by many and criticized by many others but then one cannot ignore the man and his deeds. He is saluted for providing us with an independent India as well as equally scorned for the much talked about partition!

Just wonder! 60 years have passed by, but then the Reserve Bank of India hasn’t found anyone else fit enough to replace the bespectacled smiling gentleman on our currency notes. Compare that with the multiple personalities you get to see on the American dollars!! 😀

Can you imagine an India without independence? Would we have enjoyed the same freedom that the constitution of India now grants us to? There are people who would contest this saying, “If not Gandhi, someone else would have done it!”! Of course, but then that ‘someone’ would have faced the same destiny as the Mahatma gets to face today. On a lighter note, even the crows don’t spare him!

I for one do not follow the principles of Mahatma Gandhi. I feel he is much above my reach. I cannot offer my other cheek, if someone slaps me! I might just slap back or simply walk away! I am not Gandhi. I cannot be Gandhi. But then I do have my own level of respect for him.

I have nothing against him, as I believe he did what he was destined to do – just like you and I are. He might have not done the right thing asking Sardar Patel to step aside just because the adamant Chacha (Nehru) wanted to become the first Prime minister of Independent India (Sardar Patel had a 24-1 victory, but Nehru had the British backing him up – Notorious Nehru, is worth a different post altogether!) but then this act of the Mahatma did save the just gained independence to say the least.

As my fellow blogger Vivek puts it best  – “Knowing a man and indulging in criticism is one thing…not knowing and doing the same is another.”! We would be fine if we did just that with all due respect to Mahatma Gandhi!!! 😀
No harm if you don’t like or worship him, but the least one can do is NOT MOCK the man who is revered as the Mahatma! And definitely NOT DO what is done in the pic below:

This post was my submission to the Martyr’s Day contest conducted on my corporate blogging platform! 🙂


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