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In Brief~Situations and Abbreviations! ;)

There was a time when we used to heartily laugh when in a group, be it among friends or family. And then took over the phenomenon of short text messaging (SMS), online chatting and social networking. People began to spend more time on their personal computers, meet other such freaks online, chit-chat, gossip and become “friends” with each other.
In this entire transformation of personal to online interaction, people forgot to have a hearty laugh in actual. We now do a LOL (Laugh Out Loud) or a ROFL (Rolling On Floor Laughing) and many more, at basically anything and everything without even actually doing it!! 😛

I had reached the bus station earlier than expected, and was waiting for a friend to arrive. So to check where she was I texted her “hey where are you?”…and she replied with a “In a crowded bus – no place to breathe – stuck in traffic – should take some time to reach”…
I replied back in an awfully disgusting way…saying, “hope you have no armpits around” and her reply had a “ROFL” 😛
I shot back asking “You were saying that you are in a crowded bus…how did you manage to laugh rolling on the floor?” 😉
“GET LOST YOU DUFFER” – was all that I got back as a reply. 😀

And then there are those intelligent fools who use these abbreviations, not knowing what they actually mean.
I had shared such an experience in a post before (link: HERE). When I received his message that morning, I didn’t know whether to laugh or feel sad – as his message read “My grandpa died last night buddy. LOL 😦 ”
Later I got to know that he had bloody no idea about these abbreviations…nor did he realize they were abbreviations in the first place. Being new to the world of texting, he had received texts containing “LOL’s and ROFL’s” and even he began to use those in a way punctuations (comma’s and fullstop’s) are used! 😛

And now there are lots of extentions to these two basic abbreviated laughters…some abbreviations are so long that they themselves need to be re-abbreviated. :mrgreen:
1) ROFLMAO (Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off) – This is a very tricky one…you not just roll on the floor, but you even make your bottoms laugh!! Uff…how! 😛
2) ROSL (Rolling On Seat Laughing) – Hats off to whoever came with this modified one…he/she must be one damn lazy person who preffered to sit on a rolling chair and laugh…some IT geek possibly!! 😉
3) LOLTTSDFME (Laugh Out Loud Till Tears Start Dropping From My Eyes) – almost made me cry! 😛
4) ROFLMAOTMJSTP (Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off Till My Jaws Start To Pain) – This one needs to be re-abbreviated…the abbreviation in itself is too long and makes one go nuts to remember!!

God alone knows what the future will be like…but off-late I see that we have even begun to use these terms in our conversations!
“Where you off to man?”
“To the hairstylist”
“You mean to that corner shop barber with a broken chair, and who has a broken front tooth?”
“Shh man…don’t say that loud…what if others get to know how cheap I’m…L-O-L…”

🙄 😈 🙄


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Of Plans, Phone-Calls, Painful Rains and Photos! ;)

The plan was on…
…till it rained!

She had called me up last Tuesday…saying she’ll be here on Friday evening…to spend sometime with me, cos she missed me (She didnt tell me that, cos they never tell that)!!
I tried telling her that its ok if she was busy…but she insisted on coming down to Chennai! I giggled to myself “How hotter can Chennai bear to be?”!!! :mrgreen:

When she called me up, we had a small chat cos she didn’t let me talk…at all.

She: Helloz…
Me: Hey…I was expecting you to mail me!
She: Mail? Huh…Listen…
Me: Temme…
She: I am coming down to India this weekend.
Me: Wow…
She: Listen…and I have booked my trip to Mumbai via Chennai.
Me: Hmmm…
She: You are not excited? why hmmm?
Me: I was listening as..
She: Whatever…you guys…I can never get to understand…
Me: Err…and so…
She: Listen no stupid…I’ll land on friday late evening there and then lets go on a long drive…
Me: Till Mumbai? I have to ask my manager for le…
She: Isshhhh…you and your whatever…when will you learn to live on your own terms?
Me: Err…
She: I’ve an evening flight on Saturday for Mumbai to catch…so engage me till then will you?
Me: That would be the shortest “engagement” ever…
She: You and your stupid PJs…get over it, will you?
Me: You don’t like me the way I am?
She: Now don’t play that emotional card ok? Come to the airport on friday evening…and you know, I hate to wait. Bye for now…catch ya…

With the Friday fast and furiously approaching my productivity at work was at its lowest best. Pls don’t tell my manager…he’ll get to know anyways…am just preventing you from doing sin!! 😛

Friday noon…my phone rings…its her again!! 😛

Me: Hey…
She: Helloz…I heard its gonna rain there tonight…so I am thinking if I should come to Chennai…
Me: Eh! Don’t tell me you watched the Doordarshan weather report!
She: No…my astrologer cum numerologist…he suggested that for my career to shine, I should avoid rains…and he’s sure that its gonna rain in Chennai tonight….
Me: Err…It’s boiling hot here…it wouldn’t rain tonight even if you pay your fortune to the dude up there!
She: But I cannot go against my astro-numerologist…what if it rains tonight there?
Me: I’d go and steal raw mangoes from some garden if that happens!
She: Don’t forget to send me the photos and pls smile in them! You know how much I like your smile!
Me: Eh…Smile?
She: I’ll miss your stupid PJs.
Me: Err…PJs?
She: Ok chalo…take care…bye…

The plan was gone…
…and it did rain!

I called up my younger cousin…who’s very mischeivous…yes, so unlike me!! Thank you! 🙂

Me: Hey…
Cuz: Hello dude…How come you called me? In trouble?
Me: Err…just to say a Hi!
Cuz: I don’t think so…spill it out…
Me: Hmm…err…do you know of any garden where I can steal raw mangoes?
Cuz: Oh yes…when do we go?
Me: “We”?
Cuz: Ofcourse…I love to steal raw mangoes, and especially the look on the garden owners face.
Me: Eww…you got weird taste man…
Cuz: I know…one more thing!
Me: Err…whats that?
Cuz: My mom will join us too…
Me: Err…anyone else?
Cuz: Dad is out of town…so no.
Me: Thank god…I didn’t know this was genetic!
Cuz: Pick us up…sharp 11:45pm…best time is at the stroke of midnight!
Me: Do you have an astro-numerologist too?
Cuz: Err…what?
Me: Ok nothing…see you later! bye!

And this is the picture that I emailed her:

Stealing mangoes


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