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A journey down God’s Own Country!! :)

Over the weekend (which I customized and stretched from Friday to Monday), I had been to Cochin (Ernakulam) in God’s Own Country, Kerala to attend my friend’s wedding.
Below are a few pics that I took on the way and back!! 😀


The lovely mountain peaks basking in the hot humid and sunny afternoon….love the clouds.


I felt like I was in heaven. “Divine Nagar” was the name of the town!! God bless! 😉


Chuk chuk….Rail gaadi….I love bends and curves (of the train and the track beside…nothing else! ;))!! 😀


Silly-This (On the lines of Dilli-6…I gotta know from family and friends, that the movie is silly)! 😛


It was colorful throughout the journey…what with houses painted in fluorescent colors…green, voilet, pink, purple, orange, yellow!! Above’s an all-pink quarters! 🙂


Yay! I touched down at Ernakulam finally after a 10+ hour day journey from Bangalore! 🙂


This tree outside a temple was enormous! I loved the wide reach of shade in the otherwise humid weather! Stop cutting trees!! 🙂


An evening sun…beautiful than the one in this pic! 🙂


Koknut trees…the asli pehchaaan (the real taste) of Kerala!! 😀


Green Green Green….Go Green…Nothing better than this! 🙂


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[Pic-Blog]~ Bekal Fort, Kerala! :)

Long ago, but not so long ago (actually I did try to remember…) I had been to Bekal, a very small town in the North-Western part of Kerala. Bekal, being the birth-place of my dad…is one of the mandatory trips that my family actively takes part in…and why not, we are excited each time we visit as we love going to the fort and the vast expansive beaches over there… 😀

If anyone of you have been there, you would agree with me…but I bet you would have seen this place if you have watched the Aravind Swamy-Manisha Koirala starrer “Bombay”! :mrgreen:

I will be sharing a few pics I took the last time I had been there!! 🙂

The fort has now come under the Kerala Tourism Department, and is being revived from its ruins…such a pleasant thing to see!! This is a top view of the fort (I had climbed the tallest construction inside the fort to capture this :P) with the Arabian sea in the background! 😀

This is the very stretch where Manisha Koirala runs towards Aravind Swamy as he sings the song “Uyire” in Tamil and for the benefit of others “Tu Hi Re” in Hindi…and man, she runs both the times!! Anything is fair in love (and war)!! 😉 Btw, I have tried singing the same song over there, and don’t believe me, but I have seen many run!! :mrgreen:

The beautiful sea and the unending horizon…

I had waited for quite a while to click a pic when the waves would hit the rocks…Murphy waited all along with me to see that it didn’t happen…I love you buddy, on the rocks! 😀

All you can see below is the sea waves kissing the rocks near the shores…and a few bushes!! But even in that hot noon, the bushes were not left alone!! 😉

Ah! The cocunut trees…how can one miss them in God’s own country?? Lovely sight!! 😉

This spot below (in the ring) is my favourite…When the tides are high, the water splashes all over us if we stand in that ring….amazing feeling!! 🙂

If you haven’t been there, do plan sometime…its simply an awesome place! 🙂


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